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Best Ethnic Markets in Los Angeles

Tehran Market on Wilshire in Santa Monica -- between 14th and 15th -- has well-priced produce, olives, feta, flatbreads, all sorts of jarred and canned goods, as well as big tins of oils and sacks of rices and beans. The prices are low and the quality has been high on everything I've bought, and I know people who drive in from all over LA to shop there. I highly recommend it!

Perfect Manhattan

A Perfect Manhattan is truly perfect when garnished with a twist of lemon instead of the cherry – but then, I've never like the taste (or even the cartoon look) of Maraschino cherries. It's also fine when made with Wild Turkey.

Jun 11, 2010
youngconstance in Recipes

Haggis (at a Scottish festival)?

I'm so glad you all keep mentioning scrapple. For twenty years I've been telling people how good haggis is and how it's as delicious as scrapple, and for twenty years I've been getting suspicious or -- worse -- completely blank looks in response. Philistines!
Alas, I wouldn't count on the food at the Scottish fair being anything to write home about. While I've had acceptable meat pies and fish and chips, it's still just fairground food. But I hope you enjoy the pipes, and the drums, and the big guys in kilts throwing stuff. Go Scotties!

Dec 11, 2009
youngconstance in General Topics

arthur avenue

Does anyone remember Genoa? (The restaurant, not the city.) It was on the Upper West Side – on Columbus, I think – and it closed in the 80's or early 90's. The chicken scarpariello was wonderful, with a very flavorful, vinegary sauce. The meat was cooked on the bone but cut into smallish chunks, so it was manageable but didn't dry out. Is that how it is at Roberto's? I've had the dish a few times since, but it's always been either bland or dry or both – very disappointing.

Nov 17, 2009
youngconstance in Outer Boroughs