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Costco Requests?

Thats how Costco handles their business. Except for a few items, they have most items come in and out of their warehouse. If you research their business principals, they lay out that they are unknown for in and out business. Customers will continue to come to see whats new. Keep in mind too that Costco net earnings every year = their membership cost. They are very strict at buying items very low and sell them to consumers just to cover their overhead and nothing else.

Oct 22, 2010
mellymel919 in Chains

need help with late night takeout in midtown

Try Once you enter in your address, you can find restaurants that delivery and for carry out.

Oct 14, 2009
mellymel919 in Manhattan

Chilean sea bass - bergen county

Where can I get a good piece of fish in Bergen county.

Olive garden did right

This past weekend, I order take out from because I wanted to try thier new soup...Chicken and gnocchi. I also had a pasta dish which was fair (and that is what my expections was going into it). I love soup so I was excited to try the new soup. When I got home and and there was the tiniest bits of chicken and only one lonely piece of gnocchi. So I wrote OG via their website and they are sending me a gift card. Hopefully I get more than 1 gnocchi in my next soup.

Nov 11, 2008
mellymel919 in Chains

good quick eats near 87th and amsterdam

The bf lives near there and the only food I know to get is from the cart on 86th and Broadway. I know Stugeron bagels is closed by but I am not that interested it that. Anything else within walking distance would be appreciated.

Sep 24, 2008
mellymel919 in Manhattan

Chi Chi Cancun enchilada

Oh how I miss these. My mother would only eat seafood and my dad loved chi chis so we would go there many times. Many trips later, I was turned on to these. I was in heaven when I spent my 1st 2 years at school within walking distance from Taco Bell -- which had my love at chilli cheese burrito and Chi Chis Cancun enchiladas. Now I loveless except for when I go to Seattle - lynnwood to be exact, where I have found a taco bell that does have it.

When chichis went under, my heart turned a little less red and alot more black. What was I going to do? Everyone in town knew my love for them. Shortly after I left school in Monaca PA, my favorite restaurant closed down and then all the other ones shortly followed. Years later I ran into a college roommate who's first words were not hello.. It was OMG. What did you do when ChiChis went under? I thought of you!

Now chowhounds, I have found my 1st love chili cheese burrito again after 10 about cancun enchilada. There were my 2nd love. I wonder if anyone can be so kind to tell me a chain that has something similiar or even a restaurant in NYC that does.

If so, you might be my 4th love. I think my current boyfriend would mind, but that will be his problem to deal with....

Sep 12, 2008
mellymel919 in Chains

ISO your best homemade cupcake recipe...

I dont have the recipe but you should find it easy on the web by searching. Thats what I always do when I make it. Guniness chocolate cake cupcakes with a Bailey's cream cheese frosting. When cooked with beer, the cake is very moist.

Jul 22, 2008
mellymel919 in Home Cooking

Pittsburgh - Saturday 6PM around 8 girls

I moved out of Pittsburgh in 96 and haven't been back much since except for holidays. I am looking for a place either downtown, southside, south hills area for dinner on Saturday night. Its a mini-college reunion for my old roommates. 1 girl is cheap so nothing so expensive and she is not a foodie at all. I don't think the rest of us would care. A place that we can catch up since most of us haven't seen each other since 2001.

Jun 11, 2008
mellymel919 in Pennsylvania

Peter Pan Peanut Butter in Downtown?

Doubt you can find any. They had a salmonella outbreak last year and was never able to recover.

Apr 26, 2008
mellymel919 in Manhattan

Simple and, healthful breakfast suggestions. Please.

I would love to eat bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches every day. To be healthy, 1st I change the bread to a light wheat. Next I elimated any meat. Then I slowly moved from eggs to eggs white by mixing them together. In the begining it was 2 eggs and 1 egg white, then moved to 2 egg whites and 1 egg. Now I am ok with eating egg whites. Trying to elimate cheese, but I love cheese so its hard. I need something warm for breakfast so this works for me. What helps is getting the liquid eggs and mixing a combination of egg/egg whites in ice cube trays and freezing them.

Jan 20, 2008
mellymel919 in General Topics

"Insider's Table" @ Cheesecake Factory

I signed up this in October. At the end of November I recieved an email saying that my package was all set and needed confirmation on my address. I was excited that finally I was getting my package even though I missed the pumpkin tasting. Today I recieved an email stating that I do not live near locations that have this program.
"However, at this time, only Cheesecake Factory restaurants in Massachusetts, South Florida, LA County and Orange County, Calif., are a part of the program."

I think that is very poor management to tell someone that your package is on the way and then 2 months later take it back.

Did this happen to anyone else?

Jan 10, 2008
mellymel919 in Chains

1st home cooking date with chicken

I am trying to make a home cook meal for the guy that I am dating. He is not very adventureous (sp) with food. His reply if asked what his favorite food is would be "chicken" with no other word to describe the chicken.

I am wondering if anyone can give me a realitvely easy meal to prepare.

Sep 03, 2007
mellymel919 in Home Cooking

inexpensive raw bar?

the essex house has $1 oyster for happy hour on Thursdays I believe. I am too lazy right now to google it. But they are good and 1/2 price drinks. Yummy!

Aug 07, 2007
mellymel919 in Manhattan

light food quick midtown prefer

I am going out before a night of drinking and can't think of something quick and easy in Midtown. Quick as in no 1/2 hr wait. Sit down prefer. Nothing like Grays, McDonalds, pizza, etc...

Jul 28, 2007
mellymel919 in Manhattan