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Is there anywhere to buy fish in the East Village?

Sunrise Market (japanese grocer) on 3rd ave has great fish for a good price

Jul 12, 2010
tjust in Manhattan

Paulie Gee's - New pizza in Greenpoint

this place is simply killing it, thank god it's in the neighborhood. (and the salt-level in the dough is perfect for my taste).

Mar 31, 2010
tjust in Outer Boroughs

live squid....elsewhere in japan? in new york?

ok, it was indeed in Yobuko and the restaurant was named Kawataro.

we had good whale at Galali in Tokyo (Aoyama).

thanks everyone for your replies!

Oct 20, 2009
tjust in Japan

live squid....elsewhere in japan? in new york?

man...thanks so much for all this great information. now i am dying to get back to hakata (also for those great yatai!) that video nails it too!

i need to check....we may have been in yobuko after all...there was a lovely bridge out f the restaurant and the distance seems about right for the drive.

Oct 19, 2009
tjust in Japan

live squid....elsewhere in japan? in new york?

thanks very much for the reply!

in tokyo, we also went to a place called Kyushu in Shibuya that was pretty good. i don't remember if this squid was on the menu there, but perhaps...

off-topic, but i didn't know horse sashimi was particular to kyushu or hakata...another place that we stumbled into in Kyoto had fantastic horse sashimi (everything was great here actually):
i don't speak japanese, but it looks like this might be a chain by their website...

Oct 19, 2009
tjust in Japan

live squid....elsewhere in japan? in new york?


so....this is my first post on this board, or on chowhound at all in fact. i have used this as an invaluable resource all over the place, but particularly on two recent trips to japan.

this is a shot in the dark....while visiting a friend's family in Kyushu (a couple of hours away from Fukuoka....past Karatsu.....) my wife and i were taken to a restaurant in a little town on the coast. the meal was phenomenal, one of our absolute highlights...

the restaurant featured a huge pool in the middle of the main room that was filled with live squid. for each diner, a whole squid was brought out (still alive). the back was sliced and was eaten as sashimi (still alive!), then scissors were brought out. the tentacles were snipped off (still alive!! moving...) and eaten. finally, whatever was left over was taken away and returned as tempura. you can imagine how fantastic it was...

a couple of friends are planning a trip to japan and i was hoping to find some place that might do something similar in tokyo or kyoto. this place was WAY off the beaten path, particularly for your average tourist. a longer shot in the dark would be if anyone knows of a place in new york city that does some kind of similar preparation (i know about a couple of the live octopus places).

anyway...thanks in advance, and here are a couple of pictures to go with it....

Oct 18, 2009
tjust in Japan