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Anyone make their own Peychaud's bitters?

I have seen various bitters recipes, and I have seen descriptions of the flavors in Peychaud's bitters, but I've never seen a recipe for bitters that tries to approximate those flavors. I love the sazarac but I don't like the red food color in Peychaud's bitters. Anyone made something that comes close, or know of something from one of the smaller natural bitters producers without the artificial color?

Mar 16, 2015
loudfood in Spirits

Mini-bucks in Copenhagen

I am leaving Saturday for a week in Copenhagen at Womex, the expo of World Music. I am absolutely unable to pay what seem to be average Copenhagen restaurant prices and seek any and all recommendations for inexpensive dining (like dinners in the $25US/125 Kr range, lunch in the $15US/75 Kr range, plus or minus, preferably minus) or I will go totally broke while I'm there. I don't like fancy places anyway, but I do like tasty and healthy food. I will be staying at Wakeup Copenhagen on Carsten Niebuhrs Gade near Tivoli Garden, and going to events at the Bella Center and Copenhagen Concert Hall, in what seems to be called Vestamager, near Amager Faelled. Please advise!

Oct 22, 2009
loudfood in Europe