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Target Brand Foods Yay/Nay- February 2013

Is it just me, or do others love some of the Archer Farms and Market Pantry foods? I have only tried a few, but think MPs string cheese (yay) and AFs Belgian chocolate ice cream (yay) blow away all competition in both categories! Their brand of Splenda (yay) is a good imitation, too, possibly better than regular Splenda in coffee.

Any other yays? Or nays?

Feb 02, 2013
mushroomsandwich in Chains

ISO easy recipe to use up overripe bananas

Run water over peeled bananas and shake off excess, then freeze (keep a bit separated until frozen so no clumping). This results in non-brown 'nanas. My favorite use is in Dr. Lipman's Chocolate Love Smoothie <> The coconut oil is KEY & it is SO AMAZING!! Sometimes I add raspberry puree for even more health and flavor.
I also blend bananas with just enough milk to make the blender "go", and spoon out as perfect banana ice cream. No sugar needed. I see someone mentioned this above, but I have to add the milk to my blender.

Sep 14, 2012
mushroomsandwich in Home Cooking

What discontinued products do you miss?

O'Grady's Au Gratin!!!! LOVED
Also, Russel Stover rosebud mints, sigh! A velvety smooth little pastel mint with a crunchy
sugar crust & a buttercream rosebud on top. I would eat 12 at a time.