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Dosa Factory

so where is the best indian in boston.

Weekend in Boston...single guy looking for great food!

where are you from? what kind of food do you like? what is your price ragne?

Recs for lobster dishes??

you might want a lobster roll or a lobster sandwhich.

i like Alive and Kicking though you have to eat al fresco there so it will have to be take-out.

Bay scallops

40 bucks per pound is pricey; they should come down later in teh season.

China King still best peking duck?

yup, and you can reheat the noodle dish in various ways. I like steaming; I also steam the pancakes. You get something warmer and better than you would at the restaurant.

Try it; I bet you will find it superior to what you get at China King. I thought that CK was ho-hum until i tried the duck as take-out.

you will need a steam and something with a metal grid to place the piees of skin on. Try it and please report back.

China King still best peking duck?

Luther and MC.

i always order Pekin Duck as a take out, and then i render the fat and crisp the skin; it is a not exactly classic PD, but is it excellent. I put the skin on a rack in my oven at 400 degrees; it takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to get the skin where i want it, and i have duck fat, which is great for fying.

Of course, there should be some fat, and you can decide how much yourself.

need seafood

i do not know what is available where you live, but i like the fish-in-tank restaurants in chinatown; my favorite is East Ocean Seafood though there are plenty of others.

i also rather like the pan roasted lobster at the Summer Shack.

Lobster and fried clams are Boston treats.

Boston Magazine - Best 50 Restaurants


while it is slanted towards "fine dining," i think that the top 10 are all good choices.

maybe they should have a top 50 dives list?

Cafe ArtScience - Kendall Square

i would go crazy and judge a place after i have been there.

Boston Magazine - Best 50 Restaurants

I do not have the entire list at my finger-tips, but Asta and Ribelle are at the top as is O Ya and Uni Bar are two really good places. I thought that the list was a bit heavy on the fine dining side of things, admittedly, but the choices were very good. I would be happy eating at any of the top 10 places.

Where to go in East Cambridge....? Slim Pickings?

once you have access to the T; you have access to a lot of Boston and Cambridge.

branzino - my dream fish!

thanks for the tip

branzino - my dream fish!

how do you prepare branzino?

Bar Boulud

it is interesting to see how well Boloud does controlling a place outside of his home city. That did not work out well for Von Gerichten but did for Jo Ho.


you need to do a search on chowhound; i go to Rialto on Mondays before 630 for my fix.

the list of restaurants involved probably keeps changing.

Market Basket

would arthur t. be back in charge if they behaved as you suggested? and would market basket be the same store?

Anywhere Similar to Rendezvous?

Rialto? Arlen?

in Boston, Asta, ICOB

You have ruled out Craigie's, but that is really the closest match in my opinion.

Would any Boston restaurants get any Michelin stars?

while beef is probably not a healthful food; i have not seen any evidence that gm fed beef is worse than natural beef.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

this is not about greed; it is about one cousin hating another. does anyone think that artie t. was not doing a hell of a job running the business. but when you are as rich as artie s. it is a matter of fun and not money

Info on Market Basket new locations?

some told me that the changes are about money; obviously, it is about ego. they must know that they are harming a great business worth billions of dollars.

Best Dishes in Chinatown

steamed live shrimp available at other places, too, and it is nice when you get the larger ones.

Pepes Pizza coming to Boston

weekly, but how about living closer; why live in a food dessert?

If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, the Mohammed needs to go to the mountain.

If possible.

Pepes Pizza coming to Boston

sure, but NYC is probably the best city for food in the world. worth the trip IMHO.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe has opened in Woburn today!

any indication about expanding the menu; good food (and i met chinese who had traveled from connecticut just o eat there) but very limited menu,

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

what is your theory as to the genesis of the protests if not the esteem from Arthur T? I have talked to some people who are in business with MB; they are capitalists but sympathize with the workers and Arthur T. whom is widely considered to have been an excellent CEO.

Downtown Crossing?

this is not far from chinatown where there are numerous options. i like the fish-in-tank places.

Easy question: Any good *dinner* buffets in Boston area?

generally, buffets do not provide a great food experience; if there is an exception, i am not aware of it.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

boycott a store because of change of management rather than bad behavior??

Miracle Fruit in Boston

give oc a break.

Best new ethnic restaurants in Cambridge/Somerville?

though i think that this is ridiculously pc, you can say, i am looking for a restaurant that is not american or Western European or say, Asian or South American. But really, I do not think that the word ethnic is a slur; I do not see why it needs to be banned as every one has a pretty good idea what an ethnic restaurant is plus or minus.

My guess is that O Ya would not be considered ethnic due to price.