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Gluten free Vegas

Can the crickets get any louder....better head over to an allergy website. I'm sad, cut I still love great food! They all don't get it.

Jul 15, 2012
eastbaychicks in Las Vegas

Gluten free Vegas

Anyone have tips at all....we are staying at Vdara 8/22-24, looking to book e
encore for the weekend after....anyone have tips for restaurants. I obviously want to try all the places peeps love...sage raku bouchon, but can I eat there?

Jul 15, 2012
eastbaychicks in Las Vegas

Your disappointing purchases from Costco

A shout out to those that buy wine at Costco... a wine buyer warned at a DC so he bought for the entire area, that the wines aren't protected from temperature fluctuations/exposure to extreme tems in the summer.

I don't buy wine at Costco in the summer, or from areas where warm temperatures would be present in the location from where it came. It is only a problem if you plan to store/age the wines FYI.

May 30, 2012
eastbaychicks in Chains

Why do you continue shopping at CostCo? I am underwhelmed. What do you appreciate about the warehouse store?

-Prices/quality of meat
-Alcohol (some stores have an amazing selection like the one by OAK airport)
-Seafood... yum, I just picked up a copper river salmon
-Specialty stuff the East Bay store brings including: cheese, vanilla beans, alder wood grilling boards (didn't see them this year, good thing I hoarded it... and yes I used it for the salmon), truffle butter, certain roadshows, cream/dairy, paper goods and last but not least cook your own flour tortillas (can't eat them now since I'm GF, but used to love em and still purchase for parties).
-Optical dept.
-Kirkland GF stock (I think it's Pacific brand), but they take it off the shelf at Thanksgiving/Christmas... jerks
-good employer; after 10 years the SAME people are working there...

Do I save money? Depends on your definition of saving money. Is it getting more food for a dollar? Are you measuring bags of groceries, or are you considering price per meal? It is relative.

Honestly some of the specialty items they sell I would never buy, except they have a price that is close enough to something I would buy so I purchase it. In those terms, my DH feels Costco gets me to spend more money. My rebuttal to spending more money is this. I live on a budget, so how can I spend "more" money if I'm still living within my budget. It's my choice if I choose a lobster tail for a nice weekend dinner and then live on a roasted chicken and a Costco size of lettuce and veggies for the rest of the week. Where else can you spend $15-20 to have dinner/lunch for the rest of the week? The extra savings on some items allows me to purchase fancy items I love.

I am able to get out of Costco spending $20.00. it’s impressive what is in my cart. I can always feed a crowd even on that amount.

What I don’t like about Costco, they have done nothing to address allergy needs. I also still am forced to visit 1-2 other stores.

May 30, 2012
eastbaychicks in Chains

Chicken and Ginger Clay Pot

Will make again, and again. Doubled the recipe, and served over rice (made partly with coconut milk). Served 12 with plenty of left overs.

Used Sweet Basil (works out better with the anise), gluten free soy sauce, BBQ'd the bok choy, and added snow peas at the very end just before serving for the crunch as recommended. The veggies were a much needed addition.

Would put the star anise in a cheesecloth to easily remove.

Mar 02, 2012
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Pad Thai

Nov 29, 2011
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Ask RuBo: Cell Phones at the Table, Neurotic Food Whims

I hope this woman isn't getting paid to write this. My dog could do a better job.

Jan 21, 2011
eastbaychicks in Features

Cheesy Baked Rice

This is so good... I like to make this for a large crowd and add bacon to it. Delish

Dec 10, 2010
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Red Chile–Guava Margarita

Sipping now... used blood orange soda as a sub, no oj around and only had GM on hand vs triple sec. If you use GM, reduce the amount. I had the chili in there for about 4-6 hours before the Milagro silver turned RED. I quickly removed the chili and feel it's still a tad hot but only on the first taste. It's a little shocking to drink a spicy drink. With food the heat would be perfect. Mmmm try this!

Dec 07, 2010
eastbaychicks in Recipes

How to Keep Guests Out of the Kitchen

I agree that people want to help with the work... in this day and age (think reality tv) it's almost like a free cooking show right in front of their very eyes. I learned from a bad experience long ago that if you're a chef making dinner you have to be nice and let your guest help-even if it means they may have slightly imperfect work. In the end no one will starve.

I' with you... we knocked out walls and put in an island with raised countertops to allow seated kitchen views and not be isolated from the rest of the crowd. If you can't beat 'em join 'em.

Dec 07, 2010
eastbaychicks in Features

Red Chile–Guava Margarita

Too hot huh? Hum.... maybe I'll dilute would that work? I only had the peppers in for a day and it's killer as a shot! Can't wait to try the rest.

Dec 03, 2010
eastbaychicks in Recipes


So the oven temperature seems way off... I cranked the heat after three hours to 375 during the 3rd step. I also had a double batch in but it should not have doubled the baking time. I also increased the final roasting temperature to 375 and used my convection oven to achieve a very fine batch of moist and crispy mouth watering-ly yummy Carnitas. Thanks for the recipe!

Dec 03, 2010
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Chocolate-Dipped Salted Caramels

I'm making this right now! OMG so yummy for treats. That with chocolate dipped Jo-Joe's (yes with candy cane on top) will be in my gift boxes this year.

Dec 02, 2010
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Thanksgiving: Tired of Pies

OMG... I made so many pies one year... and a few creme brulees... everyone wound up splitting the creme brulees and didn't even eat a single slice of pie... I'm never making pie again!!!

Nov 11, 2010
eastbaychicks in Home Cooking

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Great idea to roast the squash! I roasted some shallots too. Ditched the chestnuts (couldn't find them) and since my DH will not eat mushrooms I chopped them in the FP for a second and then spread them around. Mmm this was De-Lish! Oh and I made my own lemon scented pasta. Ta DA! Freezes well.

Oct 13, 2010
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Must have BIG Zin

Please help me find some great big Zins to enjoy by themselves in the backyard with my chickens and a good friend. I'm close to a TJ's and a GO... located in Livermore.

Jul 13, 2010
eastbaychicks in Wine

Grocery Outlet Expanding

Last week I purchased about 7 reds, compared and contrasted and wound up with a split case of very worthwhile wines. Meritage a Rockridge wine and 12 Apostles Shiraz, sorry cleaned the shelf, in Livermore. I LOVE their return policy and can't wait to try out their White selection in the future. Seriously, the prices are amazing at GO! And they do have better wine than TJ's 10$ offerings. Go for it, use the return policy to taste a few, TJ's was harder to return the wine but GO..... they were super cool!

Ginger Syrup


Nov 07, 2009
eastbaychicks in Recipes

Wedding Cake!

So worth the drive to santa cruz the day before your wedding. Will be perfect in every way. Try the carrotcake... even if you're like me and don't really like carrot cake, it is amazing.