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Best fried Calamari?

i like the calimari at Rialto and at the Daily Catch. But i also like it at a number of Chinese restaurants such as Peach Farm and East Ocean City.

about 11 hours ago
cambridgedoctpr in Greater Boston Area

Crab cakes to cook at home?

none that i am aware of; you should look up von gerichten's recipe online for crab cakes; i have made them, and they are great.

Coppa: No Wonder Everyone Loves It !

coppa is really nice in good weather when you can sit outside. The problem with Coppa as with so many mid-range restaurants is that they are so loud. I am also a big fan of eating out doors at Ribelle.

HELP: Good Chinatown Restaurants that Deliver

there are a few good restaurants in Cambridge, which compare with C-town. Also Golden Garden in belmont might also be good for take-out/delivery.

Best sandwiches in Boston?

i meant the best sandwhich in boston; i do not know of a better torta

Dutch food in Boston

i will probably get negative comments, but Belgian food is, to my taste, better than Dutch; just as I generally prefer Alsatian to German food: the french touch.

Baby squid

i have bought baby squid at New Deal.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

striper, you might want to look into the 2010 barolos; they are very good.

I understand that problem with upselling; I am surprised as this has never happened to me at a wine store. an unpleasant surprise.

Bao Nation

where and when (approximately) will you be open; I am sure that you will be inundated.

Casual, cozy restaurant for lunch in Back Bay area

there may be lots of mediocre places in the back bay, but two of my favorite restaurants in Boston Uni Bar and Asta are located within about one block on Mass Ave. Both of these are fairly high end restaurants; they were rated #2 and #4 respectively in a recent Boston Magazine article. Asta is not open for lunch. I also like Hsin Hsin which is also located on Mass Ave between Newbury Street and Commonweath Ave, I think. I like Brasserie Jo, too, which is interestingly a branch of a Chicago restaurant that has been successful here.

i admit that Uni and Hsin Hsin are Asian and not terribly New Englandy; Asta is New Scandanavian. Brasserie Jo is a French Bistro.

Mulan take out: need recommendations

any idea when/if mulan/Cambridge will be back?

Best sandwiches in Boston?

i do not know if tenoch;s tortas is the best, but it is a great deal and tasty especially when using the extra hot sauce.

Best restaurants under $30 for App and Entree?

Ribelle raised the price in the fall; it is still a good deal, but the increased price did not lead to more or better food.

Best southern-fried chicken in the Greater Boston area?

coast cafe in cambridge has good fried chicken though the sides could be better. you can pick up something at whole foods on river street while waiting for them to make your chicken, which usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Best meat charcuterie buys in New England?

where do the pigs come from for the Vlado's prosciutto?

Mary Chung's Holiday Menu

how does the pekin duck compare to the China King version.

As I never tire of saying, the duck is great after i stick the skin in the over at 350 for about 10 minutes and render most of the fat.

Best seafood restuarant in Cambridge or Somerville?

the pan roasted lobster is great; i go there at least once or twice a year just for that dish.

Craigie has a pescaterian dinner; I like their fish. Cafe Sushi is good (though Uni Bar in Boston is better, IMHO.) I get quite good seafood at Rialto.

Sources for Butterfish/Black Cod/Sablefish

you can try new deal; i have also seen sable at whole foods.

Harvard Square Dinner

you definitely do not each much; under those circumstances, i agree.

Harvard Square Dinner

it is good but a little expensive for the OP, I thought.

Harvard Square Dinner

i think that the food at Rod Dee is good even if the decor is simple. Depends on your price range. If price were no object, i would take her to Le Bernadin in New York City; that is my go to place for a special dinner, no holds barred.

Harvard Square Dinner

not exactly harvard square, but dumpling house and rod dee are good. maharajah and tanjore are good indian restaurants in the square; majaraj is opening again soon. rod dee does not take reservations.

You can't go home again ...

Giulia - Italian near Harvard Square
Rialto - in the Charles Hotel
Number 9 Park - in Boston
Asta- on Mass Ave in Boston - call to see if you can get a meal without seafood
Ribelle - good food, out of the way, and frequently noisy.

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in the Boston area for "Best of 2014."

uni bar,
Sichuan Gourmet

Broasted Chicken Anywhere?

you know that broasted is a trademark; restaurants can make a similar prep without being "broasted."

Roast goose

Where is it available and is it any good; it is getting to be the season for it.

Authentic Mexican restaurant recommendations?

which four?

Dosa Factory

so where is the best indian in boston.

Weekend in Boston...single guy looking for great food!

where are you from? what kind of food do you like? what is your price ragne?

Recs for lobster dishes??

you might want a lobster roll or a lobster sandwhich.

i like Alive and Kicking though you have to eat al fresco there so it will have to be take-out.