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Anyone tried Yamaco Sushi/Ft. Belvoir?

This place opened recently at 9110 Richmond Hwy. I saw two brief reviews on another site, which were very positive... emphasizing the fresh ingredients & good quality.

Good beer & kid-friendly restaurants?

I want to celebrate my husband's birthday this Fri. evening with a bunch of friends, some of whom (including us) have kids ranging from 3-6 years old. My husband is German and loves good beer. Last year, we dined at Brasserie Beck (with fewer kids). This year I was looking into ChurchKey, but I just learned that you have to be 21+ to dine/drink there. We've dined at Rustico many times, so I was hoping to find someplace new that's remotely kid-friendly. Pizzeria Paradiso is a possibility, but I know the parking situation won't be great at either location on a Fri. evening.

Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot.