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Ogie's Trailer Park, Providence -- any reports?

To me, Ogie's is more of a bar with food, than a restaurant. There's not a lot of seating, it's more stand and eat while you're talking and drinking. Great 60's theme, cool outdoor "trailer park" with fire pits,, but definitely a bar. The food is fun, kitchy... tater tots, mac and cheese, fried chicken, great bar food. I wouldn't say it's a kid place though, it's full every night with locals. It's great if you're looking for a place to hang with friends and you want some casual food, this is a great joint.

Ants in kitchen--Four methods have not worked! Help!

For my bakery we use a mint oil spray. Works wonders, safe and smells pretty good.

Would you buy your neighbors' home cooked food

Maybe they're trying to set up something like the program I heard about on NPR... somewhere in Europe there's a "food sharing" site. It was a while ago, but basically, if you had leftovers or lets say lettuce, or fruit that you weren't going to eat, you posted it and people could come and get it. I'm not sure if it was aimed at the homeless or poor, but if I remember correctly, a lot of hungry people got fed this way. Here it is... I found it...

PVD/RI * January '15 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

I didn't see an April version of this thread, anyone know what happened to Sushi Yama on Westminster? I heard it was closed!

Now Eating Rhode Island: 12/14

Also just went to dinner at Nick's on broadway. Had the chef's tasting menu. So good. Everything was just sublime. Also went to birch last month and was also really good, but portions need to be just a tiny bit bigger. Was still a bit hungry when we left and I'm tiny, I don't eat a ton. But everything we had was fantastic!

Rogue Island - any recent experiences?

Den Den, Benefit street

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

Love that place! We went last week too, had the scallion pancakes for app, (didn't realize they were seafood scallion pancakes), which were great and I got the sweet potato noodles and my husband the spicy pork dish.

Now Eating Vol 1: PVD/RI 8/14

Went to Salted Slate in Wayland. I don't usually get the chicken but it was recommended, and it was good! My companion thought it was a bit salty, but I was fine with it, moist, with crispy skin and a good flavor. Also ordered was the pork chop. Both were pricy at $27, but the portions were big, it was truly a half chicken. Meatball and mac and cheese apps were also good. My husband had the pot roast app, which he said was cooked well, but was dry, it needed sauce. Drinks were in the expected price range of $10-$12 (when did that become the norm??), but wines were priced high... usually I find wines to be about $3-$4 below the mixed drink, but here all the wines were in the $9-$12 range too. Dinner was good, will probably go back and would recommend.

PVD/RI * August '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Heard that Succatash was closed or changing into something new, also heard that Cafe Ole (ie Barstow) has closed

great food in Providence (last thread was in 2008)

I agree with RhodyREdHen but will add El Rancho Grande and Los Andes to the list!
I personally love Gracies, I love the attention to detail and personalized service I feel they offer better than anyone in the area!
(The Grange and North have very specific menus, so check them out first on line to make sure you enjoy those types of meals)

PVD/RI * March '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Does anyone know anything about Z bar? Did I miss this closing? Everything I drive by it's dark inside. Also Faust is now open.

[Thick] Burgers, Providence, RI

The Ivy Tavern on Hope Street.

PVD/RI * September '13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Saw that Elizabeth's on South Main street has closed. The new diner (West Side Diner?) on the west side has opened by the owners of The Sea Plane diner. Did I see something about Cuban Revolution Valley Street closing? There were some comments on last years September board. Does anyone know anything about the Ramen place in the Biltmore Garage?

Providence Rec

Gracies is always my #1. Birch is awesome, Dorrance is also right up there. You can't go wrong with any of these. Do get reservations!

PVD/RI * May '13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

It seems that Cuban Revolution (downtown) is closed, but the 2nd location is still open

where do PVD folks go for dinner on just an "average night out?"

Rasoi, Haruki, Fez, Aspara, Tazza

Solo Providence Bar Eats on a Friday

The Dorrance is a great place to grab a drink and a few small things at the bar!

PVD/RI * December '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

There's an african buffet... Bayal... that I just recently saw in the Chili's plaza off North Main...
Not sure when it opened... I may be late to the table with this one...

PVD/RI * August '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

In the old European Deli location on Hope Street there's soaped windows with a cleaver and the words "Stock" and October.... anyone know anything about this?

Need guidance for short trip to Portland-- researched!

We just went to Wildwood and I was incredibly disappointed. Not bad, but not good compared to everything else we just ate.... I regret that one meal.

A researched trip to Portland, anything I have missed?

I just posted a thread about our trip... Definitely Pok Pok, Clyde Common. Skip Wildwood... it wasn't great. And I can't comment on the rest.... see my post for others it should be right above yours.

Our Trip to Portland - Long....

Must: Andina, Pok Pok, Clyde Commons Happy Hour, Tear Drop for cocktails
If you have time: Gruener, Salt and Straw
Skip: Wildwood
Hotel: Ace Hotel.

We flew out to Portland and stayed at Ace Hotel... nice, very Portland... a bit rustic, but nice. We ended up walking around and had dinner at Andina, a Peruvian restaurant. We decided to do the tapas menu. This may have been the best meal we had! We started out with a trio of salsas, then had a quinoa crusted chicken medallions, a pepper stuffed with cheese, prosciutto, and a grain (love this one), empanadas, a purple potato dish with a chicken salad in the middle, more prosciutto sliced and a tuna/quacomole dish which was my least favorite because the tuna was dried, and I just wasn't expecting that... good but a very intense flavor. For dessert we had a trio of creme brulees... vanilla, spice and something else... I highly recommend Andina!!! The service was impeccible as well. Each tapas plate was $10 and was good for 2. We over ordered!

Next Day - We had breakfast at the hotel.. probably the best hotel breakfast ever... a buffet of sorts with homemade yougart, granola, fruits, jams, croissants, toast, salami, proscuitto, cheeses, chocolate, hard boiled eggs... very european. We ate here each morning... the buffet was $10. We headed over to the Farmer's Market, which was small, but very nice. Lots of berries! We then went on a free tour... The guide does one tour every day at 11 am in front of the courthouse. He was friendly and showed us alot of the statues and fountains, gave us info, stories, bad jokes and took us pretty much around the whole city ending at Voodoo Donut, which we didn't go in because the line was around the corner. We walked around a bit and ended up stopping at Silk, which wasn't on any list. It was really good... The thai/chinese food out west is better than we have here. I had a noodle dish, coryndon had a sandwich... both really good! We walked around a bit more, then headed back to the hotel for cocktails at the restaurant next door... Clyde Common. I sort of wish we ate here, the food looked good. The cocktails were great.. the bourbon renewal... m new favorite drink! Dinner was at Gruener, a German place. We sat outside (did I mention the weather was perfect for the entire trip??) My Husband had pickeled devil eggs with horseradish and I had grueyre fritters for an app, then he had sausage (of course) and I had, basically a gnocchi.... a ricotta spinach dumpling with tomatoes and basil... a bit heavy, but it was small... all very good. I wouldn't say that Gruener is a must, but it's nice and if you can fit it in, go for it. It was still earlyish, so we headed over to Teardrop for cocktails... also really good cocktails and they had a section labeld "Friends"... which was cocktails from other bartenders... Cook and Brown from Providence was on there!

6th day - We decided to go across the river... glad we did it, but it wasn't really anything. Some industrial which gives way to residential, lots of food and 2nd hand shops. BUT... it does have Pok Pok... we walked past early (noon) and were able to get a seat right away... it's basically a small house that they've turned into a restaurant. Small plates of thai food that is soooo good, so fresh, the perfect combination of spices... oh so good. This was my husband's favorite place of the trip. We had a signiture 1/2 chicken dish and a signiture salad with sticky rice and a drinking vinegar (surprisingly good!)... since it was early, we weren't overly hungry, so these 2 small dishes were fine... so so good!! Highly recommend.

We had made reservations at Wildwood. We told the bartender at Clyde this and he said to go to Le Pigeon or Little Bird instead... they were better. Wildwood was good about 5 years ago. I looked at the other menus, but they were very French based and had a bunch of seafood that we weren't into, so we stuck with Wildwood. Shouldn't have. The meal was fine... but not good. 2 of the 3 apps we asked for they were out of, then when we ordered we never recieved the mussels we asked for. The cold potato soup was very good, his pork chop was not cooked correctly, my duck was ok, but the greens and mush under it did nothing and the roasted strawberries were just a mess. He did have an interesting cocktail with a pea puree in it, when he tried to order it again... they were out of it. Plus the waiter forgot our mussels, took food to the wrong table, gave the table next to us menus after they had already orderered... he was having a bad day. Our friend said the place across the street, Paley's Place, was new and that she had heard great things about it... we should have gone there. After, we walked to Salt and Straw Ice Cream... She had the salted Caramel... the best, I had the Chef Special... a visiting chef creates an ice cream flavor... it was good... nothing awesome, and my husband had the bourbon coffee.... also good... but no real bourbon flavor.

Overall... we loved Portland, it was a bit quirky, food was great and it was walkable. The weather was awesome, but I guess it's not really like that... the bad weather was mentioned a lot. So if you go... go in the summer! I'd love to visit again... Portland rated better than Seattle did on our trip!

Best in Seattle - in town for 3 days

Wow... even more restaurant names I've never heard before... Seattle sounds huge! For a nicer dinner we were thinking about Matts in the Market because we're doing really high end in Portland, but were also suggested to go to Canlis. I'll look up Bookbindery and Cascina. We were told to hit Wild Ginger by a friend, but it doesn't look that different than what we get here in Providence.
We already ruled out Walrus and Capenter, but will look into Poppys... I keep hearing Salumi... but sounds crowded... we're leaving a lot undecided so we have the freedom to duck into anywhere we want, but will be making at least one reservation...

Daisy... how do you make?

I recently had a Daisy at a local bar and went on line to see how it was made... the recipe given was pretty vague (and I didn't ask at the bar how they did it) ... Recipe states 1.5 oz Brandy (or any spirit)???, 3/4 oz lemon, 3/4 St.Germain, and a bit of grenadine... Tried that, not bad, but not what I had....
Recently went to another bar and no St. Germain listed, but Lillet instead....

What the heck is a Daisy? Anything you want to throw together?

Jun 11, 2012
Jennifer Luxmoore in Spirits

This or That?

We're in town for 3 days and have been given a lot of recommendations... We want a really nice dinner, a local favorite/hangout and an ethnic place so..

Beast or Wildwood?

Clyde Common or Ned Ludd? (Clyde has been recommended for local and for drinks, we're leaning that way)

Pok Pok or Gruener or Andina??

These are our mains, we've also been sent to Metrovino, Paley's place and Teardrop for cocktails...


This or That?

We have 3 days.... We want a really nice dinner, a local favorite/hangout and a good ethnic place...

Matts in the Market or Canils?

Salumi or Luc.. or Paseo?

Wild Ginger, Monsoon or UMI?

I know they're a bit all over the place, but we've been given a lot of suggestions so we're trying to narrow down...

The other suggestion we've gotten in Harvest Vine...

(We don't want Italian/French or Salmon)

Best in Seattle - in town for 3 days

We'll be visiting from Providence (which is a very foodie city) We have 3 days... where do we go for:

1) High end, fancy, great dinner...

2) Cool hipster/local dinner

3) Best ethnic lunch or dinner (i.e. sushi/thai/indian)

And (sorry) no Salmon... not really my thing...

Anything else we should try?

We're staying at the Hotel Max (not sure where that is in relationship to anything)


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Best in Portland...

We'll be visiting from Providence (which is a very foodie city) We have 3 days... where do we go for:

1) High end, fancy, great dinner... (Beast was suggested)

2) Cool hipster/local dinner

3) Best ethnic lunch or dinner (i.e. sushi/thai/indian)

Anything else we should try? Heard about the donuts, it's already on the list!

We're staying at the Ace Hotel (not sure where that is in relationship to anything)


Ivy Tavern open? - Providence

Sounds like a lot of small things, that should have been caught if the new owner walked thru and did a full cleaning. No soap by the handsink? Debris on the meat slicer... etc.

PVD/RI * June '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Anyone know about the Sausage/Sandwich window that's supposed to open at Chez Pascal?? I'm dying for it!!! I can never get to the truck and am really excited to do down the street and get one of their sandwiches!