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Sophia's in Farmington Hills, MI

Thanks for all the info. We are comming in from warm Southern California (high today was 79) to attend a wedding. I just hope I don't freeze haha. We do not have a Five Guys, but it sounds like a chain. Will skip it. How about a great steak house that serves Rib eye?

Jan 16, 2010
Goodguy1 in Great Lakes

Sophia's in Farmington Hills, MI

I have read some of the past postings for good eats in Farmington Hills area, but some of them are old. I am heading there in 2 weeks and was wondering if there are other good eating places that are recommended in that area. So far Sophia's and Five Guys are two places that we will try. We will be there for 6 days.

Jan 13, 2010
Goodguy1 in Great Lakes

Deep Pit BBQ

We are going out to the desert for the Thanksgiving weekend and plan on doing a deep pit BBQ. The only problem is, none of us has ever done one before.
Does anyone have any helpful hints?

Oct 30, 2009
Goodguy1 in Home Cooking