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Abe & Louie's or Grill 23

Out of spinach at 8 on a Saturday sounds bizarre. Just curious...what side did you order instead? I wonder if there are shenanigans at work, i.e., will sell only x number of spinaches, then they are "out" to work on inventory of the other sides?

September 2014 Openings and Closings

Nope I find making winking references to the Holocaust to be the utmost in poor taste.

September 2014 Openings and Closings

I don't go for this kind of b.s. -

September 2014 Openings and Closings

Mixed feelings about Sherman - the quality of the baking dropped off once the skinny frenetic baker lady left. But there is nothing really quite like it and I will never step foot in Bloc 11, so put me in the bummed category.

Nice farewell message.

Post Baptism Brunch/Lunch Ideas?

We went to L'impasto after my daughter's baptism - they opened early on a Sunday afternoon just for us and it was great - probably out of your stated price range but is otherwise on topic. They were very accommodating - maybe they would do the apps thing (depending on the time of course)

Congrats on the baby.

Quiet Cambridge/Somerville dinner with foodie parents

Really? We agree that the patio is not, right?

Quiet Cambridge/Somerville dinner with foodie parents

Oleana esp. if you get the patio.

Cans of Moxie in Camberville Area?

Think I have seen it in the Montrose Spa opposite Harvard Law on Mass Ave.

Bachelor Party Seafood restaurant

When do the Leafs play Montreal?

Boston's best salads? A round up

Do you mean Thai North?!

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

Outraged?! No way - just being cheeky. :)
But I still say you should wear your ties wherever you like. Lead, don't follow.

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

What do you think is happening in Cambridge? As in all of Cambridge? Or do you just prefer not to dine near Liberals? They can be an acerbic bunch, can turn food into some political *statement*...Does Ten Tables Cambridge suffer from this effect also?

I think TW Food is a great recommendation.

And I think you ought to go wherever you like with a jacket and tie - the hoi polloi might learn a thing or two.

Vendor Says Market Basket May Be Trying to Sabotage Itself

Interesting. If so, Artie T. still gets his half.

Biryani Park is Coming Back (I Hope!)

That location is another of those "cursed" spots that has several tenants and little success. Now that Biryani Park folks will be there, will be interesting to see if they can break the streak.

I for one welcome the opportunity for takeout from them, now that they are within easier reach (vs. the trek to find them on the desolate stretch of rt. 99 in Malden) - a quick aside in praise of chow hounds, let's just say there is no way in heck I would have either found the Malden restaurant or stopped there to eat if not for good hound advice.

With their addition, that might really push N. Cambridge into a higher echelon - now with Qingdao, Greek Corner, L'impasto, Cafe Barada, Singha Bella, Verna's and Joe Sent Me (which I have found to be decent).

August 2014 Openings and Closings

Hammersley's Bistro is closing in October.

Kickass Cupcakes Is Closed

Next trend to go - fro yo!

July 2014 Openings and Closings

That's too bad - the time I went there, I thought the food and service was great.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

Arthur T. I believe was in cahoots with the lawyers who approached Judge Maria Lopez's clerk with the fake job interview, which ultimately led to them being disbarred. True that the father screwed his borther's widow initially, but it was under Arthur T. that the screwing came to light.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

What's remarkable about all this is that historically the Arthur T. side screwed the Arthur S. side, knowingly committed major frauds on the court, etc.

The workers etc. are supporting the side that was loyal to them but disloyal to its own family.

Oh the irony.

Mistral-specifics on a dish

I don't have the answer but if you put those ingredients on a pizza, I don't see how that would not be a success!

Second Date - tasty but not too pricey

Really need to know the location of the first date, in order to give accurate guidance on second date. Don't want to shoot too low or too high, you know? Gotta find the sweet spot.

Can It Be?! Is Our Beautiful City Finally Getting a Terrific French Bakery?

Is this measurably different than say Tatte? Or Clear Flour (which I still have not visited but based on the feedback here is well deserving of its praises)?
A colleague was recently on the Continent and folks there extolled the virtues of the soon to open Paul as well.
Maybe not quite the desert (dessert?) wasteland (waistband?) you suggest it is?

My imagination, or is Stop&Shop getting good again?

That's a good question I don't know the answer to.
I will note, however, that improvements have been noted at the much-maligned Shaw's in Porter Sq. of late. Gone are the self checkout lanes - now, only living breathing cashiers and quick responses when the lines get long. And what's that? Classical music over the loudspeakers? And they ditched the rewards card a few months back as well. Someone over there is really using their head!

Restaurant after the Sox game

Sweet Cheeks is in that area - not sure of the hours

Retirement party for 50 near Government Center

How about the Oceannaire?

July 2014 Openings and Closings

Weir', righ'?

L'Impasto, Cambridge - kudos

I needed a place to have lunch following a family event on a Sunday mid-afternoon (3pm). I called L'Impasto, explained we were looking for a table for 12 or so, and would they be willing to accommodate us an hour before their official opening time (4pm). I spoke with the owner / chef Riccardo who immediately agreed, took my contact information, called back a couple of days later with the final number and that was it.

We showed up at 3:10, had the restaurant to ourselves - our waiter Kevin was very accommodating and gracious. The food, most importantly, was very good - the pastas made to perfection, the house-baked bread - everyone was thrilled with their dishes and the lunch was a success. I also enjoyed the polpo salad.

Not too many places in the area willing to open up before posted hours - really pleasant experience all the way around.


Thanks for the review. Tasca gets overlooked in favor of some of the sexier tapas places, so your perspective is appreciated.

Freds Franks only open for 2hrs a day

Luckily, marriage is not the same as business or me think on that a bit.

Right, saw he was seeking legal council, but not that he actually hired one. Perhaps I was reading too literally, but later on his Facebook, he said he went to the Selectman's office, etc. as opposed to his lawyer. So I concluded he has not retained one, but I could be wrong.

Freds Franks only open for 2hrs a day

Been watching this thread and it is frustrating to see what appears to be happening here, but Frank *could* hire a lawyer and have not seen that he has and ultimately, why would you want to stay where you are not wanted. There are surely other locations that will keep this business going (or not).