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favorite tasting menus?

Teezeetoo: There are lots of good tasting menus in NYC; Boston is a different matter.

The price of scallops

Buying fresh fish from dubious sources is rarely worth it; I learned long ago to go to New Deal though Stripey's other suggestions are also likely to be good. Ditto, with soft shell crab; WF used to do a good job but that was then.

favorite tasting menus?

Craigie has an inexpensive tasting menu on Sundays after 9 pm.

O Ya is not the only place that does an omakase menu; you can try Uni Bar or Cafe Sushi or Oishi.

I enthusiastically rcommend ASTA.

Best dishes at Oishii Boston? not Chestnut Hill.

i have eaten at Oishi Chestnut Hill and a number of Sushi places, here and in NYC; i almost always go for omakaze; I hope that the chef knows what is particularly good.

The price of scallops

also are they wet or dry? wet means that they hae added water weight.

I recommend going to New Deal; you will pay more but get good quality.

Moved to Brighton, MA. Looking for great food, reasonable price!

There are good places in Cambridge that are too numerous to name, but i will make a quick start. Ribelle is in Brookline but it was too good to leave out.

Italian: Ribelle, Guilia, Rialto
New American: Craigie on Main, Loyal 9,
Thai: Rod Dee
Middle East: Sarma and Oleana
Afghan: Helmand
Chinese: Mary Chung (for good Chinese-American food), Qing Dao, Dumpling House, and I am hoping for the resurrection of Milan

Moved to Brighton, MA. Looking for great food, reasonable price!

I would add Sakayana for sashimi/sushi to go. There is a great Chinese market, Super 88, with good and cheap Asian restaurants. Blanchards and Martinetti's are good wine/liquor stores.

Allston is the center of good ethnic food in Boston.

Retail arctic char

call first; both places are very good though I am a new deal person myself.

Now: Good lunch in Back Bay?

i stand corrected.

Now: Good lunch in Back Bay?

if you are going quite a distance from Newbury Street, consider Coppa Also its sister, Toro. I know nothing about lunch at either place.

If you like Chinese there are two new places, Chef Chang and Dumping Palace.

I also like Select Oyster for seafood and Brasserie Jo for French Bistro food.

Our Last Meal in Boston

how about O Ya! or Uni Bar.

Another food crawl planning help request

Harvard Square or Central Square?

Harvard Square has plenty of choices.

Central Square includes Craigie, Viale, Green Street, Central Kitchen, Life Alive, Coast Cafe (for fried chicken)

Asta, Ribelle, Ostra? Bday dinner for wife

I think that both Asta and Ribelle are both worth trying though Asta has prix fixe menus that means you will have to eat some meat. I think that they were rated 3 and 4 by Boston Magazine, for whatever little that is worth.

I have not been to Ostra, but I do like Select Oyster, which is owned by the ex-chef from Neptune.

Ramen reports appreciated!

Is o sushi still doing ramen on Wednesdays; for me this is not ramen weather.

Boston dinner question

How about a local pizza place such as Santarpio or Regina or Galleria Umberto? Talk about carrying coals to Newcastle.

By the way, i really like Babbo in NYC.

How about ICOB for fried clams?

Viale or Oleana - at which one can we hear each other better?

Oleana, especially if you can dine outside. You have to be there early to get seated outdoors.

Boston dinner question

Since he is from New York, I would not go with Babbo; Batalli is from NYC.

I like Select Oyster though one has to be careful to pay only 50 dollars there. If he liked Coppa, Toro might be doable.

3 weeks in Boston after 2 years absence

Sorry, i think that my computer tried to correct me. It is Gene's.

3 weeks in Boston after 2 years absence

Sichuan Gourmet is on St. Mary's street in Brookline - a block or two from a green line stop, and of course, The New Shanghai is now sichuanese, too.

I have not found good Bahn Mi in Boston as of yet, but i frequently go to NYC.

I also recommend Geme's, a place that makes Xian food with hand pulled noodles. I have not had their sanchwiches though they do make them.

3 weeks in Boston after 2 years absence

Select Oyster is owned by the old chef of Neptune and does not take reservations. You should try Ribelle and Guilia if you like Italian food. Asta is new Scandanavian.

I do not think that there are many formal dining rooms left in the Boston or even in New York.

Chicken and Rice Guys

2.75% sounds like a serious amount though I thought that it there was an initial fee plus a percentage. But I do not take credit cards and could be wrong.


I have had the salt and pepper eel but prefer the braised in soy sauce version with a great bottle of Bordeaux

Craigie on Main question

I have been there many a time with excellent service every time. Even the worthy Homer sometimes nods - as Horace said of the Simpsons.


Mulan makes a version of eel braised with soy sauce and served over sticky rice. That is what i am looking for.

Fire at MuLan, Beauty's Pizza

no update, but i drove past it a week ago and was disappointed in not seeing much progress. i am surprised that it takes so long; I also called maharajah; no answer.

Tenoch: New Discovery, and Davis Sq. Update

i have told the owners to try another variety of fish. They are not interested in experimenting.


i really like the mulan version; i assume that the Waltham branch is making the same dish.


One of my favorite dishes is/was the eel at Multan. Is there any place in the Cambridge/Boston area that serves a similar dish or will I have to wait for Mulan to reopen?

Zagat's top 50

I always feel that Zagats is the anti-Yelp. With Yelp, prices really, really count whereas with Zagat; high price seem to help.

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

the wine list is also great and reasonably priced. I do not remember the music as being overly loud. It may hae changed.