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Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

i expect that things are going to get worse before they get better; Santouka seems to have the best ramen here in Mass.

Restaurant Week Winter 2015

rosa mexicano is a chain. But then again Santouka and Sichuan Gourmet are also chains - and international ones at that but I would recommend them. And Brasserie Jo is a very small chain founded by a Chef Joho from Chicago.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

after having a large bowl of ramen there, i cannot imagine getting two more. you are better man in the trenches than i am.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

after having a large bowl of ramen there, i cannot imagine getting two more. you are better man in the trenches than i am.

let me add that santouka is a big chain just as sichuan gourmet. So it is possible to have high quality even in a chain.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

i ate at Santouka a 6 15 last Friday. The place was already mobbed, and I was told that the wait would be 30 to 45 minutes; it turned out to be only about 5 minutes so the staff is having trouble estimating time.

As to the Ramen, I ordered the spicy miso ramen which was as noted by others more flavorful than the miso ramen at O Sushi. I added pork to the ramen and paid a buck for a larger bowl. They do not use the famous sun noodles as they do at O Sushi and most of the ramen places i have tried in NYC, but they make their own, which are very good. The soup was really satisfying on a cold Friday night, and I was satiated. I like the fact that the ramen had a little kick to it. I would definitely like to go back and try other kinds of ramen and compare them with O Sushi.

The waitress was very nice but not really experienced. She had just graduated from MIT and was also doing medical research at the MGH; she was attentive and very personable.

I sat in the back but currently there is a draft whenever the doors are opened and closed in the front part of the restaurant. I recommend that they put in some kind of wind breaker.

My guess is that the waits for Santouka are going to get horrendous. Boston is really underserved on ramen though not so bad for sushi/sashimi, given O Ya, Uni Bar, Sakayana.

Alternative to group pig roast

i would go with one or the other. You had better call and ask if the restaurant has king crab; I do not see crab often.

China King for duck - to go for me
East Ocean City for the crab though it is not frequently available.

What new spot would you try?

i really like ASTA, Ribelle, Guilia though those are newish rather than new.

I recommend trying one of the ramen places in harvard square; Santouka or O Sushi.

Hideaway-type bar & apps near Newbury?

Wrong side of Newbury, but how about Uni Bar in the Eliot Hotel. I do not drink cocktails, but their program is supposed to be good.

Alternative to group pig roast

China King packages it so that it can be taken back on the T. And however you render the fat, you will then have a good sized reserve for cooking. And nothing is better than duck fat for cooking.

Restaurants with parking?

rialto in Harvard Square has parking; i am not sure what it costs. If the weather goddesses are kind, you can park on mem drive behind Charles Hotel.

Alternative to group pig roast

i have said it before; i like taking pekin duck from China King - ask for the noodles, by the way, - and bring the duck home and render the fat - you can either steam it or just throw it in the over at 400 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes. The difference is remarkable.

Where You Go as Opposed to Where you are Supposed to Go?

i enjoy going to the Border Cafe for chips, salsa, and crayfish. Not real Louisiana but a short walk from where i live.

7 days of different Ramen in Boston, found a new champ!

I tried Osushi, and I agree that it is worth a visit though as pointed out earlier; ramen is only available on a Wednesday throughout the day.

I had the Shoyu and the Miso and asked for extra pork slices. The ramen was good and not expensive, around 16 dollars. I strongly preferred the Shoyu.

I asked the waitress about their plan to stop serving Ramen. One of the chefs is going back to Japan for a while; they have not decided about the fate of Ramen nights.

By the way, it is just behind Shake Shack in a mini mal.

BYOB - Boston

I for one do not mind when a restaurant charges a corkage; 11 Madison charged 35 bucks the last time that i ate there; Jean-Georges 45 dollars. It if fair to charge enough to make up for the average profit that they would receive if they were selling wine.

how would you describe the Boston restaurant scene to an out of towner?

tatsu, i think that O Ya and Uni Bar are good, even by New York standards, and there are other good Japanese places such as Cafe Sushi, Oishi, Toraya though I agree that we do not have much else in Japanese. We seem to have a lot more diversity in Chinese food, but even there, the food seems to be done with less than ideal ingredients.

how would you describe the Boston restaurant scene to an out of towner?

MC, I think that Uni Bar and O Ya are pretty good for the ultra high end and stand up pretty well with Japanese in NYC.

Vietnamese in Boston

i do not think that there are any fancy Vietnamese restaurants here. I have been to semi-fancy Thai places but not in Boston.

Best fried Calamari?

i like the calimari at Rialto and at the Daily Catch. But i also like it at a number of Chinese restaurants such as Peach Farm and East Ocean City.

Crab cakes to cook at home?

none that i am aware of; you should look up von gerichten's recipe online for crab cakes; i have made them, and they are great.

Coppa: No Wonder Everyone Loves It !

coppa is really nice in good weather when you can sit outside. The problem with Coppa as with so many mid-range restaurants is that they are so loud. I am also a big fan of eating out doors at Ribelle.

HELP: Good Chinatown Restaurants that Deliver

there are a few good restaurants in Cambridge, which compare with C-town. Also Golden Garden in belmont might also be good for take-out/delivery.

Best sandwiches in Boston?

i meant the best sandwhich in boston; i do not know of a better torta

Dutch food in Boston

i will probably get negative comments, but Belgian food is, to my taste, better than Dutch; just as I generally prefer Alsatian to German food: the french touch.

Baby squid

i have bought baby squid at New Deal.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

striper, you might want to look into the 2010 barolos; they are very good.

I understand that problem with upselling; I am surprised as this has never happened to me at a wine store. an unpleasant surprise.

Bao Nation

where and when (approximately) will you be open; I am sure that you will be inundated.

Casual, cozy restaurant for lunch in Back Bay area

there may be lots of mediocre places in the back bay, but two of my favorite restaurants in Boston Uni Bar and Asta are located within about one block on Mass Ave. Both of these are fairly high end restaurants; they were rated #2 and #4 respectively in a recent Boston Magazine article. Asta is not open for lunch. I also like Hsin Hsin which is also located on Mass Ave between Newbury Street and Commonweath Ave, I think. I like Brasserie Jo, too, which is interestingly a branch of a Chicago restaurant that has been successful here.

i admit that Uni and Hsin Hsin are Asian and not terribly New Englandy; Asta is New Scandanavian. Brasserie Jo is a French Bistro.

Mulan take out: need recommendations

any idea when/if mulan/Cambridge will be back?

Best sandwiches in Boston?

i do not know if tenoch;s tortas is the best, but it is a great deal and tasty especially when using the extra hot sauce.

Best restaurants under $30 for App and Entree?

Ribelle raised the price in the fall; it is still a good deal, but the increased price did not lead to more or better food.