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Antica Pesa

Ugh--that must be a relatively new thing. Wasn't like that when they first opened. I would guess they don't have that going during the week, but it's enough to convince me not to rush back anytime soon. If I want a club atmosphere, I'll go to a club, not a restaurant.

Jul 23, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs

Bistro Petit in Williamsburg

I've been twice a la carte. Both times were excellent. The farro risotto is especially good, as is the Korean Bouillabaise, although both are hearty meals (not so good in the Summer).

Great food. One of my favorite places in the neighborhood. It is a very small restaurant though (maybe it has 20 seats?), so you may want to get reservations.

36 Hours in Williamsburg:

Jul 12, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs

OddFellows Ice cream Williamsburg

The best flavor I've had at Oddfellows so far is the Miso Cherry Butterscotch. Sweet and a little salty. It was really delicious.

Jul 11, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs

Antica Pesa

First time I went, I thought the food while good, was not all that memorable, and not as good as the decor. However, I went pretty early on--like the second week the restaurant was open. I'm going to give it another go.

Jul 11, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs

Best Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn for a Date Night?

I would say the best Mexican in Williamsburg right now is Xixa, which is run by the same people who run Traif next door.

It's great for a date. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
The menu is mostly small plates, so good for sharing. This is definitely Mexican with a twist though, so I would check out their menu online.

You may also want to consider Santos Anne. I haven't been there, but it gets good reviews.

Jul 11, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs

Dinner in Williamsburgh

I agree with the suggestions here, especially Maison Premiere for drinks, although it can get really busy. Post Office and Dram are also good. I recommend Donna, as well.

For something more romantic, you might consider Akariba, a Japanese oyster and sake bar, or Desnuda (Peruvian) for cocktails too.

Eating-wise with outdoor seating, you might also consider Aurora for Italian or Tabare for Uruguayan. Both have good food and outdoor gardens. The only thing I would warn re Tabare is they can be a little inconsistent.

If you are willing to forego the outdoor seating, I second the Bistro Petit suggestion.

I actually just wrote a 36 Hours in Williamsburg post on my blog, similar to what the New York Times does. Friends kept asking me what to do and where to go. :) You are welcome to take a look--it has restaurants, bars, shopping recommendations.

Jul 10, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs

After-dinner drinks in Williamsburg

I second kathryn's recommendations, but would add these others:

Donna: Has great drinks, a laid-back Latin-American vibe in a beautiful space. It's slightly off the beaten path, so not as crazy busy as the others already mentioned. On the South side right near Marlow & Sons. Probably my favorite right now in that part of Williamsburg just because it's hidden and the masses haven't found out how good it is yet.

Bia: Vietnamese bar and snacks in a rustic, multi-level space with a cute rooftop bar. Also on the South side.

Akariba: If you want to walk a little bit, go to this romantic, Japanese oyster, sake, and soju bar next to Zenkichi (same owners) in North Williamsburg.

Jul 05, 2013
sypsays in Outer Boroughs