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Soft Serve - 2014 Edition

I tried Celebrity this summer - I think the kiddie cone soft serve (which is a reasonable person's size) is up to 3.50. Does Mickey D's still have dollar cones?

about 19 hours ago
Bob Dobalina in Greater Boston Area

Harassing a waiter/waitress

I'm allergic to stupid. Of course, sometimes it's self-inflicted.

about 19 hours ago
Bob Dobalina in Not About Food

Overcharging at Whole Foods

Just keep in mind that for every overcharge, I am willing to bet there is a factor significantly higher of fraud by customers.

Not that this excuses poor behavior.

And present company excluded, of course.

Overcharging at Whole Foods

Those darn scanners must be busted again...

Compare with Russo's, where many of the cashiers have memorized the codes for each type of produce. I figure there have to be mistakes made and I check often, but I can only think of one occasion when there was an error.

Comparing Polly's Pancakes w/ Boston's

Isn't part of the fun in trying things out? I say go for it !

Kefir grains?

Bumping this thread - anyone in Cambridge or Somerville with kefir grains to share?

Bagels (Somerville Area)


Bagels (Somerville Area)

Any sense of how busy the first one was?

November 2015 Openings and Closings

It's expense accounts all the way up...

6 nights no kids, need opinions please

Agree with all the advice thus far, and echo specifically the advice to consider O Ya, which is a somewhat non traditional sushi experience.

For French-inspired, also consider Craigie on Main in Cambridge.

August 2015 Openings and Closings

The Boston Eater stories had other quotes and statements that sounded more nefarious.

August 2015 Openings and Closings

That's assuming that whatever was going on was not the landlord's fault.

Bagels (Somerville Area)

There is a Breuggers in Porter. The bookstore cafe Zing! Has Iggys bagels.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Meanwhile the stuff at WH and TJs is just awful, awful, awful...

Boston Public Market is here

Don't know about the ice, but Keller, Ripert et al. talk about letting the fish get to room temp by sitting for a while. My fish tonight survived an hour without ice without any issues or smells.

(Which as an aside, how nice it was to browse the fish and not have my nose assaulted like the last two times at the Alewife Whole Foods)

Hear ya on convenience factor - I can never get over to New Deal on a weeknight.

Boston Public Market is here

Red's Best unexpectedly opened for business today. I was lucky enough to saunter by just before 5pm, on my way to the train. The health inspection is complete - they are off to the races.

They had none of the cooked items yet, although I think I heard someone order a chowder - obviously will get more into the swing of things in the days to come.

Even so, what they had looked just awesome and the prices were very competitive ($14/lb. for swordfish, $18/lb for striper that was thickly cut, $9/lb. for bluefish, $22/lb. for beautiful looking tuna). The freshness and high quality was readily apparent.

I cooked the striper filet tonight - salt, pepper, oiled pan, seared the skin for a couple of minutes and then the long finish in the oven (at 400, striper takes a surprisingly long time ~ 15+ minutes, but hold up well). Came out perfect - finished with a little olive oil and lemon.

Fish this fresh doesn't need much.

As I said to the Red's guy, these other places in the market are nice enough, but Red's is going to be the anchor for the day-to-day crowd. Could not be easier to swing by on the way to North Station to pick up the catch of the day (or swing by in the morning I suppose for truly fresh fish).

Can you tell I am excited?

August 2015 Openings and Closings

Here's an update - this does not sound like a good situation at all.

Loyal Nine, Cambridge

Full lobster and one claw? That would have got me talking to the manager and not the seemingly doped-up waitress. That's just false advertising. Imagine ordering a roast whole chicken and only getting one leg?

We enjoyed our one experience there, but only did apps, drinks and dessert.

Why is Boston food so bland?

Only way to be sure

Why is Boston food so bland?

That's in the works - they are opening a Tenoch on Highland Ave. in Somerville and will have a liquor license, I do believe.

Petition to save Alive and Kicking

Thanks for posting that. I wonder if the residential neighborhood is also properly zoned for a hotel.

August 2015 Openings and Closings

Here's a Boston Eater post on this -

The price of scallops


Why is Boston food so bland?

Move to Somerville - problem solved!

Petition to save Alive and Kicking

Those kinds of folks also tend to sue their realtors and the sellers for nondisclosure. ;)

Petition to save Alive and Kicking

Thanks for that.

Tell me about Haymarket please

Indeed, don't forget the pizza place.

Haymarket Pizza has cheap slices, but the real treat is the dough, $1.50 each, which makes great pizza at home. Perfect to grab one when you're commuting home from North Station. I oil and cornmeal mine and throw it on a sheetpan at 500+ until the cheese is toasty. It beats the socks off any other dough I've ever bought. Great way to use up veggies from the summer.

I only mention this for the record, as the OP unfortunately will not have an oven in the hotel room.

Also, try the oyster guy - half dozen shucked for $5 - best deal in town.

The price of scallops

I thought the "wet" also included some kind of chemical solution, and not strictly water.

Petition to save Alive and Kicking

Anyone know more? Could not find anything online. The petition does not state who is behind the apparent zoning board complaint and is pretry vague (due to a zoning issue). Seems strange that a zoning issue is being raised now when this place has been operating there for years.

Morano Gelato Chestnut Hill, the realness

You sir are a true chowhound.