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Fressers deli in Randolph has the best Reuben I have ever had. It is a small takeout place right on Randolph Ave, and the food is unbelievable. My brother loves chopped chicken liver, and he swears by this place. As good as it gets.

Good jewish rye bread in Boston

The Milton Marketplace carries Iggys, and several other options. Has anyone tried Dressers Deli in Randolph? You will never need to travel to Brookline again. Or New York, for that matter. Amazing stuff.

Only in Boston or Best in Boston

Honest to God, the Sicilian slices at Umbertos are unique to Boston. I have never had similiar pizza anywhere.......anywhere. On Hanover St in the North End. And the price is right.

2 months in Boston-which eateries are a must?

Murray's Deli in Braintree has the best reuben in the Greater Boston area, Located at the the corner of Washington St and Elm St, it is a wonderful surprise. Good luck.

Murray's Deli
2 Elm St, Braintree, MA 02184

market basket strength/weakness?

Market Basket will be opening at the Westgate Mall in the near future. The company is slowly making it's way to the South Shore.

Boston Farmers' Markets

The Farmer's Market in Dorchester Lower Mills is on Thursdays, but they often stay open until 7pm or so. Some items are pricey, but if you are only buying for 1 or 2, the quality is worth it.

Romanian Pastrami

I recently had the "Black Romanian Crackstrami" at Alba's deli on Hancock St in Quincy, and it was a religous experience. They are also one of the few places around to sell chopped liver, which people rave about.

Alba Deli
1085 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169

Seeking Boston's BEST Brownie Sundae.

If you have access to a time machine, head back 30-40 years for Baileys in downtown Boston. Honest to God, I have dreamt of this place.
Otherwise, I can't help you. Love the old school Brighams Ice Cream served at the Sugar Bowl in Dorchester.

Brighams Ice Cream
RR 114, North Andover, MA 01845

Southern Barbecue in Boston? Oxymoron?

Try Mrs. Jones on Dorchester Ave in Dorchester. I love the food, but I am not a Southerner.
Great food, and a majority of the customers are most definitely from down South.

What happened to Common Ground?

The Twelve Tribes (owners) decided to go in a different direction.
Evidently they own many 'Yellow" delis franchised throughout the country.
They want to stay in the neighborhood, but leasing the space did not appeal to them.
In all of their other ventures, evidently they own the properties.

Victoria Diner -- wow, just wow!

Mckenna's on Savin Hill Ave in Dorchester is about a mile away, and it is amazing.
Everything a diner should be.
It is also steps away from the Savin Hill MBTA station.
I still have nightmares about the Victoria Diner.

Victoria Diner
1024 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Roast Beast (Allston)

Georgios on the Brockton/Easton line would be my guess.
I want to see the cows that this roast beef comes from, and worship them.
Amazing old school roast beef on an onion roll for about $6.


Greenhills bakery in Dorchester.
Just stop it!
A warm raisin scone smothered in rasberry jam and butter?
The rest do not come close!

lunch in Scituate

Take the extra 10 minutes and drive to the Bridgewaye Inn. Technically in Marshfield, Humarock is 100 yards away over the bridge. Actually a part of Scituate.
Great food. Good people.
Good luck.

scones, where do you buy the most delicious ones?

Gren Hills Bakery in Dorchester is the winner. No arguement.
Try the raisin scone with rasberry jam and butter.
You will never go anywhere else.

Down home Soul food....

Another vote for Mrs. Jones. A half chicken with two sides for $10 and you are transplanted a 100 miles south.
Cornbread, corn on the cob, mac and's all wonderful.


I second Greenhills. If it's early enough, order the scones with rasberry jam and butter. If they are served hot, they are amazing.

looking for South shore restaurant with a fun bar

I know you've already decided, but I wanted to mention "The Tinker's Son" in Norwell for future endeavors.
It was the first place I thought of when you mentioned a "fun" bar.
The crowd and the waitstaff are as welcoming as any I can recall in the area. There isoften live music, and they have a great Sunday brunch.
Great coffee favorite on a cold and windy night.
I like the bar at Scarlet Oaks Tavern. Have fun.

Best Chili ?

The chili at La Paloma's in Quincy is excellent. Probably not as hot as you would like, but they have plenty of optionial sauces to add.

Has anyone ever bought fish directly from a fisherman right after it's caught? If so, where??

If you are familiar with Scituate Harbor, check out the docks behind the square, where the movie theater is. I have bought fish right off the boat on several occasions. They cut it, clean it, and wrap it in butcher's paper, and the price is a fraction of the cost of a fish store.
Good luck.

Best Boston Cheap Eats?

The Pour House opposite the Prudential Center is amazing. How they can serve decent food at ridiculous prices in this neighborhood is beyond me. Not for foodies, but I brought my 2 teenage sons and three of their friends here for lunch, and was an absloute hero.....for $70. Give it a try.

Pour House
907 Boylston St Ste 21, Boston, MA 02115

Lunch on Newbury St?

I would try the Parish Cafe on Boylston St.
Something for everyone, and the list of chefs involved in the menu makes for a great conversation.

Best Italian sub in Boston Financial District ... EVER

Sam Scola's Deli had a place in the Financial District for a bit. Nowhere near as good as the original in the North End. I have heard that there is a Seaport location, but have not been there as yet.
In the North End location, you could smell the sharp provolone from two blocks away.
The Charlestown was an Italian on a braided roll with potatoes and had to find a place to nap within 20 minutes of eating, but it was worth it.

Scola's Restaurant
101 Broadway Rd Ste 6, Dracut, MA 01826

Back Bay Twenty Years Ago - Anyone remember these restaurants?

I remember the French restaurant but the name escapes me.
Division Sixteen was my favorite place in the neighborhood.
The best burger I have ever had.
Nothing else comes close.

Where to buy steak

Costco's in Avon is a great bet.
They also have a great wine selction for a "warehouse" operation.
Kinneally's in Milton is another option.

Fun place for college student in Easton, MA (Stonehill College)?

Mario's is easily the best authentic Italian Cuisine in the Easton area.
Richie and Mario are Sicilian transplants and their Mom is involved in the kitchen as every great Italian mother should be.
There is a beer and wine license, but the food is the star.
Go early, go often. They deliver.

Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder for Fresh Sausage in South Shore burbs?

Brockton Whlesale Provision is on Route 27 just over the Abington line.
Sausages to order, all manner of pork and beef done beautifully.
Lithuanian Kielbasa is a specialty.
Good luck.

Galleria Umberto take out?

I went to Christopher Columbus High School, and they used to have a bakery behind the gym,
The bell would ring and people would attack that downstairs bakery.
In 1982-1985 slices were $.35 per and once they were gone they were gone.
You found out who your real friends were if they were willing to share a slice.
I still have the same friends.
Now my kids love the place.

South Shore Updates?

The Fat Cat Has the best mac and cheese I have ever had anywhere. Forget the lobster, short rib, etc...this is amazing comfort food just as is.

Fat Cat
24 Chestnut St, Quincy, MA 02169

Best Cheap Lunch in Backbay area

The cheapest place in the area is definitely the Pour House on Boylston St.
Stick with the standards and you will be fine.
Possibly cheaper than Subway for lunch.

Pour House
907 Boylston St Ste 21, Boston, MA 02115