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Real Tabbouleh

Just some additions/ideas to this wonderful recipe. I am lebanese born & half raised :) the rest has been in Ca.
-The recipe doesn't mention what type of seasoning. Salt of course, sea salt is best. Also a must is a dash or 2 of allspice (key ingredient to authentic taste) I also add a pinch or 2 of white pepper.
-I like it lemony so adjust to taste.
-For a quick bulgur soak, use warm water but drain & cool before using.
-Seeding the tomatoes keeps it from getting soupy, especially if storing overnight. Usually best to eat it same day.
-We typically serve it w/ Romaine lettuce spears, it's a great serving tool & really fun for guests.
I think that's how the chicken lettuce wrap got its start :)
Bon Apetit!

Jul 13, 2007
Miss V in Recipes