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Soft Shell Crab Whales- Anyone Seen?

I spoke with Frank at New Deal - and bought soft shell crabs: he says that the season can continue through August, but there are no guarantees.

Soft Shell Crab Whales- Anyone Seen?

New Deal for 7.99 per crab. Call to determine availabilitity.

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

if you cannot shuck them yourself, i would go to a restaurant where you can get them for a buck a piece.

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

i agree; just put on a heavy glove onto the hand that holds the oyster.

Go for the hinge.

Craigie on Main, Coppa, Erbaluce?

I go regularly to Craigie and Coppa; i have not been to Erbaluce.

Coppa is noisy inside, but eating on the side-walk is nice.

First trip to Boston

i am not sure that this is the season for oysters; i was always taught by my parents to wait for months with the letter R.

Ramen in Chinatown (with the kids!)??

if you are up for Cambridge: Santouka in Harvard Square. And O Sushi had good ramen though it was not served nightly.

Marina Bay...

that is simple: supply and demand. I bet that more demand would be met with more supply.

best bagel in boston?

thanks; good bagels even in manhattan are getting harder to find.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

All those places you mentioned are great places, but I think that lots of cheaper places such as good East and South Asian places, Latin American food are also discussed.

SF is richer and the food in general is better; there are 4 3 star Michelin restaurants in the SF Bay Area.

I do not think that hounds are particularly impressed with the high end here in Boston.

First trip to Boston

I recommend seafood. Consider select oyster, Neptune, island creek oyster bar, fish in tank restaurants in Chinatown, for big bucks, o ya or Uni bar

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

SF has some bad restaurants, but their best is better than ours imho,

New Boston-based private equity group to fund chefs seeking to open restaurants

Both cc and private equity use opm. That is their business model.

New Boston-based private equity group to fund chefs seeking to open restaurants

Slim, private equity generally buys going concerns whereas venture funds invest in start-ups.

I would have invested in Stan Frankenthaler; I really liked Salamander.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

i ate last weekend at Coppa al fresco; I find that outdoor seating is more pleasant than indoor. Ditto for Ribelle.

Native Strawberries....anyone seen 'em?

picking strawberries is not something that my back will tolerate. I am amazed that people will pay to pick their own berries.

i am happy to pay for local strawberries at the various farmer's markets.

New Boston-based private equity group to fund chefs seeking to open restaurants

That does not sound like the typical strategy of private equity, where the partners attempt to suck out all of the equity and are happy to allow the company go bankrupt.

Light Lunch in South End

i just had dinner at Coppa; it was very nice to eat al fresco on a quiet street, and the food was really good.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

SF is smaller than Boston; so is Portland, Oregon. (The SF Bay Area is larger than the Boston Metro Area) =

I think that there is less demand for touristy places in Portland or SF - though when I lived there you could find them around Fisherman's Wharf so even SF is not pure.

There is not enough demand for serious places here; Boston still suffers from its Puritan culture where hedonism is looked upon with suspicion.

Hotpot in Boston: Make your own sauce bar

Q is as good as it gets

2 days in Boston with 12-13 yr olds, what eateries not to miss?

You can get burgers anywhere, and i do not think that shake shack has the best burgers in Boston. Try Alden & Harlow or Craigie on Main.

I would go for seafood; I lived in California and know that the seafood is different here and worth trying. Go to a clam shack and get fried clams, and you can get a lobster roll (or sandwich, as I like Alive and Kicking in Cambridge.) You can get good fried clams at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

I also recommend getting Scrod which is fried halibut or cod; I make that myself so often that i have no recommendation. Probably ICOB will do the trick for you for scrod as well as fried clams.

This is not the season for it, but you can get 1.00 oysters in many places around town; Rialto has them from Island Creek. I like to get 18 oysters there regularly.

You might go to Chinatown for seafood; I like East Ocean Seafood or Peach Farm.

Thai is a great deal for the money, but Chili Duck is about average among Thai restaurants. I like Rod Dee in Cambridge and Thai North in Brighton, which was Boston Magazine's pick for best Thai two years in a row.

I do not like baked beans, but Durgin Park makes a decent version.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

I have not tried Rino's due to the wait, but i can recommend the meat balls at Coppa. And you can make a reservation.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

Slim, Teezeetoo was overly optomistic. The level of appreciation of good food in Boston is lower than the our income. SF has been more discerning for a long time.

Let's hope for a second Chinatown in Medford or Chelsea.

Chinese food in Chicago

I am a Chicago native who now lives in Boston. Someone is moving to Chicago and would like guidance.

What are the best Chinese restaurants in the Chicago area?

How does the North Side compare with the traditional Chinatown?

Jun 11, 2015
cambridgedoctpr in Chicago Area

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

there are rare transplants that are worth trying, Brasserie Jo, for example, was when i last went there.

I never tried Market though I have been to various JJ restaurants in NYC, and I won't go to Boulud on my dime.

If the pizza at Babbos or Frank Pepe's get great reviews, then I will probably give them a try.

But I disagree with you about underwhelming restaurants, which are ubiquitous. Teezeetoo, the Back Bay is full of them in particular. Try Stephanie's.

To be fair, Uni Bar, Asta, Chef Chang's, and Select Oyster Bar are good to excellent; we will see how long they last 3 last.

Big Platter 'o LOX? -- quantity as well as quality

You can have reasonably priced smoked salmon, which is not a substitute for good smoked salmon or you can make it yourself. I like the smoked salmon at Barney Greengrass in NYC, but it is not cheap.

Here is a good recipe from Jean-Georges; http://www.cookstr.com/recipes/soy-cu...

best bagel in boston?

ok, striper, what is your best bagel in Boston currently in 2015?

B&G Lobster Rolls = Pricey

i think that bugs have been more expensive recently. The price at Dumpling House is about 15% more than it was last year.

Annoyed about $6 bottled tap water charge at CraftBar

NYC tap water is very good; I guess that the bar does not have to offer free tap water but definitely should state that up front. I would be torqued to pay for tap water.

Jun 04, 2015
cambridgedoctpr in Manhattan

Where to eat in New England while traveling from NYC to Maine?

i have had excellent soft shell crab at BTs, and it is the season