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Has anyone seen rhubarb in Oakland/Berkeley stores recently?

I had some rhubarb pie recently and I'd like to make some for myself. Thanks.

Oakland: Coe-me (Commis) – very deserving of its Michelin star

I was there, but too chicken to say, "grayelf?" Sorry! We sat at the table for 2 in the front. It would have been great except for the streetlight shining right into our space. The city of Oakland needs to move that light. They could do it for their Michelin star restaurant.

We had the:

Shiso seltzer;
Poached egg amuse as above;
Pork jowl;

Kabocha squash soup with quince and a fresh herb--it's so hard to remember all the ingredients. It was like a mild marjoram. The texture of the soup was like something between a liquid foam and a meringue--he used this texture several times;

Slow roasted Duck, which had a delicious dark smear of something we couldn't remember;

Pork loin and pork belly (took me a while after ordering to realize this was not an innard, I was up for it, too!), with chanterelles topped with a delicious tarragon crumble, on a bed of escarole;

White Cheddar Cheesecake--served on a piece of slate, scattered with the tiniest, most crisp cubed granny smith apple which fairly burst in the mouth;

Pumpkin dessert--that same foamy/creamy texture, with perfectly round dollops of cream, pumpkin, scattered with pumpkin seeds and other coated nuts;

Absinthe gelee.

We both ordered the wine pairing. I loved the white bordeaux served with my squash soup, as well as the moscato di asti with my dessert--could not have been better.

This is my first experience with a restaurant of this type, so I don't have anything to compare it to. It was a great experience. I appreciated the wine pairing--I'm a sipper so the sizes were perfect for me. I was painting yesterday and realized the visual beauty of the meal was influencing my art!

There was enough food, we thought we'd head to Fenton's for fun after but just went home. It was well-flavored--my boyfriend was worried because he's a salt addict and we knew there wouldn't be salt shakers on the table.

It was fun to see all the people walking by coming out of Bay Wolf and looking in, looking up at the blank white awning, looking in again, some coming in to grab a business card. I felt very "in-the-know".

And my birthday present? The butchering class at Avedano's meat market!!! He's a keeper.

235 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Oakland: Coe-me (Commis) – very deserving of its Michelin star

Yay! But our reservation is for 8PM. Have a great meal there, maybe we'll see you as we arrive.

Commis -- Piedmont Ave. (Oakland)

I love Oakland, but even on Piedmont, there's usually a post on a telephone poll about people being mugged. I still go there many times a week though, and so do many others, no worse for the wear.

Oakland: Coe-me (Commis) – very deserving of its Michelin star

Thanks for the review. I'm going next Friday for my birthday and I can't wait!