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Declining quality at Costco?

Have seen both wild and farmed during recent GTA trips. The wild are far superior.

Aug 25, 2015
petra_reuter in Chains

Kanpai Snack Bar

Went last Friday. The highlights were the fried chicken and the cocktails - both were delicious. The baos were dry and the chilled shrimp dish boring.

The biggest fault for me was the service. We waited 20 minutes to order drinks and were pretty much ignored by our server for the rest of the night. There was someone running food who could not or would not take our drink orders so we sat without drinks (again!) after our fried chicken arrived. Needless to say this put a damper on the experience.

I'm willing to chalk some of this up to newly opened restaurant flubs so I will go back. I live locally and it seems to be consistently busy.

Overall I did enjoy the restaurant but have some reservations.

Best places to buy groceries in Toronto?

I often find expired meat at the Parliament and Carlton No Frills and have pointed it out to management on several occasions. I still shop there but am very, very selective about what I buy.

ps: the Sherbourne and Wellesley location closed but I believe a new store has opened by Sherbourne and Bloor.

49th parallel or phil and sebastian

Crema usually has 49th parallel available and they currently have the espresso in stock at Olya on Parliament.

Olya's pastries are also insanely good.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

I really hope they move to Greenwin square. That was my local No Frills as well and I was a big fan. The food basics is somewhat terrifying and illequiped to deal with any large volume of shoppers. The veggie mart on Wellesley is under new management has had some decent produce. Think that will be my new fruit and veg place and then I'll have to source meat.

2013 Alphonso Mangos

Picked some up today at the parliament/dundas fresh co and the stock was already very picked over. Hopefully they refresh it soon!

LCBO Express

There's actually a temporary location open just east of Broadview on the North side of the Danforth beside the Blue Cross Animal clinic. Easy to miss due to lack of good signage but it is there.

Cassoulet- but where?

The version at Batifole is delicious. I find it very hard to order anything else when I go.

PC black menu salted caramel ice cream

They were at Maple Leaf Gardens today for 4.99 - Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, and one other that I don't remember.

Icelandic Cuisine in Toronto

I really enjoyed Icelandic food. I think I ate my body weight in skyr when I was there. I miss the fish and the incredible butter.

ICE Lounge on The Danforth

Apparently one could not buy a real drink there...

The Elusive Big Xtra in Toronto!

Can be found at the McDonalds at Broadview and Danforth as well.

Sun Valley on The Danforth closing

I spoke to someone who knows people in the Greek community about it. Apparently it's turning into an IDA pharmacy with doctor's offices on top. He used to own a store on the Danforth and is pretty in the know.

Sun Valley on The Danforth closing

I know exactly who you mean. I dread being waited on by here. Is it really that damn hard to cut me a piece of feta that's 200g?

I think it's really been hurt by the cheaper fruit markets. Everything else seems to have declined quality wise, as well. Sad day for the Danforth.

Sun Valley on The Danforth closing

Sad to hear this, Sun Valley has been around as long as I can remember and I've been going since I was wee. I still remember staring at the jars of pickled octopus in the pre-reno version in horrified fascination...think I was about 4.

I will miss their tzatziki and yoghurt but not the sometimes surly staff behind the deli counter. I feel like the neighbourhood I knew growing up is disappearing before my eyes.

best salted caramel ice cream in Toronto?

I've made this and it is amazing. Incredibly addictive!

Burger Stomper and Milkshake Bar - Danforth Ave

Yeah, I was pretty unimpressed by the response and the 1000 orders excuse. There were a fair number of people there last Saturday but I got the distinct impression that they were friends of the owners.

The Works is opening across from Square Boy, right?

Burger Stomper and Milkshake Bar - Danforth Ave

I went with the boyfriend last week for dinner. We both enjoyed our burgers but mine was cooked well past the medium that I ordered it. The toppings were good and they had excellent dill pickles on the burgers. A good amount of bacon on the burgers, as well. We both had bacon cheeseburgers and demolished them.

The service was friendly and they were happy to answer questions. I wish they had a list of all the toppings and sauces so I didn't have to ask a million questions.

The one sour note was the french fries. They were really thin, oily, and undercooked. Frankly, some were almost raw. It seemed like the oil wasn't hot enough when they were cooked. Someone (one of the owners I think) stopped by to ask for feedback and seemed rather offended by what I told him. He muttered something about "sending out 1000 orders that day" which was kind of annoying. Don't ask for feedback if you're not going to listen to what I'm saying.

We would go back for burgers but not the fries.

Favourite Cheap-and-Cheerful Indian?

Bombay Chowpatty is hilarious and the food is good. I went with the bf a few weeks ago. We had masala fries, samosa chaat and their version of a burger. It was all tasty and enjoyable.

Need help with Yorkville Dinner Recommendation

I was there in November for an impromptu late meal. The food was good and service was friendly. It was definitely one of my better yorkville dining experiences. I had the steak and it was a delicious piece of meat that was perfectly cooked.

Off the Hook

Interesting. Well, hopefully they get more consistent with both service and food. We were waited on by two different guys the nights we were there. They were equally friendly and attentive.

Off the Hook

I've been twice now and had good meals both time. Had halibut the first time and sea bass the second; the fish was impeccably fresh both times but I did find the sea bass a little bit greasy. I like the variety of sauces and the sweet potato fries are really delicious.

Both times service was quick, friendly, and there were no bill issues in spite of the fact that we split the bill with another couple the second time. It's basically around the corner from me so I'll probably be back soon!

Honey lovers: where's your favorite honey?

I love buckwheat honey on good sourdough toast. Yum! I once had a bottle of chestnut honey that was also absolutely delicious.

Butternut squash!

My parents managed to give me an orange glow from insane beta-carotene intake when I was young. At least it was just his nose!

Mar 22, 2012
petra_reuter in Home Cooking

Dinner with bf and my parents

I recently went to F'amelia and was really disappointed. The pizza was delicious but somewhat lacking in toppings. Whatever you do, don't order the lasagne. My aunt had it and it was a giant pile of beef in a casserole basically. The service was lacking and the atmosphere was cold. Half of the table froze because we were by the windows and the other half baked because of an overly aggressive heater.

I would much rather go to Libretto on the Danforth.

Anywhere in Toronto come close to 48 cents/lb ($1.06/kg) for frozen basted turkey I paid in Buffalo?

They were also at the Carlaw and Gerrard location today.

Hooked Seafood - New fishmonger on Queen

I stopped by again this week to have another look and I still really unimpressed. The only thing that looked great was the tuna and that was just too expensive for me. I got totally spoiled living on the east coast but I expect fish to be glossy looking and smooth. Most of the stuff in the case looked like it had seen far better days.

Hooked Seafood - New fishmonger on Queen

Exactly. Especially not at a hefty price premium.

Hooked Seafood - New fishmonger on Queen

Yes I understand that prices are higher when dealing with sustainable harvesting and I fully respect that. I dealt with a fishmonger in Halifax for years who always made an effort to carry only sustainable fish.

The fillets were messy looking, the sections were separating as if they were very poorly fileted or not fresh. Fresh fish should be glossy and smooth and these were not.

Hooked Seafood - New fishmonger on Queen

I was in there during November and was not particularly impressed by what I saw. The prices seemed high and the fish looked rather torn up. I didn't buy anything but it didn't really make me want to go back either.