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ex-DC chowhound returns. to Baltimore.

I believe MARCDC used to live in DC but now lives in Baltimore.
Here's a thread on a day trip to Baltimore he posted on.

best neighborhoods (though I live in the burbs) are probably Mt. Vernon and Fells Point for chow. the inner harbor is considered somewhat of a chow wasteland.

I belive there was a thread on this board where Baltimore's compared to dc fared much better in good, cheap American food (bar?).

Do a search and you will find plenty of Baltimore threads.

3 restaurants to start you off:

1. Helmand (Afghan), owned by Hamid Karzai's Brother in Mt. Vernon
806 N Charles St

2. a neighborhood or two away from Johns Hopkins University a farm to table restaurant called Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd #126

3. Duda's in Fells Point (bar with great food

1600 Thames St

4. oops I said 3 but here's a 4th

Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton for Seafood
2901 O'Donnell St

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

Owings Mills?

Pikesville aka the home of Baltimore's Jewish community just south of Owings Mills with a sizeable Russian Population is probably a better bet. Goldberg's New york bagels probably the best in the balt/dc area/closest to NY Bagels.

Suburban House- good Jewish deli. it burned down some months ago. I think it set up at a new locale? there should be a thread on that. well perhaps not on the intro screen on the webpage it said they will rebuild bigger and better

Mari Luna's Mexican Grill gets rave reviews!

Mari Luna's Mexican Grill
102 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

Suburban House Restaurant
911 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

Coal Fire and Facci (what day of week/time of day is best for pizza)

I remember reading once that the pizza is good at Coal Fire when the owner is in.
My last experience wasn't great. Also didn't like my first pizza at Facci.

it's quite possible it was a good rendition of Neapolitan. perhaps I just don't like Neapolitan Margherita Pizzas.

Margherita Pizza
11771 Belair Rd, Kingsville, MD 21087

Gino's may be coming back to Towson, MD

Affiliated with the old Gino's Giant.

Coal-Fired Pizza in Ellicott City open

I was dissapointed this past weekend as well. not sure if this comment was on this thread or not but someone said go there when (the owner?) is there as he is serious about good pizza. funny when the waiter asked me how it was I said good.

Best Pizza in DC Metro Area

wonder why the pizzablogger from Baltimore hasn't posted. he has in the recent Baltimore pizza thread. dos reviews of bmore/dc places and some nyc places. outside of those areas at least one in Indiana. other areas not sure.

here' sthe review of Pete's A Pizza and Redrocks both in col hts

based on it I need to try redrocks
pete's is decent but haven't been wowed by it.

Pizza in Baltimore

new york city or the northern nj suburbs/LI?

Strapazza in Columbia (also in Towson) for Italian/Pizza opinions?

What do you all think about this? Interestingly I was told by someone that it was just like the food he had in Italy. good prices too. I ate here once a long time ago and also somewhat recently for a pizza. pretty decent. also how would this compare to the other Italian restaurants in the area?

I live within a couple miles of Strapazza which is good for me.

some good reviews:

12 Allegheny Ave, Towson, MD 21204

Evening/weekend indian buffet in Northern Baltimore/Ellicot City?

are you referring to lotte? there is a much better asian grocery store a little east of Ellicott city in catonsville on rte 40 called h mart.

An LA Chowhounder's Trip to D.C.

just an aside I lived in OC for 2 yrs the best chinese food is not in la's chinatown like dc but in the San Gabriel Valley east of downtown LA. though I do think the LA chinatown is more of an actual chinatown as in Chinese actually living there though not sure.

An LA Chowhounder's Trip to D.C.

Vace (for pizza) is in Bethesda. not sure how it compares to the CP location

Vace Italian Delicatessen & Homemade Pasta
based on 54 reviews Rating Details »
Category: Delis [Edit]

4705 Miller Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814

(301) 654-6367

Gianni's Pizza in Severn 175 and 713(Ridge Rd not arundel mills blvd)

anyone been here? Look's lke great reviews onlne. I had some ny slices last time there and ordered a Chicago Pie today. the ny slices were decent. the chicago was decent as well the crust was great. i'm not familiar with what a chicago pie should taste like.

Gianni's Pizza
2622 Annapolis Rd, Severn, MD 21144

Pizza in Baltimore

I don't believe I've ever seen Gianni's in Severn mentioned

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Boston Chowhound needs recommendation near (ish) to BWI

wow this is from
Trattoria Alberto's website

"One of the World's Top Restaurants"

- Zagat Survey, World's Top Restaurants, 2009/2010

one of the world's best restaurants in GLEN BURNIE!!!?????

Trattoria Alberto
506 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Ecuadorian restaurant

let's not forget the Ecuadorian restaaurant in Baltimore

La Cazuela Restaurant
1718 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21231-2476
(410) 522-9485‎

Anyone tried Indiclub in Woodlawn?

google maps has good reviews.

good for parties apparently

A find equal to Grace Garden?


grade garden and perhaps this

both in the baltimore msa and not dc's
who woulda thought??????????????? lol to the 100th power

Indian Food - Baltimore Hounds, please help

anyone like bombay grill on charles? I'm a fan. nan and paneer mateer.

Zhongshan - Chinese returns to Baltimore - Dim Sum too!

hunan manor in columbia by 32 as well though about as far out as gg, at least from dtown so may as well go to gg

Batik (SE Asian) at Kentlands in Gaithersburg

Anyone been?
I'd like to try it out

The menu takes its cue from Batik's 10-year-old sibling, East St. Café in Union Station. Chef Yan Yu, who cooked there, now adds her magic to the Kentlands kitchen, interpreting family recipes collected by Emily Sy, wife of partner/manager Henry Sy and her mother. The fare spans the Pacific Rim with stops in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Korea and Japan get a nod as well.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

what about Isabella's in Little Italy? I may get to try it out in a few weeks.
how does it compare to Little Italy Pizzeria?

Why is it so hard to get spicy Chinese and Thai food in the DC Area

to the op just tell them you are half-Indian
or go with an Indian and just taste his food when it comes out since they'll believe him about him liking spicy

Coal-Fired Pizza in Ellicott City open

wow no idea they had regular sauce. perhaps that's a solution to the sauce problem.

Coal-Fired Pizza in Ellicott City open

the pizza itself is nearly perfect, though I could suggest toppings. actually didn't love the cheese vace slice I had, but the white was great. ill have to try the vace cheese slice again.

Coal-Fired Pizza in Ellicott City open

lol the signature sauce is way too sweet. i'm getting the spicy sauce next time. the pizza is awesome though! best i've had in md/dc! vace in dc though is an awesome value
I think I'll give some feedback to coal fire. they really need to de sweeten the sauce!

Anyone part of the balt foodies group?

just curious. im sure there are. I did join so wondering what your opinions are on the restaurants people prices etc.

how many usually go? age breakdown?


Anyone been to Talara yet (Harbor East - BMore)?

bump. want to have a bday celeb there next month.
seems to be vegi friendly which is great.

so is the ambiance that special?

Italian in Towson

some think pasta mista is the best pizza in the bmore area, not sure how it is for Italian.

Baltimore -- what do you think of my choices? Or can you suggest something else?

ah, duck doesn't sound like one of the "weird" foods.
lol muskrat for a long time. even in Baltimore?