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Recs for breakfast near Arlington?

I don't think there is a "Masa" in Winchester. Are you sure you have the right town?

Aug 08, 2011
annsera in Greater Boston Area

The Basics: How to Make Chocolate Mousse

What the heck is a "square" of chocolate? The weight of a "square" is going to depend on the size of the chocolate bar. Do they mean 5 oz of chocolate, 2.5? What?

By the way, olive oil mousse sounds just gross. I am not so sure sugar is so terrible either. The key is simply to eat a reasonable amount, and get a lot of excersize.

Aug 07, 2010
annsera in Features

Toasted Cashew and Bacon Brittle

I think everyone is right. I've made a number of brittle batches, some with lemon and soda, some with karo and soda and vanilla, some with cider and soda, but sometimes, I use only 4 ingredients: salt, sugar, water, and nut. I've even made it with no candy thermometer, just watching the color of the caramel. Basically,the simpler the recipe, the thinner you're going to want to spread the candy. If you put in soda with no acidic ingredient, I don't think that you will get too far making the airy, ,lighter type of brittle, which can also be made thicker (and in my opinion, might be better for a baking sheet. The harder, thin kind of brittle is best made on a larger surface so that you can get it thin).
For semame brittle, I actually think it would be best to NOT add any soda and acid, but instead, get it really thin. I also would NOT add the bacon to that version.
Here is a great resource I just found which explains the things I'm trying to explain, but much better, and gives a lot of good brittle recipes:

Oct 30, 2009
annsera in Recipes