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GODFATHER style Italian restaurant

Exactly what I've been saying had my high school graduation party there in 1968. It was the best, the veal, spaghetti with white mushroom sauce and the broccoli rabe was the absolute best!!!!!!!

Dec 17, 2013
victoria060 in Outer Boroughs

What are the most UNDER-rated restaurants in Westchester?

I agree wholeheartedly Elisa515

Help for 4 days in Charleston

I RESPECT YOUR opinion of McCrady's but my dining experience was not as phenomenal as yours (for the price we paid I wish is was). I believe those writing a review of a restaurant should be able to comment whether their experience was GOOD or BAD and just taken in that way.Example: I can go to some of my favorite restaurants a dozen times with no complaints and the time I recommend it to a friend or take someone there it can be a total bomb; but that's just the way it turns out sometimes. Thanks.

Jun 01, 2013
victoria060 in Southeast

Help for 4 days in Charleston

Just came back from Charleston on Monday (stayed 4 days and 3 nights). What a great town!!!!! Did most of the touristy things ; the market , the slave museum, Fort Sumter Monument, the Edmonston- Alston House, etc. Enough about that now for the resturants. Had dinner at 39 Rue de Jean, had the escargot very tiny and HARD but the sauce was great, the onion soup was delicious but loaded with too much bread and the filet of sole meuniere was very good , the atmosphere and service was terrific. The next night we had dinner at Hanks (at 9 p.m. was still packed) the mussels in white sauce was the best I ever had, had a salad with grilled shrimp which was very good and oyster stew which was $14 and was well worth the price; it was loaded with oysters and had a terrific broth. The next night we went to McCradys the quality was very good but the portions left a lot to be desired(rediciously small- a joke) and NOT worth $65 price fix . The thing that turned me off the most was the staff that took the reservation days in advance and said there was a 5:30 AND a 9:15 opened. Reclucently took the 9:15. The day of the reservation we happened to be in the vicinity at 5;00 to see where the restaurant was located and stopped in to see if they had a bar and asked if possibly there was a cancellation; the hostess said there was not she could either take us now or 8;45. we chose the 8:45. When we arrived at our appointed time the main room was half empty and the hostess took us to a back room which had 3 tables occupied I asked if we could sit in the main dining room she said no and walked away. All in all the front staff needs better training and the food leaves a lot to be desired; STAY AWAY!!!. 2 other places that I would like to mention are East Bay Meeting House(on East Bay Stree) for a drink (it's a bar and coffee house) great atmosphere, great drinks and friendly service. Also for lunch we went to CO (a noodle bar- on King Street) it had to be the best noodle soup that I ever had the broth had a roasted chicken flavor the portion and the $9 price was the best all around. Living in New York and frequently going to Momofuku (noodle bar). CO has them beat by a long shot. If I had stayed in Charleston longer I would definitely eaten there everyday.

May 11, 2013
victoria060 in Southeast

Burrata Eastchester

Burrata is overpriced and the pizza does not live up to all it's hype. Had the Capra salad which was quite good, a pizza margherita and a artichoke pizza (if not consumed in 5 minutes becomes VERY SOGGY) and a bottle of wine ($39) a Italian red which was very good. In the end $100 (including tip was certainly NOT worth it).

Westchester Red-Sauce Roundup: What's good, what's bad?

I agree with your choice of Valentino's, and Scaramella's in Dobbs Ferry (although I haven't been to Scarmella's in awhile); but La Catena in Arsdley is horrible in my book. Four of us went 3 weeks ago on a Saturday night.We had the hot antipastowhich was LOADED with bread crumbs, the fried calamari was the usual frozen kind (no tenicles) and the cold antipasto stated that it included parmesan cheese. We called the waiter over to say there was no cheese in the antipasto he called over the owner who took my sister's knife out of her had and RUMAGED THROUGH HER PLATE to point out there was indeed a piece of cheese the size of a dime.How dare he touch her plate!!!!! The pasta entree with shrimp and scallops was COLD , the sauce on the chicken parmesan was so thickand bitter tasting that it could be used to apply wallpaper and the other 2 dishes are NOT even worth mentioning.Funny thing the waiter told us that the owner was from Scarmella's. We are a family that lives to cook and to eat out . Good luck La Catena there are too many other discent restaurants out there.

Pies and coffee cake in Scarsdale/Eastchester

I went to galloway's bakery on Friday (haven't been there in a long time). To put it in one word TERRIBLE!!!. Ordered a strawberry ruhbarb pie, it had to be the palest crust I have ever seen, I thought they forgot to cook it. The filling was gummy (paste like). Believe me table talk is better. The $13 price is not what I'm complaining about (I've paid much more), it was inediblable. Also ordered the apple turnovers WHERE WERE THE APPLES?. It was just a greasy dough. I can't believe there are still in business. I will certainly spend my money elsewhere.


Chowhounders thank you so much for all of the great recommendations.In the end we decided to go to our old stand by Meson Madrid in Palisades Park N.J. and as usual it did not disappoint. 4 lb lobsters were $54.00 with veg., fried Spanish potatoes and yellow rice, and salad or soup. Oriental Garden sounds very interesting and will diffently give it a try. Funny thing when my sister and I went to Maine ,the towns people recommended us to go to a Chinese restaurant in Portsmith New Hampshire (cooked with ginger and scallions) it was sooooo delicious that we went back again the next night.. Ironically we could not find any lobsters whether in a restaurand or fish market that was over 2lbs because they said the larger lobsters are sent to the High end restaurants (namely the steak houses for big$$$$$). Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Apr 02, 2011
victoria060 in Manhattan


I hope you chowhounders can help me. I'm looking for a restaurant that serves 3 to 5 lb. lobsters for dinner. It's my brother's birthday and lobster happens to be his favorite. I know the steak houses (Sparks, Morton's and The Palm) serve big lobsters but we've been there for lobster before. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Westchester or New Jersey would be okay also.

Mar 24, 2011
victoria060 in Manhattan

Bakery in Lower Westchester -- Need a great birthday cake!

Where in Bronxville?I know there is one on Pondfield Rd. but that has been there for many years.

Best Seafood Restaurant(s) in Westchester

The Fish Cellar is closed. I do like the Eastchester Fish very much. They only take reservations for 5 or more. You can always wait at the bar and have a drink or start your bottle of wine (if you can get near it). The food is always very good and the service is great. Enjoy

Fish Cellar
295 E Main St # 213, Mount Kisco, NY 10549


Ate at Valentino's last night for a birthday dinner (5 of us). The new decor was okay but I liked the old Caffe on the Green better, especially the tableclothes. Maybe some people like the wood tables but if I'm dinning out for a special occasion and prices to match I like the elegance of tableclothes.. We ordered 5 drinks and literally waited 15 minutes for them to arrive . I forgot to mention that there were only 4 tables taken in a huge room and a few people at the bar. Our waiter who was very nice returned with 3 drinks and after another 5 minutes the other 2 drinks arrived (one was the birthday person) . So we waited so we could have a toast. His drink was a Rob Roy which he said tasted salty ,2 others in our party tasted it also and confirmed that it indeed was. They made him a new one which was much better. The manager came over and said that he too tasted the drink and it was salty and that it was on the house ,which was a plus. We order wine (the wine selection was good mostly Italian wines and the prices were okay). The bread selection was good and was served with olive oil and a hummus dip. We all had appetizers 2 seafood salads, a fried calamai (overly breadeed and too crispy) with two sauces a stuffed artichoke and a spicy chicken soup all very well prepared. The only fault was that they had to ask who ordered what. They did the same thing with the drinks not knowing where to place them. The entrees were very good, a steak, grouper special shrimp scampi, osso bucco, and boneless short ribs (again they had to ask who ordered what). We ordered 3 desserts an apple crostata which was very flakey an Italian cheesecake and cannolis( 3 miniature which were extremely soggy)and informed our waiter .He did not charge for it and gave us an order of cookies on the house, we also had 4 cappucinos The bill totaled $395.00 which was not bad for what we had. All in all the food was good the service was friendly and accomodating but needs to be more polished .I'm glad we went but I do miss Cafe on the Greeen. I wish them luck.

Oct 20, 2010
victoria060 in Outer Boroughs

Update on Italian Restaurants in Westchester

To just mention a few I like Dinallo's in River Edge it's a little pricey and small. There's a huge bar when you come in which gets an after work crowd but don't let that deter you the food is excellent . Babylon (turkish) also in River Edge and it's BYOB Segovia's in Moonachie which is Spanish/Portuguese has excellent Paella and fresh seafood. Hope that helps, there's a lot more but these are my favorites.

Update on Italian Restaurants in Westchester

Hi Smilingal Some of the restaurants that I enjoy for Italian Scaramella's in Dobbs Ferry,Cafe Azzumi in Hartsdale (they have a price fixe for $27 that's very nice) and Carlo's on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers that's very home style but NOT fancy. For fish I enjoy the Eastchester Fish Gourmet in Eastchester and for Greek I like Elia Taverna in Bronxville (Chester Heights). That;'s just to name a few. I have a few I like in New Jersey and Ct. but that's for another Chow Board.. Enjoy.

Scaramella's Restaurant
1 Southfield Ave, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Update on Italian Restaurants in Westchester

La Fontanella used to be one of my favorite restaurants; that was before Joe sold the place. I went there with my family shortly after it changed hands and it was disappointing. They said the chef was the same but I don't think so. The portions were smaller and the quality of the food was not up to par. Unfortunately I tried it again because of a friend of mine said she heard good things about the restaurant and wanted to try it. I was hoping that my previous time there was just an off night. Not so. Again it lacked what I used to like about the old LaFontanella good food. Everything was mediocre and tasteless.. I also would like a waiter to look at me when taking my order or explaining how a dish is prepared instead of looking elsewhere, not very professional. They won't see me either. I know they also own a restaurant I believe in Larchmont but I'm not sure of the name.

La Fontanella
115 Wolfs Ln, Pelham, NY 10803

Best Pizza in Westchester (again)

I totally agree about Pepe's Pizza in Yonkers does not compare to New Haven. Even Pepe's in Mohegan Sun is better. I second Fairway in a pinch if your shopping there and want to take a pizza home it's not bad at all. I also like the pizza in Joe's (Fleetwood).

Best Dish in a NJ Restaurant this Summer- What's Yours??

I second Dinallo's, the Veal Milanese is my favorite also; but then I love everything I've ever eaten at Dinallo's .Their Seafood Salad is also excellent. and their service is top shelf.

Aug 17, 2010
victoria060 in New Jersey

Best Ice Cream Brand

I've always loved Hagen Daz Vanilla and Chocolate and their sorbets are great also; but now I have a new favorite to add to that Trader Joe's Vanilla and Chocolate is also terrific. "Try it you'll like it".

Aug 11, 2010
victoria060 in General Topics

Sand Bar in Brielle?

I haven't been there in awhile but used to enjoy Spike's in Point Pleasant, I know the ambience isn't all that great but the fish is certainly nice and fresh.

Aug 04, 2010
victoria060 in New Jersey

Like eating at your best friend's mothers kitchen [Yonkers]

My boyfriend and I had dinner there last night. We were greeted by a very friendly waitress who cleared off a table for us immediately. Bread and butter was put down within a matter of minutes. The wine that we selected ( a Chilean cabernet was not in stock), another cabernet from Italy was offered and was A $1.00 cheaper , We enjoyed the wine very much. We ordered the house salad and for $1.00 extra had mozzarella added to the salad(it was very good and a generous portion). My boyfriend ordered the linguine with seafood sauce their were 4 clams that were tremendous (really chowder clams and were very very sandy, the mussels where frozen New Zealand mussels on the 1/2 shell really not what you would expect in a seaffood sauce. I ordered the shrimp and chicken francais, when it was placed in front of me I thought I received the wrong order because it was in a red sauce (with lemon). Certainly not what I'm used to. Bottom line the atmosphere is very comfortable the food decent in certain respects..I will give it another try (some of the dishes that the other diners ordered looked good.

Where can I buy Malt Powder

The carnation company sells it. (it's in a jar with screw cap). It would be in the aisle where they sell chocolate syrups , cocoa mixes etc.

Best Coffee Cake?

Believe it or not Panera Bread has excellent coffee cake, you can buy it by the piece or the whole cake, it's delicious. Give it a try.

Mar 11, 2010
victoria060 in Outer Boroughs

Gianna's in Yonkers

Went there a few months ago, the food is medicore at best (the chicken dish I had was very dry) the pizza okay. The real turn off was when I asked that they wrap my meal (I figured I could make chicken salad out of the dried chicken for lunch), the server took the dirty plates from the next table and put my plate on top of it. When he came back to my table with my leftovers I told him I changed my mind and didn't want my leftovers after all. Needless to say I will not return.

Lefteris in Mount Kisco

After my experience in their Tarrytown location, I won't even try their location in Mount Kisco. We ordered a greek salad and a hummus dip to share ,upon taking just one forkful our entrees arrived (I would like to have at least come close to finishing the salad) . When the waitress put our entrees on the table she asked if we were having dessert , I said you have to be kidding she left and after 5 minutes returned and said she was sorry but that the boss was watching her and he wants to clear the tables as soon as possible for the people that were waiting. I told her that all I wanted when I was FINISHED with my entree was the check. Would never go to any of their locations.

Steak Night at JJ Mannions

So true about American Bistro, it was my favorite restaurant when it was in Tuckahoe I used to always order their chickhen with cloves of garlic and their calamari was the best (I was there the first week it opened and went there at least once a week). Once they moved to their Crestwood location it was never the same. My favorite chicken dish tasted like it was refigerated for a week and reheated.I would have a great meal one week and then then the next two would be terrible, I finally gave up and have not been back in years, I've heard this from regular customers also.

Sammy's Downtown Bronxville

The owner of Rosie's and Sammy's is a Racanelli (Leonard). Saw him many time in Pizza and Brew in Rye Ridge years ago where my family owned a business.

Sammy's Downtown Bronxville

Yes the same owners own Rosie's. It's the Racanelli family that own pizza and brew, Spiga'a etc. The food is a tad better (at Rosie's) but they have the same format when it comes to seating. Don't even try to request a table because you won't get it, I guess he's trained his staff that way. You are right about being treated poorly if I'm spending MY MONEY (and I do order a cocktail, wine ,appetizer , entree and dessert) then I should not have not have feel that they are doing me a favor by giving me a table that they feel is suitable. There's too much competition out there , better food and a much more courteous wait staff.

Sammy's Downtown Bronxville

I've been to Sammy's 3 times (once because I wanted to and the other two because my dinner companions wanted to). All 3 times the food was just okay, but what I dislike the most is the management.. On my last (and final) dinner we were given a table in the corner against the wall which was poorly lighted , when I asked if we could have another table the waitress said she would have to ask the management. Mind you the restaurant was not even 1/10 filled. The manager came over looked around at the sparsely filled restaurant and said the tables that we had asked for were reserved?????? Mind you we were seated at 7:00 P.M. and left at 9:00 p.m. and NO ONE came into the restaurant.. Upon leaving I approached the manager and said too bad your reservations didn't show. Thinking back I should have walked out when he would not accommate my request but not to worry I will NEVER step foot in this establishment again. Mediocre food and poor management , let's see how long they remain open.

Hunan Village

Good riddance. Tried this restaurant about 6 times over the years mainly because my friends liked certian dishes. Portions always small ,food mediocre at best and the prices out of sight. BYE

Rockland or Norther Bergen County Need a Good Spring Form Pan

Try chef Central, there's one on Route 17 in Paramus and they have a store on Central Ave. in Hartsdale also Michael's Craft Stores. Also try TJMax or Marshall's (they may be limited but I'm sure you'll find one rthere. Good Luck and happy baking.

Nov 19, 2009
victoria060 in New Jersey