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best sushi within walking distance of Bethesda metro station?

Yuzu was delicious. I had the seaweed salad with 4 kinds of seaweed, the ganmodoki, tofu dengaku, nasu dengaku, and some nigiri sushi (saba, sake, hamachi), and managed to squeeze in the yuzu ice cream. Everything was delicious and well prepared, the nigiri sushi were individual bites of perfection, with just the right amount of rice and fish for each mouthful. I left with that "just right" feeling -you know, the one you have when you've had a really tasty meal you felt was worth every cent (even though I get to expense this one). Service was a little on the slow side, but that's ok for a new place, and the servers were friendly and helpful, and have a lot of enthusiasm for the chef and his food. I would definitely come back if I am in Bethesda for work again.

best sushi within walking distance of Bethesda metro station?

This sounds promising. I'll check out (Yuzu).

Thank you everyone for your replies.

best sushi within walking distance of Bethesda metro station?

I will be in town for just one evening to attend a course the next day, staying near the Bethesda metro station. I'm looking for a good place to have sushi for dinner. I would consider "walking distance" to be 1 1/2 miles or less. Thanks for any suggestions.

where can I find "lean" lap cheung?

I used to find it regularly at Hmart in Burlington (I think it was Orchard Brands or something like that), but of late it hasn't been there. I asked one of the people in the meat department, and he said they hadn't discontinued it, and that it was still there sometimes. But I haven't seen it for probably a month now, and the employee couldn't tell me when it arrives. Has anyone here who shops Hmart regularly seen it, and at what times of the week/day? I shop there every saturday morning, but would head there at another time if I can reliably get it. Is there any other store that has it consistently? Thanks for any tips.

The most absurdly great Sunday night meal in Cambridge (or close) is...?

Another vote for Oleana. We live in Cambridge and have young kids and only get out by ourselves once or twice a year (no exotic anniversary trips as there is no one who will watch all our kids for that long) when my parents come and visit and babysit one evening of their stay. Oleana has never disappointed us. Last time my folks visited we went to East by Northeast which was also wonderful.

Fuji at Kendall

I was there recently (end of January) for lunch with an old friend I haven't seen in years who works close by. We both like sushi and both found it nothing special (we got two of whatever the lunch sushi special was). Neither of us had been there before and we just went because it happened to be close by and it was new. I didn't much care because the point was to catch up with my friend and the food was just because it was lunch time, but it's definitely not a place I'd steer chowhounds to.

For reference, I like Toraya in Arlington, and loved Oishii in Chestnut Hill back in the early 2000s. I don't get out for sushi much kids eat a lot and it's way too expensive for all of us to head out for a sushi dinner.

Chowhound "Yum" Steer

Golden Garden (when it opened, I thought it was just your standard American Chinese glop -now it's our regular frozen dumpling haul)
the yogourt at Sophia's in Belmont (I've never purchased anything else there, but the yogourt is worth the trip)
Great Taste Dim Sum and Bakery

Toraya Restaurant
890 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

Great Taste
201 Main St, Milford, MA 01757

Golden Garden
63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

Where to buy Native Forest Coconut Milk in Cambridge/Watertown/Belmont area?

To my knowledge, this is the only can which is BPA-free, and the Fresh Pond Whole Foods where I had been buying it has stopped carrying it. Where else locally has it been spotted? It seems the Amazon shipments are something of a crapshoot, so I'd rather not have to resort to that. Apparently cans from Thailand are great, but the ones from Sri Lanka not so much, so I'd like to check before purchasing and I can't do that on Amazon. Thanks for any leads.

Kolbeh of Kabob - Persian in Cambridge

This place holds a special place in my heart. I had their takeout right after my second son was born over 5 years ago and remember it being one of the most delicious meals I've ever eaten (I suppose anything tastes excellent to a woman who's just birthed an 8 1/2 lb baby!). I think I polished off both a falafel platter and a couple kubideh kabobs, but neither my DH nor I can remember exactly. We have not had their food since then even though we liked it because the place burned down and fell off our radar. Thanks to your post we revisited them friday with our 3 chowpups and were very pleased. We liked the new interior (it used to be more of a hole in the wall), and the food was very good. We shared a falafel plate, kask bademjoon, mast khiar, portobello ghemeh, and khoresht fesenjoon. The taftoon bread is delicious when hot out of the oven, but hardens quickly by the end of the meal (consider yourselves warned...that might also be why they didn't put it in your takeout, yumyum). My DS1 has many food allergies (nuts, eggs, dairy, fish and shellfish) and the waitress was very nice about answering all our questions. He had some falafel and ate almost all of the portobello ghemeh (mushrooms in a tomato based stew). The falafels were good, hot and tasty, with a nice green colour inside (parsley maybe?) and came with a cucumber/tomato/onion salad, tahini and a heap of rice. The fesenjoon was delicious (full disclosure: I have always loved this dish and probably never met one I didn't like, and it was the very first Persian dish I tried when a Persian hole in the wall opened near our old apartment in Montreal with a "khoresht of the day" special). The chicken was tender and the pomegranate walnut sauce was nicely smooth and not overly sweet. My second son (who has no food allergies) loved it too. kask bademjoon was very rich and smokey and quickly scooped up by the 4 of us who can eat it. The mast khiar was nothing special (whole milk yogourt with cucumber and mint...I am not sure if the yogourt was homemade, but we make our own yogourt and this wasn't one where I thought "OMG! I must ask for some of the culture" ), but we mixed it with the leftover rice and that was a good way to end the meal.

I'm no expert on Persian food, but DH and I have always liked it whenever we've had it. This is a nice friendly place for a family with young kids to eat (there are high chairs), and I love that there is something my kid with the food allergies can have and enjoy. Would definitely visit again.

grass fed beef sources other than Whole Foods?

Thanks for all the leads everyone!

grass fed beef sources other than Whole Foods?

Is there any other grocer in the Cambridge/Watertown/Belmont area that sells grass fed beef? I am wondering if there's anywhere else I can go to find it, or whether a CSA share would be the only other source. Thanks for your help.

Sopha's Greek Pantry in Saturday's Wall Street Journal

Very useful information. Thanks for doing this, Grok! (are you a paleo/primal blueprint eater?)

Greenfield Dairy Products yogurt at Russo's - Yum!

I finally got to try this myself today. I shop at Russo's every week, but I haven't seen it since first mentioned until now. It's much milder than TJ's European style (which a west coast friend deduced is Straus creamery). Nice and thick (I stirred the cream layer back in) and good with a little vanilla. Thick enough to be a baked potato topping, and I could see it being good for tzatziki too.

There's no dry milk listed in the ingredients on this week's tub, just milk and concentrated skim milk and culture. I don't understand how it can be labelled "whole milk" when there is skim milk in it? But that is a minor quibble...I'm thrilled to have another additive free yogourt to add to the rotation.

On a tanginess scale, this is super mild. In increasing order of tanginess, I'd rate them:

Liberte 2% (white and blue 27 oz tub)
TJs Eurostyle/Straus Creamery
Sophia's of Belmont

I hope this becomes a regular item!

Cafe Istanbul'lu

I don't know anything about Turkish food, but Istanbu'lu was suggested to me for my DH's and my "once yearly" dinner out while my folks visited and babysat over Christmas break. It was soooo tasty, that two days later, my DH and I went there for lunch again while my folks were still around to watch the kids.

Mommy's Gourmet brand bao

LOL! My kids are young and active, but a bunch of steamed baos simmers them down and brings silence to the table ASAP.

These sound tasty, but Malden is a little out of my way. Could I trouble you to fish your package out of the freezer and tell me whether the roast pork ones contain eggs, milk, nut or seafood ingredients? (one of my kids has allergies) Also interested in same for the sesame dumplings if you have any on hand.

Trader Joe's smoked trout in a can

What does the can look like? I've never noticed this product. I could use an alternative to plain old tuna or kippered herring in a can. Is it packed in oil or water?

Greenfield Dairy Products yogurt at Russo's - Yum!

I saw that too. It was $3.49 and I would have bought it except it was very close to its expiry date. Will have to try it next time I'm there if I can get one with more shelf life.

Where do you eat with your young kids?

I'll have to put that one on my list of places to try. Injera is filling and will make going out more budget friendly. Are you a Montrealer? (your username made me wonder, my DH used to rent an apartment up the street from Avenue Docteur Penfield ). We used to go to an Ethiopian place in Montreal, but I can't say it's something I've really craved since being in Boston. The food was very tasty, but a bit on the greasy side for me.

Where do you eat with your young kids?

In recent memory, we went to Chung Ki Wa (Medford), Koreana (Chung Ki-Wa has better food, but Koreana has nicer ambiance), Golden Garden (Belmont), Little Q Hot Pot (Arlington), and Ronnarong (Somerville). My kids are 2 1/2, nearly 5, and 6 1/2. I haven't had a problem anywhere honestly, since they all love to eat (the server is usually surprised by how much they put away...they eat a lot for kids who aren't very big). We always go early (before the dinner crowd, so around 5:30-5:45 is when we arrive). But I have kids who aren't picky and have happily sat through a 10 course Chinese banquet before. And the last time we went out, I had to order a second round of entrees amid the chorus of "we're still hungry!"

154 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Chung Ki Wa
27 Riverside Ave, Medford, MA 02155

Golden Garden
63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

New or unique mid-range places I would like to try - please add to my list if you see fit

Istanbu'lu. Not very new anymore, and I'm not sure it's "unique" as I don't eat out much, but I was recommended this place by someone here and it was excellent.

who makes the the best frozen (for cooking at home) Chinese dumplings?

Thank you everyone. I think I'll give Wang's a go.

great local eggs

Also a fan...I try to keep 4 dozen in the fridge at all times, because some weeks I go there and there are none left. I have to keep enough to last through the next week.


Has he looked into a slow carb diet? This doesn't look crazy, expensive, or dangerous, and it certainly looks like you'd get all the nutrients your body needs from real foods:

I have the 4 hour body book out from the library right now, it's definitely an interesting read. I might even try and see if I can stick to the diet for a month (but not until Chinese New year is over!). I would like to drop 5 lbs, but I've wanted to drop those 5 lbs for the last 10 or so years...I guess I've always enjoyed food far more than those 5 lbs bug me.

Jan 20, 2011
little.tiger in General Topics

who makes the the best frozen (for cooking at home) Chinese dumplings?

This year it's my family's turn to host our yearly dumpling rolling party for Chinese New Year. I've noticed in the past we never seem to roll fast enough to keep up with everyone's appetites (kids outnumber adults, and of course the kids keep getting bigger and eating more too!). This year, I want to be prepared and have some ready to cook to take the pressure off. Which ones are your favourite, and why? Are they well and consistently made (ie. do not fall apart when boiled, even wrappers, well closed, etc.)? I normally get frozen ones from Golden Garden but they are a bit inconsistent (breakage rate is higher than I like). Filling are delicious though. Wondering what else out there would be just as tasty, but more reliable.

Golden Garden
63 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

Cumin Lamb at Golden Garden, Belmont

Really? I am having these for lunch today with my DD and many fell apart. She was not happy about it (she's 2), and neither am I. Bummer all around.

We had takeout from there on Saturday night with some friends over, and everyone liked it. We didn't get the cumin lamb, they chose another lamb dish which they seemed to enjoy (I'm not crazy about lamb so didn't make it a point of trying it) and which my DS1 eagerly ate the leftovers from.

Quality (read: healthy) snacks for after school program?

I buy a lot of food at Trader Joe's as they are a quick walk away from me. There's plenty you can get for under $1/child. 1 lb of sunflower seeds is $2, I will guess one bag is enough for 12-15 kids? bananas are $0.19 each, organic apples come in 2 lb bags for $2.49 (you get 6-8 apples, depending on how big they are in a given week), baby carrots come in 1 lb bags for less than $2 (even for organic), cherry tomatoes can be rinsed in their plastic clamshells easily ($2.49/lb). You can buy ready to dip hummus, guacamole, greek yogourt, hard boiled eggs, string or presliced cheese (they even have one especially cut to cracker size!), etc. I personally try to avoid giving my kids processed carb snacks (crackers, cookies, etc.), but I realize they are convenient and fulfill many of the constraints you have. If you have to buy them, then TJs is a good place to get decent quality and price. You could also buy frozen fruit if you can pick it up just before class. My kids love the frozen mango and strawberries, even in winter (I don't get it! I usually thaw mine overnight so they aren't frozen in the morning).

ETA - also check out their chip and bread aisles...I think they have a flaxseed tortilla chip, mini pitas, lots of snacky ready to go items at good prices (my TJs is across the street from a Whole Paycheque, so it's really pronounced!)

Jan 19, 2011
little.tiger in General Topics

quick! Dosa factory in the back of Shalimar - is it good?

cheezsandwich, because of your ID, I have to tell you that my DH and his sibs grew up eating cheese dosa every weekend growing up. Specifically, processed cheese and it must be washed down with apple juice. I thought DH was pulling my leg (because I've had my MIL's very tasty masala dosa and delicious coconut chutney from scratch, and can't see how american cheese could possibly be preferable) until they were all here visiting and my BIL actually went out to buy processed cheese and apple juice whem MIL made dosa! (We never buy processed cheese, and my kids drink water, no juice).

quick! Dosa factory in the back of Shalimar - is it good?

It has been quite a long time since we ate at these places (probably 4-5 years?), but back when my ILs came to the area more often (to go the temple in Ashland), we would eat at Udupi Bhavan, Masalaa, and a South Indian place in Framingham right near the commuter rail station. I have never been to India, but the place in Framingham near the train station had a really high ceiling with fans over its dining room and made me feel like I was in an Indian train station (yk, the romanticized cleaned up kind you see in merchant Ivory type films LOL). I think this place might have been Udupi Bhavan before they moved to another location...I don't know if that location became another Indian restaurant. Personally, Masalaa stood out in my memory because I loved how tasty, light and greaseless everything was (I find most restaurant Indian food on the greasy side, but I know it doesn't have to be that way from eating MIL's cooking).

378 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

quick! Dosa factory in the back of Shalimar - is it good?

We decided to take a chance and went. Got two masala dosa and a chicken biryani. The food was OK, did not blow us away, but good for a quick fix, and hit the spot well as I was really, really in the mood for a dosa yesterday. By the time we got the kids all served, the dosa was no longer hot (my biggest pet peeve of eating out with kids, I like my food very hot, and high surface area food like dosa cool quickly). But at least the place was playing some Bollywood video that kept my kids entertained while DH and I ate. The dosa definitely did not compete with the dosas we ate before we had kids at places like Masalaa in Billerica or that train station feeling place in Framingham (??). It was a little greasy (my MIL says with proper technique, they should not be greasy) and the filling wasn't bland, but not as flavourful as others I've had. The chutney was OK, but I've had better. I'm not a huge fan of sambhar, so no comment on that. Anyway, it was worth the visit because I was really craving one, but if I didn't have kids and had time to drive to the burbs, that is where I would head for a better one. But I can see myself heading back next time I need a dosa fix in town (unless someone gives me a better rec close by).

Bollywood Cafe
135 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420

quick! Dosa factory in the back of Shalimar - is it good?

My DH works near Central Sq and needs to go in to pull a time point from his experiment today. 3 kids are nagging to go see Daddy's lab...I'm thinking it would go faster for Dad to get his data alone, but then was thinking it might be fun to all head out for lunch after. Been curious about the Dosa Factory for a while, but I'm not finding reviews for this specific location (apparently there is one in Waltham too).

Oh, and my DH's family is South Indian, and dosa were a family weekend breakfast ritual. Is this place worth a visit?