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Very poor service - pre-cooked food

The items mentioned above are side dishes, not a meal. Additionally, those are hardly the only foods within my dietary restrictions. Not sprinkling pepper on my food is THE ONLY dietary restriction. This is the only restaurant I have ever been to that has refused to make a simple change, such as withholding a seasoning, in order to serve me as a customer. I would have been happy with a simple piece of fish or chicken thrown on the grill. When such a highly esteemed restaurant shows a blatant disregard for customer service, it is quite shocking and disappointing.

May 26, 2011
HDolla in Southeast

Very poor service - pre-cooked food

My husband and I walked into Hominy Grill for lunch on a weekday. The waitress was very slow to attend to us and take our drink orders. Upon taking food orders, I had a couple of questions about menu items. I explained that I have a very mild allergy to black pepper, and that I cannot eat food with black pepper on it. The waitress disappeared into the kitchen to speak with the chef and ask if black pepper was in the fried grouper sandwich I wanted to order. Once again, it took the waitress over 10 minutes to return to us. She waited on two other tables before returning to our table. She proceeded to tell us that the only food I could order in the restaurant was applesauce,cole slaw, or mashed sweet potatoes. We were in the restaurant for over 20 minutes and ended up having to leave because they would not serve me a meal.

I realize this is a peculiar allergy, but keep in mind that the only restriction is that I cannot have pepper sprinkled on my food. I explained that minute amounts from a grill or fryer oil are okay, that I just cannot have pepper added to my food. You would think it would be simple enough to just grill up a piece of fish or chicken without pouring pepper on it. She said that the chicken and all of the vegetables are seasoned with pepper and are pre-cooked. I could not even order a salad. I was blown away that such a well-respected restaurant has so many items pre-cooked and refused to make simple accommodations for a customer. We ended up leaving because I could not order anything to eat for lunch. I am supremely disappointed at their lack of service and attitude. I work nearby and unless they have permanently lost my business.

I have been to many other nice Charleston restaurants and this is the first that has refused to serve me food. Folks, this is the south and and one thing I really like about Charleston is its southern hospitality and grace. The behavior and attitude exhibited by Hominy Grill are contrary to its facade of southern charm. Beware if you have any special needs at all as they are not willing to serve you!

Hominy Grill
207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

May 26, 2011
HDolla in Southeast

Mojitos in Lexington, KY?

I'm looking for a good place for mojitos in Lexington, KY. There is a small group (5-7) of us going from work as a celebration. Happy hour recommendations are also welcome!


Apr 29, 2010
HDolla in Kentucky & Tennessee

Philly: A week in town + food near the Wachovia Center?

Hello! We (2 adults) will be in Philly for a week and are seeing concerts at the Wachovia center. The concerts all begin at 7:30, so we need either a conveniently located restaurant near the Wachovia center or somewhere within a short driving distance from there that serves food early, as we will need to sit down to eat at around 5pm.

Something casual such as good pizza, low key italian, mexican, or a good pub would be great as we will be in casual clothing. We have four nights of this, and are hoping to be able to eat some good food before the shows. Any recommendations?

Also, any recommendations for something truly Philly inspired that we should check out while we are in town? We have not been to Philly before and are excited to experience the city!

Are there any good brunch or lunch spots we should check out?

We also hope to visit the Amish country. We have no place in particular planned yet, and food recommendations might guide us here! Thoughts on good restaurants in Amish country?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Oct 19, 2009
HDolla in Pennsylvania