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Yelp for Pure Entertainment: Erbaluce

yelp reviews usually give lots and lots of bonus point to cheap and take away points for being expensive.

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Capitalism sucks except for all other systems that have been tried from time to time.

I worry more about poor kids getting fed properly more than the diversity of restaurants on Newbury Street.

Good and old school.

Mary Chung in Central Square also makes good but old-fashioned Chinese food.

Fresh Morels

morels were on sale at the cambridge farmer's market though I do not remember the price. mushrooms are usually sold by weight and not by the pint.

Brasserie NO

This event could be one off; even the worthy Homer sometimes nods. That said, I imagine that you are not going to be back to test it anytimes soon.

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

when i asked CK to make special food for me; he was willing to make something extra-ordinary. I once spoke with Michael Schlow who liked eating at CK's place in Chinatown.

CK is a great chef, but moving to the burbs hurt the food.

first time at Mulan. What are your favorites?

mulan mentions the top choices on their menu; give them all a try.

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

Sichuan Gourmet (mulltiple locations) for good sichuanese fare
Golden Garden in Belmont for northern fare
Gene's for Xian cuisine and pulled noodles; one branch is very near Chinatown.
Mulan and Jo Jo Tapei for Taiwanese food.

best bagel in new york city

i am from Boston and have noticed puffier bagels; where can i get a great old-fashioned bagel in Manhattan or the rest of the city?

Apr 06, 2015
cambridgedoctpr in Manhattan


bagels in new york city are getting puffier (worse); where can i go and get a great traditional bagel in manhattan or the rest of the city.

Apr 06, 2015
cambridgedoctpr in Manhattan

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

I agree that the Kara is good; it is the salt version that i found mediocre. I preferred Osushi's version.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

ivan ramen if you are in nyc.

Best place for seafood dinner

ooops, thanks, i thought that you were referring to sable.

Best place for seafood dinner

I love Alaskan cod, but I also eat local cod once or twice per month. If you go to Nobu; it is their signature dish though you can prepare it at home. The dish requires 3 days of marination.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

i went back to Santouka to try the non-miso ramen; what i had was too salty for my taste, and i like salt. It was the salt broth. The other broths available are miso and soy sauce.

Best place for seafood dinner

you can get a good seafood dinner at a normal restaurant; Craigie has a pescaterian dinner for example. I eat seafood at Ribelle and am usually happy. Rialto is a great place for buck oysters on a Monday night and also offers other seafood dishes.

Lots of Chinese restaurants in C-town have fish-in-tanks, East Ocean, Peach Farm.

You can go Japenese sushi/sashimi: O Ya, Uni Bar - very expensive - but others such as Cafe Sushi are more reasonable. I like to get take out from Sakanaya.

And there are the seafood specialists such as Ostra, IOCB, Neptune, Summer Shack (for the pain-roasted lobser), etc.


wear gloves when shucking to avoid this eventuality.


yup, it was not a midwestern thing.


shucking oysters is not difficult; it requires an appropriate knife,a glove, an idea where the hinge is and a little practice.


slices were not generally available when i grew up; it is something new.

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Babbo's is one of my favorite Italian restaurants, but I know that is not Batalli has in store for Boston. The use of this name will raise expectations.


I get my 1.00 oysters at rialto on Mondays before 6 45; they are island creek oysters and are delicious. I suggest searching this site, and google and Boston eater. Things change and so call before coming.


Frank Pepe's coming to Chestnut Hill

had a nice white clam pizza at Coppa. I prefer going there in warm weather due to the noise. In any case, give it a try.

A wine bar focused on US and (and non old world in general) production?

troquet has the best prices on excellent wine in the area. Troquet does not specialize in New World wine, but Chris buys excellent wines and sells them at discounted prices.

To my knowledge, there is no wine bar that specializes in new world wine.

I lived in California and seem to like their wines more than the typical Bostonian perhaps due to nostalgia for a better time for me and for America.

Boston Globe's Munch Madness about to begin

a good list though there are quite a few that i have not tried.

I went to Bar Boloud once in NYC and had a pretty good lunch. I guess that i am used to Manhattan prices.

Hotels with decent food?

i think that op said that the hotel should not be a 5 star hotel, and that is not the case with the Eliot hotel though you are right that both clio and uni are expensive restaurants.

Hotels with decent food?

add Uni Bar/Clio at the Eliot Hotel in Boston; Uni is one of my favorite places in Boston.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

i expect that things are going to get worse before they get better; Santouka seems to have the best ramen here in Mass.

Restaurant Week Winter 2015

rosa mexicano is a chain. But then again Santouka and Sichuan Gourmet are also chains - and international ones at that but I would recommend them. And Brasserie Jo is a very small chain founded by a Chef Joho from Chicago.

Anybody been to the newly opened Santouka Ramen in Harvard Square yet?

after having a large bowl of ramen there, i cannot imagine getting two more. you are better man in the trenches than i am.