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Late night sushi Little Tokyo

On Fri and Saturday Haru Ulala is open til 2am. They use the same fish from Sushi Go 55.

If you haven't had their Langostine roll, it's delicious.

Nov 19, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009

Over $25
1) Urasawa
2) Providence
3) Vibrato Jazz Grill
4) Asanebo
5) Water Grill

Under $25
1) Langer's
2) Tacos Baja Ensenada
3) Santouka Ramen
4) Pho 79
5) Porto's Bakery

Nov 19, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area

Another The Bazaar Review with Photos

When you say better than ever, has it improved?

Had a family dinner at Bazaar back in end of May and it seemed hit and miss. 2 of us had the chef's tasting menu and we ordered tapas.

1/2 the dishes were great and 1/2 were not memorable. Standouts were the serrano ham, the lamb loin, and sweet potato chips. The olive was interesting, prefer the real thing. The rest was not memorable.

Maybe my experience was tainted at a table right next to the kitchen hearing a high pitch noise of the carver they used in the kitchen for the philly cheese steak.

I wouldn't go back if it was for the food only. May go back if I have a guest in town and they want to try something new.

I do hope they improved the food.

Oct 24, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area

Healthy Gyoza? Best Gyoza Ever at Haru Ulala

I don't remember Daikokuya's gyoza well. I normally get Kotteri style ramen with katsudon. Next time will go back to compare.

The main difference I noticed is Haru Ulala's gyoza has less wonton skin wrapping so you can really taste the filing and the cabbage, leek, and garlic were fresh. It's crispy like Shinsengumi except bigger. The quality of the ingredients stood out.

Next time I plan on getting the Stamina (Extra Garlic) and Ebi Shiso Gyoza. I am not vegetarian, but I liked it better than the regular gyoza.

I'm surprised by their variety and the chef mentioned he plans on making a mochi cheese gyoza. I'll take pics next time. =)

Oct 21, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area

Vibrato on Beverly Glen Circle... any opinions?

No cover. People come just for drinks and apps too.

Oct 20, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area

Healthy Gyoza? Best Gyoza Ever at Haru Ulala

Just went to Haru Ulala for lunch. I don't think people know they are open for lunch. I didn't and walked in. Only 2 people there around 12:30pm. Normally I go at night for the izakaya dishes.

The best gyoza ever! They are handmade, with a thinner skin and no excess wrapping. The chef says its made with no hormones or msg and fresh kurobuta pork, cabbage, leek, and garlic.

Ordered Ginger Pork lunch specials ($8.95) and Chicken Karaage ($7.95) that came with 3 pc gyoza, rice, miso soup and salad.

Had 5 or 6 varieties. We ordered a veggie gyoza on the side. Regular was tasty could use a little more pork. The veggie was out of this world with tofu, spinach and tomato.

Several dipping sauces for gyoza. Jalapeno and spicy mayo dips were good. Preferred the traditional version and they had the chili which was great.

Would go back again. I think they want to be like Din Tai Fung or Dumpling House for gyoza. They do a poor job of marketing. Food is good not great. I would come for the gyoza alone.

Haru Ulala
368 E. 2nd St
Los Angeles CA 90012

Haru Ulala
368 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Oct 20, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area

Vibrato on Beverly Glen Circle... any opinions?

Went there on our anniversary 2 weeks ago. Great ambience and if you like jazz you are in for a treat. If you can get a booth that's great for privacy. Not a bad seat in the house. Love jazz and the food so we'd like to go back once a month.

The acoustics are fantastic.

Service is 5 star. Hoss the GM introduced himself.

Had two appetizers Salmon Potato Knish and Lamb Lollipops. Both were delicious. Apps run 10-16

I had the Chilean Sea Bass and he had the ribeye. Entrees run 33-48.

Got a side of mac and cheese and roasted mushrooms. 10-12 each Both were yummy.

Had just one glass of wine for 16.

We got a complimentary dessert for our anniversary chocolate with grand marnier.

Came out to $145 for both of us.

Oct 20, 2009
kiwi01 in Los Angeles Area