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Soft shell crabs

whole foods used to sell them live; they stopped that a few years ago and the quality deteriorated.

i sometimes get the crabs from Alive and Kicking.

Boston recs

1. Medium end seafood has improved in the last decade; consider ICOB, Neptune Oyster, and the new Select Oyster Bar.
2. I like Ribelle in Brookline and Guilia in Cambridge - near Harvard square, Coppa in Boston as well as stalwarts such as Rialto.
3. Nothing new on the Dim Sum front
4. My favorite ramen in the Boston area are Osushi - if they are still doing it on Wednesday nights - and Santouka - though only I only really like the spicy miso.
5. I do not have a sweet tooth though Paul, from Paris, may be open in Boston and Paris Baguette in Central Square is fine.

Soft shell crabs

Soft shell crabs are easy enough to prepare at home, but i recommend waiting until the season starts, which should be any time now. Better to have fresh crabs than frozen ones.

Best place in Boston for lobster roll?

madrid, point taken; icob was just behind alive and kicking but both of them were quite a distance from the best shacks in maine.

Could someone please explain Sip's weird wine pricing?

my guess is that it probably takes 3 1/2 glasses to make a full glass. That would make sense from an economic point of view if not from grade school math.

Best place in Boston for lobster roll?

doing a quick read, alive and kicking was the best lobster roll in the area though there were better lobster shacks up in Maine.

Best place in Boston for lobster roll?

i should add that you might also try lobster pie.

Best place in Boston for lobster roll?

If you can make it to central square; it is about one mile to Alive and Kicking which makes a good lobster sandwhich though not a lobster roll. You can eat outside or even walk to the Charles River.

For the roll, you can go to ICOB. I have not been to Neptune Oyster in the North End, but that place always gets great reviews for food even if not always for service. It is a busy place; I do not know if they will let you have it go.

True Japanese-trained sushi chefs?

i am a fan of uni bar, but i did not realize that they had a japanese chef. not on the last sunday night that i was there.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

wow, i even like the Chinese food in Paris better than what i get here. But chacune son gout.

Birthday Dinner

probably the top reservation in Boston is O Ya but place is not real Bostonian. For real and simple Boston seafood; i would go with ICOB. You might like Asta; new Nordic which is in the Back Bay; very good but not essentially Bostonian.

Good restaurant with nice bar area?

I assume that you are looking for a restaurant in Cambridge.

Harvard Square: Rialto - Italian
Gulia - Italian - very good but very popular
Cafe Sushi - Japenese

Central Square - Craigie - it is Friday, you will have to wait.

I really like Ribelle and Asta - those are my go-to places in Boston though Asta does not have a bar. I also like Uni Bar though it is very expensive.

I also enjoy simple sea food at ICOB.

Good luck on a Friday night.

Chi therapy in Chinatown leads to amazing soft shell crabs at Sichuan Gourmet (Brookline location)


Greek Restaurant in Boston?

you might also want to consider oleana or sarma; they are not Greek but rather quite close.

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

do you mean otto's in NYC specifically?

Babbo Pizzeria. Enoteca

do you like otto more than babbo? I think that babbo has great food and an excellent wine list with very reasonable prices.

Island Hopper owners take over Royal East in Cambridge

i tried royal east for dinner; i thought that it was acceptable; perhaps a little weaker than Penang though I have not been there for years.

A little fancy, feels like a good value, veggie friendly?

i always think that it is worth giving a place with a great reputation a second chance. That said, much as I like Arab/Turkish/Greek food; I have not been wowed by Oleana. You might try Sarma; similar concept, different chef.

Italian restaurants such as Ribelle, Guilia, or Rialto might suit your tastes.

Perhaps a tall order, but...?

what about chinatown. you should be able to eat vegan and meat in a chinese restaurant.
Vegies and rice?

Trip Planning Help

i like Brasserie Jo but have never had breakfast there; no one seems to like their breakfast.

i prefer Asta to L'Espalir and am a fan of Ribelle though it is not convenient to downtown. You might also consider Craigie on Main and Gulia.

Neptune and Island Creek Oyster Bar are the favorites for seafood, but you can get good fish at many top-flight restaurants.

i occasionally have a steak at home; i think that steak is one thing that can be done at home as well as at a restaurant. But, chacune son gout

Yelp for Pure Entertainment: Erbaluce

yelp reviews usually give lots and lots of bonus point to cheap and take away points for being expensive.

April 2015 Openings and Closings

Capitalism sucks except for all other systems that have been tried from time to time.

I worry more about poor kids getting fed properly more than the diversity of restaurants on Newbury Street.

Good and old school.

Mary Chung in Central Square also makes good but old-fashioned Chinese food.

Fresh Morels

morels were on sale at the cambridge farmer's market though I do not remember the price. mushrooms are usually sold by weight and not by the pint.

Brasserie NO

This event could be one off; even the worthy Homer sometimes nods. That said, I imagine that you are not going to be back to test it anytimes soon.

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

when i asked CK to make special food for me; he was willing to make something extra-ordinary. I once spoke with Michael Schlow who liked eating at CK's place in Chinatown.

CK is a great chef, but moving to the burbs hurt the food.

first time at Mulan. What are your favorites?

mulan mentions the top choices on their menu; give them all a try.

Top quality chinese restaurant in(near) Boston

Sichuan Gourmet (mulltiple locations) for good sichuanese fare
Golden Garden in Belmont for northern fare
Gene's for Xian cuisine and pulled noodles; one branch is very near Chinatown.
Mulan and Jo Jo Tapei for Taiwanese food.

best bagel in new york city

i am from Boston and have noticed puffier bagels; where can i get a great old-fashioned bagel in Manhattan or the rest of the city?

Apr 06, 2015
cambridgedoctpr in Manhattan


bagels in new york city are getting puffier (worse); where can i go and get a great traditional bagel in manhattan or the rest of the city.

Apr 06, 2015
cambridgedoctpr in Manhattan