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Am I a Better Hostess If I Don't Serve Dessert?

The last time I had a dinner party, I offered 'dessert' on two trays. I made individual servings for each tray and guests could try one or both. One contained a small creme brulee' and the other was some fruit chunks and a side of chocolate sauce. It was very simple to put together and the guests loved the variety

Jan 14, 2011
JustMeinIN in Features

Do people really (and I mean "really") like Girl Scout Cookies?

As a Girl Scout Mom, I'd have to say that people do love these cookies. Last week, I delivered a bunch to work and some lady came running across the parking lot from the office next door to ask if I had any left. At work I got the same response from those who hadn't seen the list go around. The cookies come in 8 varieties and the top sellers are the do-si-dos (peanut butter sandwich), tagalongs (peanut butter chocolate), thin mints, samoas (choc caramel coconut) and the and trefoils (shortbread). Sure there are better tasting cookies out there but these come with that childhood memory. Almost as good as a box of Grandma's

The other not as important as the cookies themselves but that the proceeds help these girls go to camp, field trips, etc. All the things they took out of schools but really make life worth living

Mar 18, 2010
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Maple Ice Cream

My scout troop made ice cream using a pair of zip close bags. You put the ice cream mixture in a quart sized bag and seal it. Then put that bag into a gallon sized one and add crushed ice and salt to it. Seal that bag and then you just shake, toss (gently so that you don't break any of the seals), and turn over until you feel that the mixture is freezing to your liking. Remove the smaller bag and rinse well before opening. Pour into a bowl and freeze at least 1 hour to develop flavor.

Nov 05, 2009
JustMeinIN in Recipes