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Molecular gastronoy restaurant in NY

Hi everyone,

I am looking for fun, lively and molecular gastronomy / modern restaurant in NY for Friday night Memorial day weekend. The first place that popped to my head was wd-50 but it is all booked. Besides "Corton" do you have any suggestions? I want to have a fun evening with great / interesting food. I want to be a lively place, as Friday in NY should be ;)

Thanks for all help,

May 21, 2012
regineczka in Manhattan

Great lunch in Oklahoma City

Thanks will check it out. We posted in both sections. Many thanks.

Looking for a good restaurant in Oklahoma City.

Not a chain something unforgetable.

Oct 24, 2009
regineczka in Great Plains

Great lunch in Oklahoma City

Driving through Oklahoma City. Road trip from west to east coast. We do not know the area but will by on I-40. Where should we eat for original experience?