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Whats the best fish for a first time fish eater?

Hands down skate or cobia or monkfish. Skate wing tastes like scallops and are very plentiful. Cobia is also called lemon fish for it's lemony flavor, monkfish look ugly but they are extremely tough to overcook with a great flavor prized by Italians.

Dec 02, 2013
Grendal in Home Cooking

Whats the best fish for a first time fish eater? eat tilapia....not to be mean or anything is a garbage fish....they are farm raised often in pens containing human fecal waste and pumped full of antibotics. I would sugguest monkfish, cobia, or bluegill....I would recommend eating your shoe before eating Tilapia.

Bluegill aka pumpkinseed or any panfish species are very boney but once cleaned and skinned, I like to douse in olive oil and cook until it flakes from the bone. Once done I mix it into a mixture of egg, flour and spices and it makes a very delicious fish cake. Very sweet flavor.

Dec 02, 2013
Grendal in Home Cooking

Venison/game in Rhode Island?

only place I know of in rhode island. Not sure if their still there or not been some years.

Granite Acres Deer Farm
144 Smith Road
Harrisville, RI 02830

As for buying from a hunter, check with DEM there's laws reguarding the sale.

Jan 16, 2013
Grendal in Southern New England

Very Thick Steak

It's a good method but I prefere something a little different, 3 on one side then 2 on the other side in a screaming hot cast iron pan, then in the oven 325 for about 10-15 minutes depending on doneness desired. To me it's done when the internal temp is 140, then tented and allowed to rest. The internal temp raises by 5 and it's perfectly rare.

Infact I did this last night. I had been given some home butchered 4 inch venison steaks. They were dry aged for a week, marinated over night, then got a 4 minute sear on one side, and a 2 minute sear on the other side with my red eye blackening spice rub, then went in the oven for roughly 20 minutes. They were tender succulant and nice and rare. ^_^

Dec 02, 2012
Grendal in Home Cooking

Homemade Mock Crab

Well the cat fish when over boiled in the spices looses it's flavor yet keeps it's sweetness and takes on the crab spice flavor. While not as good as real crab, or the more expensive imitation crab. It's still quite good when mixed into a mock crab salad and thrown onto a sandwich with avacado. Any firm white fish will do.

Jun 15, 2012
Grendal in Home Cooking

emu/ostrich eggs in RI?

I checked with them, they said it was an in and out thing, and they no longer carry them. The search continues.

May 29, 2012
Grendal in Southern New England

emu/ostrich eggs in RI?

cool thanks.

May 25, 2012
Grendal in Southern New England

emu/ostrich eggs in RI?

Looking for any place in rhode island where I can get a emu or ostrich eggs? They are to be eaten so shells are useless.

May 24, 2012
Grendal in Southern New England

Crayfish / Crawfish in RI

thats ok I am nearly a year late..... Crayfish are populated in nearly every pond, lake, river, stream, or creek, all around you. Populations of crawfish are growing at a alarming rate and Fish & Game Departments in all states are aware of the threat crawfish impose upon Game Fish in Rivers and Lakes. Any excess crawfish you catch should not be returned to any body of water, basically it is now the law in most states.

Look for any areas which may provide cover for the crawfish such as rocks, roots, etc. These places not only provide cover for the crayfish but the algae which grows in these areas is also a food base for the crayfish. These areas also give the crayfish a good place to hide while hunting for fish fry and any other moving critter they can capture and eat alive. A general rule of thumb is night time. If you look about you can find some areas that are so over run that the traps are flooded at the first smell of bait.

Any ponds that do not contain fish can hold monsterous populations of crayfish. Streams, rivers, and creeks, all have good cover and a great drawing area for crayfish. Any pools that have formed you want to place your crayfish trap on the lower half of the pool for stuffed traps.

In ri we got 4 species of crawfish, according to dem. Though the last time I dicussed it with them was 4 years ago so there's probably tons more locations.

White River Crawfish - in 43 locations
Spinycheek Crayfish - in 11 locations
Virile Crayfish - in 4 locations
Common Crayfish/Appalachian Brook Crayfish - in 1 locations

To my knowledge none of them are endangered you'd have to speak to dem....and I think we got rusty crays too...but not a cray expert. So pretty much, go nuts. Try all over.

Also, if you go after 3, china buffet in east greenwich, has crawfish in the buffet.

Jan 19, 2012
Grendal in Southern New England

Homemade Mock Crab

There is a kosher form of crab. You take fish, catfish is a good example, an you boil it with crab seasoning.

1/4 cup pickling spices
1/4 cup sea salt
2 Tablespoons mustard seeds
2 Tablespoons whole black peppercorns
2 Tablespoons hot red pepper flakes
1 Tablespoon celery seeds
1 Tablespoon minced dried chives
2 teaspoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons dried oregano
5 bay leaves

Add it to water. Then take an boil the fish until it falls should taste like crab, look like crab but it's fish.

Nov 02, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Food pairing website?

I was wondering if there is a FREE website, where I could go and look up food pairings. For example I can go and look up pork, and see other foods such as spices, fruits, veggies, wine and beer that go nicely with a peice of pork.

I've been looking for days and not seen any place like this. Was wondering if anyone had a place hidden away.

Sep 26, 2011
Grendal in Food Media & News

Problem with a friends chowder.

Cook bacon until crisp. Drain; finely chop; set aside for use in Step 6. Reserve appropriate amount of bacon fat for use in Step 2.
Saute onions and celery in bacon fat about 7 minutes or until crisp.
Add potatoes and water to onion-celery mixture; cook until potatoes are almost tender but still firm, about 10 minutes.
Blend butter or margarine and flour to form a roux; set aside for use in Step 6.
Reconstitute milk; add to potato mixture. Heat to just below boiling. DO NOT BOIL.
Add roux and cooked bacon to milk and potato mixture. Cook until thickened or about 10 minutes.
Add potatoes, corn, pepper, thyme, parsley and salt to mixture. Simmer 10 minutes.

They did tell me they melted the butter in the microwave and just added flour and stirred it in...not sure if that would do it.

Aug 17, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

Thanks dave for the is a bit more edible...could use something more then water, be nice if I had milk...even powdered.

Aug 16, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

There is no fish, instead of fish, it was substituted by 5 pounds corn and 5 pounds of potatoes to make a corn and potato chowder.

I have no fish stock. I'm not able to afford the licence to go fishing any more.

Only "stock" I got is local water from the local pond and it's been boiled and filtered.

I know how to make a proper chowder, I didn't cook it. My friend made it, she found the recipe online, she gave it awhile...and to be honest she isn't a good cook to begin with. Something this big way beyond her skill level...but free food is free food.

Aug 16, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

It actually wasn't too bad...It tastes just like chowder, it goes down just like chowder...smooth like a good chowder...I do admit...their roux making was terrible...I told them and showed them how to do a slurry for the future.

My only thickener is the queensland arrowroot but it's not big enough yet to make arrowroot I'm out of thickeners, I just don't have the money to buy any either.

Aug 16, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

Sadly I cannot pitch it...with this economy I cannot afford to just throw stuff away. Expecially 3 gallons of left over chowder...That's the food that must last till the end of the month. Everything else in the house is no longer only other option other then saving it, it hunting and fishing...the fish have gone deep to cooler water. Hunting, nothing is in season until the end of the month. September 1st goose comes into season.

Could it of been some type of bacterial spoilage?

Aug 16, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem browning (sea) scallops

I use an eye dropper and a really hot cast iron skillet.....I take use the eye dropper to drop water onto the pan....when the water drops onto the pan dances for a second and evaporates your ready to drop the scollops on but be can easily burn them

Aug 16, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

it's's runny like some brands of glue....not pastey but it's definately like snot. It's like snot both before and after reheat...compairable to egg whites when raw.

Aug 16, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

was a cook out and they told me they added a little at a time, but it still clumped....I was thinking too much startch and might of started to seperate perhaps?

Hmm never thought a roux would turn mucusy.

Aug 15, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Problem with a friends chowder.

I went over to a friend's house for a party. They served a corn and potato chowder that they modified from a fish chowder. They gave me the recipe....

BACON FAT,RENDERED 2-3/8 oz 1/4 cup 1-2/3 tbsp
ONIONS,FRESH,CHOPPED 2 lbs 1 qts 1-5/8 cup 2-1/4 lbs
CELERY,FRESH,CHOPPED 1 lbs 3-3/4 cup 1-3/8 lbs
POTATOES,FRESH,PEELED,CUBED 7 lbs 1 gal 1-1/8 qts 8-5/8 lbs
WATER 16-3/4 lbs 2 gal
BUTTER 1-1/4 lbs 2-1/2 cup
FLOUR,WHEAT,GENERAL PURPOSE 1-3/8 lbs 1 qts 1 cup
MILK,NONFAT,DRY 1-1/3 lbs 2 qts 1 cup
WATER,WARM 23 lbs 2 gal 3 qts
THYME,GROUND 1/8 oz 1 tbsp
SALT 1-7/8 oz 3 tbsp

The flour and butter made a roux...wich ended up being just balls of flour and butter in the pan more then anything else....was like a dumpling..interesting...well here's the problem.

I brought home left overs, and well I went to go open it up for dinner and well it was like staring at snot...very mucusy and gluey....not sure if it's edible...but I wonder what's wrong with it...I've never had a problem with any of my chowders. Though might happen to me in the future.

So what went wrong with it?

No, I nuked it for 6 minutes it was piping hot and still mucusy and gluey.

Aug 15, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

What's the secret to an amazing New England Clam Chowder?

A New England clam chowder has a cream broth. A manhattan has a clear broth with tomatoes added. A rhode island has a clear my opinion a Rhode island chowder is the best, it's simple not a lot of problems. A delaware has cubed salt pork that is pre-fried, salt water, potatoes, diced onions, quahogs, butter, salt and pepper. A Hatteras is typically clear broth, bacon, potatoes, onions, and flour as a thickening agent. Loaded in spices such as white and/or black pepper, but occasionally with chopped green onions or even hot pepper sauce. There is also the minocran wich is spanish in origion and is reflected in heat. It's also tomato based.

I have my own version, that usually gets rave reviews.

I do use fish as well as clams, just use equal amounts of fish and clams. It's from 1840.

Take a pound or more of salt pork, and having half boiled it, cut it into slips, and with some of them cover the bottom of a pot. Then strew on some sliced onion. Have ready a large fresh cod, or an equal quantity of haddock, tutaug, or any other firm fish. Cut the fish into large pieces, and lay part of it on the pork and onions. Season it with pepper. Then cover it with a layer of biscuit, or crackers that have been previously soaked in milk or water. You may add also a layer of sliced potatoes.

Next proceed with a second layer of pork, onions, fish, etc. and continue as before till the pot is nearly full; finishing with soaked crackers. Pour in about a pint and a half of cold water. Cover it close, set it on hot coals, and let it simmer about an hour. Then skim it, and turn it out into a deep dish. Leave the gravy in the pot till you have thickened it with a piece of butter rolled in flour, and some chopped parsley. Then give it one boil up, and pour it hot into the dish.

Chowder may be made of clams, first cutting off the hard part.

I also use an 1884 recipe instead of tomatoes I will add cream or just water.

50 large clams
8 medium-sized potatoes
1 large, red onion
1/2 pound of larding pork
2 pilot crackers quartered
1 teaspoonful of salt
1 chopped long red pepper
1 teaspoonful of powdered thyme
1/2 pint of canned tomato pulp

Chop up the clams; cut the potatoes into small square pieces, and keep them in cold water until wanted. Chop the onion fine, and cut up the larding pork into small pieces.

Procure an iron pot, and see that it is very clean and free from rust; set it on the range, and when very hot, throw the pieces of pork into it, fry them brown; next add the onion, and fry it brown; add one fourth of the chopped clams, then one fourth of the chopped potato, and the pilot crackers, salt, red pepper, thyme and tomato pulp. Repeat this process until the clams and potato are used, omitting the seasoning; add hot water enough to cover all, simmer slowly three hours. Should it become too thick, add more hot water; occasionally remove the pot from the range, take hold of the handle, and twist the pot round several times; this is done to prevent the chowder from burning. On no account disturb the chowder with a spoon or ladle until done; now taste for seasoning, as it is much easier to season properly after the chowder is cooked than before. A few celery tops may be added if desired.

My final recipe is from 1896.

1 quart clams
4 cups potatoes cut in 3/4 inch dice
1 1/2 inch cube fat salt pork
1 sliced onion
1 tablespoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
4 tablespoons butter
4 cups scalded milk
8 common crackers

Clean and pick over clams, using one cup cold water; drain, reserve liquor, heat to boiling point, and strain. Chop finely hard part of clams; cut pork in small pieces and try out; add onion, fry five minutes, and strain into a stewpan. Parboil potatoes five minutes in boiling water to cover; drain and put a layer in bottom of stewpan, add chopped clams, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and dredge generously with flour; add remaining potatoes, again sprinkle with salt and pepper, dredge with flour, and add two and one-half cups boiling water. Cook ten minutes, add milk, soft part of clams, and butter; boil three minutes, and add crackers split and soaked in enough cold milk to moisten. Reheat clam water to boiling point, and thicken with one tablespoon butter and flour cooked together. Add to chowder just before serving. The clam water has a tendency to cause the milk to separate, hence is added at the last.

Hope this helps. I try to dig the clams my self, their just fresher to me then store bought.

Aug 15, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Fixing Burnt Soup?

I shall never use a 12 quart pot for a lump stew ever again....burned too fast before I could smell it.

(great northern beans, carrots, celery, asparagus, cabbage, beef, ham, chicken, rice, tomatoes, tomatoe sauce, water, garlic, onions, paprika, cayenne, and red pepper flakes) Burned after an hour on low. Still tastes good though I been living on it for a week!

Jul 19, 2011
Grendal in Home Cooking

Uses for Whey - the Real Deal, Not Powder

I was wondering this myself, particularly in vintage colonial recipes...I've been making cheese for over a year now using recipes ranging from 1642-1944. One of my onlookers asked what do you do with the whey, and I said there wasn't much I could do with the whey, and they told me it was waistful and that it completely ruined the historical re enactment as they would probably of saved the whey for cooking. So I've been searching for vintage recipes for whey. If anyone has any ideas love to hear them.

Jul 05, 2011
Grendal in General Topics

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Cook

DON'T BELONG IN PINEAPPLE AND CHICKEN! WOW! I love adding fresh shell fish juice to add a bit of extra oomf of flavor, the chicken tastes of chicken with a hint of clam that saltyness contrasted with the sweetness of the pineapple.

I like my steaks rare still moving, stab it with a fork and it moos and stampeads off my plate onto the floor and out the door with the fork still in it, it's just right. Though if it's well done cause I was busy whipping up stuff to go with it, then well well done it is, though even when my steaks come out well done their still rather juicy.

I know a guy though with a suspect allergy, olive oil or so he says, yet I cook entirely with olive oil and he's never had a single allergic reaction to anything I've made.

Jul 05, 2011
Grendal in Features

Squishing potato chips in your sandwich...anyone else do this?

I am guilty as charged....pulled bbqed pork sandwiches with smokey brandy bacon bbq sauce....cheddar cheese potato chips, little bit of lettuce and onion...little bit of corn salsa with pickled hot peppers, own little special secrete......toasted....thats right toasted with real butter....onion rolls...or sandwich rolls....with a little extra crumbled bacon on top....almish potato salad on the side...deviled pickled eggs...and a nice cold beer....guiness is good, however my favorite is summer ale by samuel adams...that flavor of the sandwich with the tang of the potato salad and the nice hoppy yet fruity flavor of the beer goes nicely, where as guiness lends it's self wonderfully to the bbq sauce with a bitter flavor. Maybe a slice of pepper jack on the sandwich and some pimento stuffed olives in the salad...or if your a fan of garlic...I buy the jar the spanished olive stuffed with a whole clove...mince it fine can sprinkle a little garlic and olive on the sandwich and the salad!

May 17, 2011
Grendal in General Topics

Endangered and Extinct: Taco Flavored Doritos

I love doritos so much....I should have a sign on my forehead...warning choking not feed....

I'm not very picky with my chips their all good....the only requirement....not cracked pepper and no peanut oils....

@alliegator....I know from high school when the "trans fat" ban went into effect.....I was selling stuff out of my chips were a big hit....but again trans fat ban....could no longer get them on campus except from my trunk.....6 bucks for a bag of 3 dollar chips...oh I made out like a bandit.

May 17, 2011
Grendal in General Topics

Sushi equipment stores?

yeah I was looking at their floor plan, looks like I could spend the whole day there.

May 12, 2011
Grendal in Southern New England

Sushi equipment stores?

My knife I found in a box of knives at a yard sale. It was forged out of a chunk of leaf spring like the rest of the knives in the box. I managed to get the entire box for 40 dollars. In it was roughly 30 knives. They will cut fish in one motion. Granted they are not stainless, some of them were rusted, but thats nothing that can't be fixed with a little polish and rust remover and proper care. Thank you very much though for sugguesting them, I sent the link to a friend who was looking for an expensive knife for his shop.

May 12, 2011
Grendal in Southern New England

Sushi equipment stores?

completely out of the question at those prices...I'll stick to leaf spring knives. Most of those knives are more then my rent!

May 12, 2011
Grendal in Southern New England

Sushi equipment stores?

yeah, it's a pain, and thanks, I'll head there end of the month. Pay day.

May 11, 2011
Grendal in Southern New England