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Places to eat near Tufts?

If you're paying for his Tufts tuition, not too evil.

about 4 hours ago
Bob Dobalina in Greater Boston Area

Places to eat near Tufts?

Thankfully, Tenoch is coming soon to Davis Sq.

about 4 hours ago
Bob Dobalina in Greater Boston Area


Just had some as a special app at La Brasa in Somerville on Saturday night, so you might call their market and see if they have any to sell.


And an axe! Amiright?

Frank Pepe's coming to Chestnut Hill

You need to get the white clam with bacon. That was why it was not the transcendent experience you were hoping for.

Frank Pepe's coming to Chestnut Hill

Very sorry about the funeral - that obviously excuses all.


Favorite slice (square) is Iggy's factory store in Cambridge - especially when it's fresh out of the oven. The cheese is superb.

Second favorite is my own, with a $1.50 dough from Haymarket Pizza.

Best ice cream in Boston is..

Geez, hard for me to say right now. Will get back to you after obtaining more data :-b C>

Best ice cream in Boston is..

I'll throw Gracie's into the ring - results are early, but Tosci is just...I dunno....too heavy. Gracie's is really smooth, creamy. Of course, more testing is essential.

Used to think Christina's was worthy of the crown but everything about them has seemed a bit stale for a while to my mild dismay. I feel like five years ago, I would go in and there would be new flavors every visit. Now it all sorta seems the same. Still decent but they have conceded the race.

Boston Globe's Munch Madness about to begin

I wonder if we can send those snubbed restaurants an invitation to the Munch NIT.

Yearly Report on Most Mentioned Restaurants on CH Boston ?

I'm holding out for the double-secret burger, or is it the secret double burger?

Where to take four young kids in Cambridge/Somerville

Parsnipity is 100% correct on HK. (Also as a regular visitor, will mention that we feel subtle changes in the force over there lately that make us a little less likely to go there reflexively - small upticks in price, down ticks in quality.)

So has anyone been to Some Ting Nice, La Brasa or dare I suggest Sarma with babies/kids?

Just had Saturday lunch at GG for the one year old's birthday and the food was terrific and the Signore mugged for the baby to her great pleasure.

April 2015 Openings and Closings

That was L'il Vinny's which is now the Greek-themed hipster bar, Daddy Jones. Been over there lately? How about Pennypackers or any of the Latino spots - any hidden gems?

Holy shnikies - great sandwich at Grassroots Cafe - Dtx - the Korean Banh Mi

I started thinking more about my original post and was worried that the name was really misleading if you were expecting a classic banh mi. Glad you enjoyed it for what it was and did not feel too misled.

The African-American chef there I believe has been making sandwiches around downtown Boston for many a year so you will likely enjoy anything he puts together.

Best takeout/delivery in Cambridge/Somerville/northern Boston/Brookline

Cafe Sushi on Mass. Ave. in Harvard Sq. is by far the best sushi I have had in Boston. Super fresh - really interesting and different veggie sushi options. You won't return to the other places once you start here.

Holy shnikies - great sandwich at Grassroots Cafe - Dtx - the Korean Banh Mi

BTW, freely should read "freshly" - darn autocorrect.

Also, just to clarify - the contents of the sub are not what I would call a classic banh mi. The bread certainly is. But the stuffing is closer to cheese steak territory, er...without the cheese.

Saturday evening cocktails for grown ladies

Yeah, lots of good options that kind of fly under the radar. Thanks for starting the thread.

Saturday evening cocktails for grown ladies

Would second Casa B or perhaps backbar

Holy shnikies - great sandwich at Grassroots Cafe - Dtx - the Korean Banh Mi

Yes. Still the excellent classic sandwiches with the freely roasted turkey, etc.

Holy shnikies - great sandwich at Grassroots Cafe - Dtx - the Korean Banh Mi

Open for breakfast with good sandwiches etc

Holy shnikies - great sandwich at Grassroots Cafe - Dtx - the Korean Banh Mi

Holy cow, or pig as the case may - Korean-spiced pork, onions, other banh-mi type stuff on a perfectly crunchy toasty Banh Mi-style baguette - as big as your arm - spicy, hot, unctuous -

Pret next door can kiss Grassroots' patootey! This thing rocks - best sandwich I have had in a darn long time -

And I said I was only going to eat half - whoops.

Comes with a miso soup - $10.50 - worth every penny.

Just ask for the KBM - it's awesome.

Gracie's Somerville

Stopped in to Gracie's on. Friday afternoon - had forgotten all the mentions of the salty whiskey on this thread - but my eye went naturally to the flavor

Boy did I like it - nice creamy base, rich...a smoother base than Toscanini's and Christina's - got a nose of whiskey on the first couple licks and faded to the background but I think that's quite expected.

Chatted with the folks there - sounded like February was understandably rough on them. I certainly pledge to do my part.

Frank Pepe's coming to Chestnut Hill

Cmon you left half a pizza? Only bad pizza (which is a rare bird) is ever worth leaving. What was wrong with it? Basically can only think that rancid pizza is not worth taking.

How we'd fix it: Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market

Inspired by the Grantland series of columns (

I was saddened to learn that even the Godiva shop at Faneuil Hall was shuttering - http://www.bostonrestaurants.blogspot....

As a tourist mecca, the chow at Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market was never meant to be the pinnacle of cuisine. But, for what it was, it seems to have really gone downhill over the years (or perhaps it was never that great to begin with). Heck, even the McDonald's has vacated and been replaced by yet another bank - how utterly depressing!

I suppose the new indoor Haymarket is a step in the right direction. But that is over a block away and not really in this space.

So chowhounds - what should be done to rescue this area and return it to being the centerpiece of the historic Boston downtown, and more importantly, improving the chow?

March 2015 Openings and Closings

We had service issues too - basically got the feeling that they could not give a darn.

d-bags at alden & harlow

This is getting pretty far afield from chow talk, but thanks for the pointer to the Times article. Discussed it with my wife (who does not tweet ) and she had no sympathy at all for the publicly shamed, which surprised me. Better watch my ps and qs.

d-bags at alden & harlow

We are basically saying the same thing re yelp - the point being that people like you are savvy enough not to trust one bad review. So the scare tactic of these two knuckleheads should not concern the chef - he should have tossed them out on their keister.

I just can't figure out why you seem to side against the chef when these would-be diners appear to be con artists plain and simple.

What handful of restaurants are you talking about btw? The current first page topics have little mention of a "handful of restaurants" - it's the new places, the new thai place in watertown.

Return to Cha Yen Thai Cookery

Do you have an idea of how she is treating the mushrooms? I could see a little sear around the edges, but could not tell what else was done. It was also nice to see a larb that didn't spare the cracked rice.

Also what I assume was fresh made peanut sauce and pickle for the satay really elevated what is often a tired dish. Our 11 month old really liked the chicken. :)

d-bags at alden & harlow

He should have called the police. If they were drunkards, there would have been no hesitation. Everyone knows not to trust silly yelp reviews - have to see a pattern of abuse - a one-off means nothing. Don't live in fear!

Return to Cha Yen Thai Cookery

Will add to the accolades - stopped in for lunch and had the corn cakes, mushroom larb, chicken satay and the sukothai with tofu - all outstanding. Thanks to the chowhounds for the posts and recommendations - even though I frequent Watertown Sq. For Arax, etc. I never would have spotted this place without the mentions here and I would not have noticed the mushroom larb buried on the list of larbs.