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Macarons in Palm Beach County?

I haven't found a place in PB county for good Macarons yet, but if you're ever in Fort Lauderdale, don't miss Le Macaron at 1912 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316,(954) 990-7904. If you google "Le Macaron" you'll find the website for their Sarasota store. The location in Fort Lauderdale is new.

Weight Watchers Recipes - the good, the bad and the...

Eggs Benedict? Well, sort of. Two poached eggs on top of one of those Thomas' high fiber 1 point toasted English Muffins. Top it off with hollandaise made from warmed (nuked) FF Sour cream with butter buds, pepper, and a dash of lemmon juice. Couple of bacos sprinkled on top gives that meaty flavor if you can't live without it. Points? I don't know - about 5. But a rich tasting breakfast that takes 5 minutes and tastes like you're cheating? Priceless.

Feb 11, 2010
LeonLeon in Home Cooking

Open Late in West Palm Beach

For good food late at night, Havana would be my first choice. Havana's inside resturant is open till 11 on weekdays, 1am weekends, but walk up is 24 hours if I remember correctly ( Good food, and somehow the inside dining room looks twice the size of the building that holds it. BIt of a drive south from PGA bur worth it for a midnight meal. For fish, if you want to stay close to PGA and don't mind spending some money, try The River House ( A couple other favorites in your immediate area are Cafe Chardonnay (, and the Waterway Cafe (, which is a little more youthful (PGA area is full of retirees). Make certain you stop at Carmine's market ( which is a treat for any foodie. Carmine's resturant is also pretty good. That should be enough to keep you busy while you're in town! Enjoy your visit.

Boca Chinese Restaurant

I'll have to step in to defend Gary Woo's. If you want good old Chinese comfort food, it would be my first choice. I might eat there once a month, and I've always had excellent service. Nothing cutting edge about the food, but I've yet to have anything I didn't thoroughly enjoy. If you're craving the kind of food you'd find in Chinatown in NY, you'll find it here.

Where can I find Authentic Chinese (HK Style) in Broward?

You'll have to drive up to Boca Raton, but i think Gary Woo's is the type of place you're looking for. Reminds me of some of my favorite Chinese places in Manhattan (Moma Buddha, etc.). Not high end, but not the typical Chinese dive you find in S. Florida.

What to Drink in 2010

Just caught the spelling error . . . should be Barbancourt

Feb 11, 2010
LeonLeon in Features

What to Drink in 2010

For your rum choice, track down some Barbencourt (BAH ben coo) Special Reserve from Haiti. Living in Florida, I have plenty of friends from Haiti who turned me on to this rum years ago before I could find it on the shelves here (the last time I was in an ABC I found it on the shelf, so I know they are importing it now). Dark rum with wonderful vanila, spice, and smoke flavor. I'd swear I even pick up some citrus and floral notes in it as well. Complex and delicious, and not well known . . . yet.

Feb 11, 2010
LeonLeon in Features