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So sick of overpriced Westchester!

How can it be that no one mentioned Turkish Meze?

They have one of the greatest deals in Westchester on Mon-Thur. A 3-course dinner is under $25. Call ahead or go online to confirm. And the staff have always been truly hospitable. Even their full-price menu is a worthwhile deal.

409 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Mamaroneck NY, 10543
Phone 914.777.3042

Best Bakery for Bread and Chocolate anything

For anything chocolate, I HIGHLY recommend locally owned :

Chocolations -
447 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck NY - (914) 777-3600

2 blocks down the street (from Chocolations going in the direction of the water or towards Boston Post Road) on Mamaroneck Ave is an Italian Bakery (bread, cookies, cakes) and next to that is Cosmo's Italian Deli (breads sometimes have cheese or sausage baked in). While you walk there, you'll pass a homemade pasta store that has italian bread unless you arrive too late.

Keep in mind these are all locally owned places that close around 5pm or 6pm on weekdays. They are open all day Saturday and a few hours on Sunday.

There is parking on the street, or you can drive around behind the CVS store and there is ample additional parking.


ps - What does "FFD" mean?

Done Eating, Not Dining

As a member of the "Slow Eaters" club as well as the "Clean Plate" club, I pay attention to tricks that will allow me to keep my plate from being taken before I've finished.
Maxmillion - I was instructed that forks with the tines *down* was the signal that I was finished eating and my plate could be removed. Maybe this is differently interpreted in different regions?

If I sense my plate is about to be cleared before I've completed my meal, I simply hold my fork which generally signals to the server that I'm still "using" it.

May 20, 2008
howdy in Features

Mum's the Velveeta

Hurray for FresserGuy! I agree with your sentiment of overly fussy diners.

Of my many friends who are vegetarian, 2 stand out in my mind as quite difficult. Why? When I offered to have to my home for dinner and that I would be sure to prepare a vegetarian dish that they would enjoy (a veggie curry that many have complimented), their response was "oh, and would it be all organic, too?" Really, a simple "that sounds great" is not so difficult to say.

Feb 16, 2008
howdy in Features

Mum's the Velveeta

"Doesn't anybody else find it strange that the majority of Helena's supporters are new posters with no other posts than this one?"

OK, here's another post for 'ya.

I've sure learned a lot more about intestinal disorders than I ever thought I would on a Foodie website.

Jan 30, 2008
howdy in Features

Mum's the Velveeta

I must say I am amazed at the emotional hostility from the comments! I agree with emilily that it says a great deal about our culture that we can be so demanding about our food choices. But most of all, it just makes me chuckle that some people forget this is a website FOR FOODIES. Hello! This is not the Atkins support group or PETA.

I've been taught to equate consumption of Velveeta with that of plastic, so yes, I'd be pretty surprised and even horrified to learn that someone would use Velveeta as a fudge ingredient.

And I've been known to prepare additional dishes to suit the needs of my vegan friends, whom I respect and would never try to fool. Yes, a better response might have been to put the sauce on the side for the South Beach friend and let him make his own choice.

But I would certainly not publically vent my anger on a columnist if I disagreed with her. Let's show some respect for other humans, ok?

Jan 28, 2008
howdy in Features

Do Let Them Eat Cake

Excellent article, and very thoughtful to ask homeless people for their opinion as part of research.

Sep 26, 2007
howdy in Features

Wow, You Eat a Lot

I wish I could still "pack it away" like I used to! My friend randomly met another friend of mine in another country and they realised they both knew me when the topic of "skinny girls who eat everything" came up in conversation. I guess you could say I was once famous for the amount of food I ate!

Jul 17, 2007
howdy in Features

You'd Better Be Anorexic

Hey there KevinB - 30 minutes to eat about half of the day's caloric intake does not sound like a lot of time. I understand everyone is in a hurry - that's why they make fast food "to go".

However, sitting around the family table sharing stories is the time to relax and take as long a needed to finish the food. I agree that if it drives you bonkers, start the coffee and dessert prep.

Clearly we're not all going to agree on what an appropriate amount of time is to complete a meal...

Jul 15, 2007
howdy in Features