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Oat and Honey Vodka

I threw in a cinnamon stick and forgot about it for a couple weeks- but I would definitely do it that way again. I used Kirkland Vodka from Costco which was extremely potent, but after the long infusing I could drink it straight on the rocks. Also threw it in a white wine apple sangria, which was awesome.

Dec 01, 2009
pudge in Recipes

Anything worthwhile in and around edison?

Just moved to the border of Highland Park and Edison and went to a relatively new place, SushiO in a small shopping mall across the highway from Skylark Diner. Loved it. Very Asian fusion with very creative rolls.

Been there three times, can't say anything bad about it. Decor is beautiful and modern and the host and waiters go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Especially liked their shrimp fried rice and this roll that had mango sauce on it (barbie roll). Fresh and delicious.

691 Route 1, Edison, NJ

Oct 27, 2009
pudge in New Jersey