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Saying Goodbye to Land O' Lakes - Where 2 Get Kerrygold Butter in SF?

Thanks, all for the responses and help. Looks like I'm tagging along with our neighbor on their next Costco run, and will keep my eyes peeled at Safeway. I'm pretty sure I have not seen it at 29th & Mission, but Diamond Heights usually comes through with some of the higher-end items.

Saying Goodbye to Land O' Lakes - Where 2 Get Kerrygold Butter in SF?

After years of being a die-hard Land O'Lakes baker, I'm giving it up due to their joining DuPont and Monsanto in the fight against Prop 37. I'm not here to argue the merits or holes in the proposition, I'm just disappointed they are taking sides with THOSE people. In my preparations for my copious holiday baking (which starts with Halloween), I need a good, rich, salted alternative butter.

I've sampled Kerrygold before (it was tasty straight), and Ireland bans GMO's, so we're covered there, but where can I get it in SF where it's not $8 a pound? Any other suggestions for brands that bake up well? And before you tell me that all butter is the same, I'm convinced it's not, and have loved baking with LoL for years. Please help, or the spooky cupcakes get the axe...

Where should I look for solid "recipes" for drinks?

If you're looking for fresh and modern-style cocktails, I highly recommend The Modern Mixologist by Tony Abou-Ganim. His cocktails employ a lot of fresh juices and herbs, with nods to the classics. His recipes are easy to follow, and the results are delicious. My retiree-father swears by it, and he's no Julia Child.
Sample here:

May 19, 2012
foodiegrl in Spirits

Saving Women from the Shame of Solo Dining

As a frequent solo traveler, my advice is to belly up to the bar and order some grub. Some of my best dinner conversations have started that way - either with the bartender or my fellow bargoers. Oftentimes it beats staring across the table at my husband of 12 years.

Apr 24, 2012
foodiegrl in Features

ISO Cushaw/Kershaw Squash for Turkey Day

Nope - we struck out, even after a couple trips to the Ferry Plaza and Alemany. We settled for Delicata, and everyone seemed happy with the results. Of course, anything drowned in butter and brown sugar is pretty delicious.

Help - Need DaVero Olive Oil TOMORROW - where to Buy in SF?

Anyone know where I can buy DaVero Olive oil in person (any size, any variety) in SF or the Bay Area? Unfortunately, I don't have time to drive north to go get it, and I need it desperately by tomorrow night, so mail-order is not an option.

Thanks in advance!

Napa Valley Conundrum for Thanksgiving? Any Restaurants Open and Worth Experiencing?

I noticed OpenTable posted their list here:
Click on "neighborhood" to sort - Napa shows FARM, and Domaine Chandon & Hurley's are open in Yountville. Many more options exist in Sonoma, too, if you're up for a scenic drive.

Looking for bone marrow bones

I have had great veal bones from Drewes Brothers. You'll need to give them a few days lead time, but they were definitely worth the extra planning.

Chris Cosentino's Cooking at Incantato - anyone?

If you're interested, and if you have the budget, you should look into booking a "whole beast" dinner in the back room. It's a gorgeous space, and you can pick your critter depending on the size of your party and your tastes. I had the good fortune of sampling the whole goat a few weeks back, and it really was very well-prepared. This guy knows his way around a carcass. Even if your family isn't into whole beast dining, the pasta and other selections have just been phenomenal. Save room for dessert, too!

Cool Bar in SF to host 10 year anniversary party

I was at a small gathering for a couple visiting from out-of-town once at Rosewood. They gave us the back room, and it was really nice. I dobn't know what the fees were like, but it's a terrific little space.

732 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

Late Reservation at French Laundry

That's a tough one, as it's kind of sleepy there, and aside from restaurants, there's not much to do between 7-9 PM. Also, you will probably not want to fill up on any drinks & snacks ahread of time. That being said, Hurley's down the street is fun for drinks and may be the only place that's lively at that hour.

Dinner, a Cosmo, and a Movie

'wichcraft does only have beer & wine. I would say "B" might be a great choice. I think for a party of 10, you could call ahead and reserve the dining area, as most people just flock to the bar on Fridays. Ducca is also a good bet.

Weekday Breakfast near Union Square??

Depends on how much they'd like to spend...
Seasons at the Four Seasons has a great breakfast service. Vitrine at the St. Regis, does, as well. These tend to be the "power breakfast" spots near Union Sq. For more casual options, you can try Sears' Fine Foods, maybe?
Also, I have had wonderful breakfasts at Campton Place, but it's a touch small for a large group.

Boston Hound coming to Chicago for a weekend

You may already know this, and this may be the cause for your trip, but the Restaurant Show is in mid-May this year, and tables will be really hard to come by that weekend. If you're planning to dine out between May 16th and May 20th, you'll be battling 70,000 other food lovers for prime tables. The restaurants will also be crazy busy. Better lock in now.

Apr 21, 2008
foodiegrl in Chicago Area

SoMa Reviews: Zuppa, Orson, B Restaurant

Regarding crowds at B, they ebb and flow dramatically. DH and I went last Friday (as you'll recall it was about 75 degrees at dinner time) and the place was PACKED. The Friday happy hour crowds lingered on the beautiful patio and the walkway late into the evening. The happy hour menu is served late by most standards - 7:30 PM, and we found everything well-priced and DELICIOUS. I had the halibut with melted leeks, and DH had the burger medium rare. We split a side of tempura'd wax beans & cauliflower. We had two specialty cocktails with fresh-squeezed juices, and we still managed to get our of there for less than $50 before tip. Our waitress was also the special events planner, and she said they do a good chunk of their business during the week on private events. As you might imagine, their location directly abouve Moscone makes them a prime spot for this. If you like a place that's "buzzing" head there on a Friday, or whenever the weather is nice and warm.


We went about a week ago with a group of 8 people, so we tried lots of dishes.
We did not get the tasting menu, but since we had the luxury of a large table, we tasted a lot of the specialties.

One of the most favorite dishes was the Hamachi Carpaccio which was served with beets, some sort of citrus vinaigrette, and was completely covered in truffles. It was decadent, rich, and light at the same time. Our host actually ordered a second round, it was so well-received. The burrata on bruschetta salad was an exceptionally well-crafted dish, but it seemed a bit out-of-place with the seafood-heavy, Asian-influenced menu.

For entrees, I had the black cod, which is one of their specialties, and it was cooked to perfection with s slightly caramelized exterior, and a moist and flaky interior. It had a brothy, teriyaki-like essence and was accompanied by delicate and exquisite shrimp dumplings. My only complaint was the whole Shiso leaves were a bit overpowering - but that's because shiso to me tastes like a cross between root beer and dirt. It infused the broth nicely, but I pushed it aside otherwise. DH had the double cut Kurobuta porkchop, which was well-preapred, but not so unique or interesting. I also sampled the crab linguine, which was rich and buttery, but a bit flat in flavor profile, IMHO. The lobster was delicious and the scallops that accompanied it were prepared to perfection. The Japanese "risotto" was an unusual but very nice side dish.

Desserts were incredible, too. The "hand pies" were these gorgeous little turnovers stuffed with huckleberries and were served hot out of the deep-fryer - very fun!
The warm apple tart with soy caramel had a great savory kick that I love.

Service was impeccable but not too stuffy, and the room was so serene and beautiful. If it wasn't so expensive, I would come in every week.

For you and for that one-in-a-year dining experience, I would definitely do the tasting menu. Their service seemed so nice an accomodating, if there was something on there that didn't look appealing, I'm sure they'd be happy to arrange an alternative.

Oakville Grocery in Palo Alto's Stanford Mall closing 2/29!

Very sad indeed. As a nascent food dork in college, I'd spend the last $20 in my checking account on their crab cakes and a wedge of whichever cheese they recommended - just to try it. It then became the "go-to" place for tailgating grub that put the people in the parking spots next to us to shame. Good times.

Bix, Spruce or Le Colonial

I'll third these recommendations. Try to get reservations in the following order:
1. Spruce
2. Bix
3. Anywhere but Le Colonial

Judging by your sisters' picks, you are looking for a swank and fun night out, right? I'd also suggest the lobby lounge at the St. Regis - yummy bites are made by Ame restaurant, and their cozy tables and chairs are great for people-watching or for an intimate conversation.

Christopher Elbow store, SF - open 2/5/08

I have not been in the store, but I bought a bunch in bulk from Cocoa Bella for a baby shower. The two dads were really into "mid-century modern" and the theme colors of baby blue and chocolate brown were reflected beautifully in the chocolates we selected. We did one Venezuelan Dark and one Bourbon Pecan in each box given to the guests.
While I bought the truffles for looks, they were incredibly delicious and fresh. I looovvved the bourbon one made with Maker's Mark. All told, for my $65 investment, we had the best baby shower favors of the season.

While definitely not an everyday indulgence, I found them on a par with the other "boutique" chocolates out there, and miles beyond what's selling at the overly-precious storefont at Schoggi.

Christmas Day in Napa/Sonoma?

Looks like pickings are slim.
Lunch reservations are currently showing up online:
Auberge du Soleil
Carneros at the the Lodge at Sonoma
Sante at the Sonoma Mission Inn
Solbar at Solage Calistoga (that would be my pick)

OK How about lunch on Christmas Eve Napa/Sonoma?

Girl & the Fig appears to be open. That would be a great selection if you're dining at Cyrus. You can nosh and sample and save room for later. If you want to stay on the Napa side, both Redd and Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen appear to be open. I highly recommend either.
If you do have lunch in Napa Valley, you should leave yourself plenty of time to get over the hill and up into Healdsburg. Also, I'd look into getting a car service or cab back. That drive is ugly enough without a few glasses of wine.

help! catered lunch in dntn SF?

A.G. Ferrari has composed salads and pasta dishes.
Not sure how "fast" they are.
I know you said "no sandwiches," but 'wichcraft has an excellent catering menu, and you can order online for fast delivery.

Must haves at Incanto?

Don't forget dessert! They have a ginger cake that is smothered in the most wonderful caramel butterscotch sauce that is to die for.
Also, the "duck fries" are a novelty, if not as insanely delicious as the other items listed on this board.

Special Christmas Dinners in NYC? (not just restaurants open as usual for xmas)

For something "New Yorky" and great for your mom, how about the recently-revived Peacock Alley at the Waldorf-Astoria?

I took my mom to breakfast at Oscar's at the Waldorf last year, and we found ourselves sitting 2 tables down from Dominick Dunne. As an avid VF reader for decades, this was definitely a highlight of her trip!

I just called, and Peacock Alley is booked already for 12/25, but they have 12/24 seatings available. There is a special chef's prix-fixe holiday menu for $125.

Nov 30, 2007
foodiegrl in Manhattan

Candyfreak - where to find obscure candy bars?

A couple of SF locations that have a small, but well-chosen selection of obscure candy bars are Citizen Cupcake (atop the Virgin Megastore) and Miette Confiserie on Octavia Blvd.

Citizen Cupcake at 4th & Market has a handful of nostalgic candies, but the selection changes. I've seen full-size chick-o-sticks, The big boxes of Ferrara Pan candies (red hots, Boston Baked beans, etc) and a wonderful caramel licorice by Richardson's Candy House in Missouri. They also have a nice selection of artisanal chocolate bars.

Miette has a wide assortment of "old-timey" and imported candies. See the last photo for a glimpse of their candy counter.

In search of Cushaw for Thanksgiving?

Thank you so much for the tips. The Bay Area 'hounds, as much as they usually post, were silent on this one. Instead of reverting to yams as a standby, maybe a sugar pumpkin would do?

Nov 16, 2007
foodiegrl in New Orleans

Looking for a New England style Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving dinner at Cetrella in HMB is very nice. We've done it twice before, and they give you your choice of entrees (turkey, fish or red meat) with traditional side dishes served family-style. We even got to take home leftovers. The dining room is beautiful & cozy with a giant fireplace, and nothing's better for working off that turkey than a brisk walk on the beach afterward. Highly recommended.
If you don't want to drive out to the coast, you can try open table's list:

Share your favorite treats that can be shipped...

For a variation on biscotti & shortbread, how about a savory snack like cheese straws or cheese biscotti? They could go well with that gatorade...

Nov 16, 2007
foodiegrl in Home Cooking

In search of Cushaw for Thanksgiving?

I'm very excited to host Thanksgiving out here in San Francisco for about 10 guests this year, including some friends and their parents from Louisiana.

Ever eager to learn new culinary customs, I asked my friend if there were any regional favorites that her parents might appreciate on the table. Her answer was that at every family gathering, everyone always seemed to serve "Cushaw" as a side dish, baked with lots of butter & sugar.

Well, heck. I love anything baked with lots of butter & sugar, but I never heard of this "Cushaw" before. I Googled it and was able to find mentions of "Cushaw" and "Kershaw" mainly in the South & Midwest. It appears to be striped with a long neck:

Does anyone know if it has a another alias? I can't seem to find it in California. I figure any sweet squash like butternut or delicata can substitute, but I'm determined to be as authentic as possible.


Nov 16, 2007
foodiegrl in New Orleans

ISO Cushaw/Kershaw Squash for Turkey Day

I'm very excited to host Thanksgiving for about 10 this year, including some friends and their parents from Louisiana.

Ever eager to learn new culinary customs, I asked my friend if there were any regional favorites that her parents might appreciate on the table. Her answer was that at every family gathering across the Shreveport region, everyone always seemed to serve "Cushaw" as a side dish, baked with lots of butter & sugar.

Well, heck I love anything baked with lots of butter & sugar, but I never heard of this "Cushaw" before. I Googled it and was able to find mentions of "Cushaw" and "Kershaw" mainly in the South & Midwest. It appears to be striped with a long neck:

Does anyone know if it's available locally, or if it has a more commonly-known alias? I figure any sweet squash like butternut or delicata can substitute, but I'm determined to be as authentic as possible.