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Conveyor type Sushi?

Sushi Envy Preston/121, same shopping strip as Holy Grail. Wasn't by any means the best sushi I've had, but wasn't the worst either.

One more meal in Dallas

What a GREAT pic!!! Did your camera shatter after you snapped it for capturing so much awesomeness in one shot?

TOP 5 Can't miss restaurants in Dallas

Samar!! Have yet to have anything that I disliked.

Dallas needs some Margarita help...

Yes, slightly tart, but what makes a good one, IMO, is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, as well as good ingredients.

Dallas needs some Margarita help...

Probably, I'm not sure how much they were...but, it was yummy. they muddled limes with sugar as a base.

Dallas needs some Margarita help...

Had a really good margarita at Samar last night. It was a little on the sweet side, but, it was the best one I can remember having in a long time.

Are there any *real* Cajun/Creole restaurants in Dallas?

Anytime I have ever eaten at Dodie's the food has been horrendous, service awful, and staff wildly inappropriate. I have no idea how these people have stayed in business for so long, they were able to cook, or should i say cremate french fries beyond recognition, the crawfish in the etouffee were so fishy we sent it back. My dining partner had fried shrimp that were so totally saturated with Tony Chacheres that it was inedible. We spoke to the manager, who didn't even offer an apology. The owner's are utter sleaze balls, I would never allow any teenager of mine to work there. Nate's is far better food, service, and is run by classier people. Love the cajun clams....mmmm...

Also, I had a really good po boy at Big Easy in Plano, but it was several years ago, so I can't vouch for it based on a recent experience.

Meyer Lemons - where can I buy them in Dallas, TX?

Try central Market or Whole Foods.

Best Dallas Mex-Mex?

+1 on Javier's

BBQ North Dallas - 635 and 75 area

I have to join the bandwagon on this one, Spring Creek is terrible.

Best Cakes - Plano

I second the Willie mae's rec. Got my son's birthday cake there, and it was awesome. Have had good luck at Central Market, too.

Ocean Prime

Exactly! Maybe if you go on a weeknight when it's not so busy, you will have a better experience. be sure to report back and let us know what your experience was.

Plano/Richardson Italian Recommendations

Brio is very good, i went about a week ago and had the artichoke crusted tenderloin medallions. It is served with a mushroom marsala sauce, really, really good stuff.

Plano/Richardson Italian Recommendations

Picasso's at Coit/Legacy is awesome and very affordable. I really love Brio at bethany/75 (I know it's a chain, but it's good). BUT, my favorite by far is Isabella's at 121/Legacy.

The Egg And I

Ewww, I had forgotten about this place. I went with a girlfriend of mine over the summer, she raved about it (should have known better, since the only thing edible in her house was eggo waffles). Had no idea you could screw up scrambled eggs, but they managed, were dried out to styrofoam consistency. Funny about the fritatta, we had the same problem with an omelette, was like eating a block of cheddar. yuck.

Mignon vs. Jasper's

At that price point, you could also do Isabella's ( fantastic Italian food), or Silver Fox Steakhouse. Both are located at 121 and Legacy, IMO, BOTH better options than Jasper's or Mignon.

Mignon vs. Jasper's

I would go with Jasper's. Service is lacking a little at Mignon, and the food, while good, wasn't up to par with what you will get at Jasper's. Mignon seemed pretty much empty both times I have gone.

Best Pizza in North Dallas?

Bad crust and horrible service....You're actually considering giving them another shot?

Feb 12 and 13 in Ft. Worth, Plano & maybe lunch in Dallas

Would definitely recommend you go to Samar. If you go to Sea Breeze, avoid the lobster roll, it's no longer as good as other items on the menu. Their seafood always seems fresh, and grilled shrimp are yummy. However, IMO they aren't mind-blowing like they were when they first opened.

"Gelatina Encapsulada" or fancy Mexican jello with flowers inside...where to find it?

Oh! That would be a, um...slightly difficult thing to figure out, lol! Good luck!

"Gelatina Encapsulada" or fancy Mexican jello with flowers inside...where to find it?

I would think it would be pretty easy to make yourself, if you can't find it locally.


Oh god, that's bad! Not even close, DallasDude.

Awesome breakfast in Plano or McKinney???

Oh, LOVE Spoons! I would not have recommended Bill Smith's, way too smokey, stopped going years ago, because i worried about the smoke around my son. But, Spoons is great, and the owner is just as sweet as she can be, really good strawberry cake, too. Lavender House used to be good, haven't been in a while, but it can be a little stuffy, atmosphere-wise.

Where's your favorite fried seafood served in the Dallas area.

Unfortunately, Sea breeze seems to have gone downhill somewhat over the last year.
The lobster roll is not at all what it used to be. Salads are good, though.

Where can I buy sacks of live crawfish in Dallas

Fiesta carries them, and they usually get down to .99 per/lb when the season gets into full swing.

Five Guys question (Dallas)

Meat shrinks as it cooks. A burger cooked to medium would be larger than a burger cooked well-done, at well done most of the fat has been cooked out of it, thus, a smaller, drier burger...

Venison (Dallas)

Hirsch's in Plano sells venison.

DFW - Leslie Brenner's "Favorite Plates of 2009"

Seriously avoid Chen's, the service is horrid, and the chance of having a decent meal is about 50/50. My opinion is that the only reason DMN is endorsing the horrible place is due to a large amount of advertising dollars...
the place is 2 minutes from my office, very convenient...i've given it four chances, and only had one meal that was "okay"...
Leslie Brenner doesn't know dim sum if she's giving Chens 1, much less 4 stars...

Turkey Burger - Dallas

kenny's is awesome, $3 glasses of wine, it's on my way home from work. So cannot wait to try a brie mushroom turkey burger...yummm...

Turkey Burger - Dallas

Counter is closed down, the location is now a Village burger bar