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Frozen Yogi: Indian pizza and self-serve froyo near Central Sq

After trying it at Dosa n Curry, which may still serve pizza, I would recommend Gobi Manchurian on your pizza if they have it.

Maryland style crabs near Boston

Have never seen them here, Hon.

Forget the best burger... how about the worst burger in boston?

I like a burger from O'Sullivan's, but on more than one occasion, it was well done so as to be inert and tasted like it. Given the wait times (which is when this sort of thing tends to occur) with anticipation building and then you get this, I'd say it's the worst.

Our Last Meal in Boston

I think the answer depends somewhat on your destination. But barring that, I personally would vote for the local restaurant that is your current frequent flyer, your current fave. In saying goodbye, you may appreciate being sentimental for the old friend you will miss the most.

Chicken and Rice Guys

I tried the truck at Harvard a few months back - the rice was ok but I only got a few shreds of dried up flavorless chicken, like it was the bottom of the barrel. A rare disappointment from the chowhounds.

Tenoch: New Discovery, and Davis Sq. Update

Tenoch: New Discovery, and Davis Sq. Update

Thanks for the post, will definitely try the guarachas.
Anything other than tilapia - stuff is just gross.

New Thai Restaurants in Newton

Manow looked like it had some really authentic and different Northern Thai dishes on its menu - the sour sausage sounded intriguing.

Biryani Park is Coming Back (I Hope!)

When we had it, it had some pretty good zing/spice to it. Willing to bet the lunch kitchen crew is not as deft as the dinner crew, but who knows.

Biryani Park is Coming Back (I Hope!)

We also had the puttu kotthu and loved it the first time we had it there. But the most recent and last visit, there were many shards of bone. I like the people there but if the woman owner is not there, there is in my opinion a big dip in quality.

Gujarati food in Boston area?

Punjabi Grill has good chow.

Northern Italian early dinner with toddler/baby

Gran Gusto would be my pick, if by Northern Italian, you mean a non-red sauce place. I also like L'impasto but GG is better for the kids. And it's on the way home in Huron Village. And we had our toddler's first birthday lunch there.

40th bday dinner?

What about that new place at Assembly Square?

40th bday dinner?

I had my 40th birthday at Santarpio's and hey, also convenient to Logan!

Of course with people flying in, you'll want to do a catered event at home, but might be fun to have the surprise at Santarpio's.

ISO Halibut - either retail or restaurant

I have been buying halibut regularly at Whole Foods for months - filets and steaks.

First trip to Boston

Sox fans tend to only react negatively toward division opponents and the Mets.

First trip to Boston

You all may be right about the timing. The clams always seem to have a bit more funk to them than the oysters, but I am happy to be proven wrong.

First trip to Boston

You might look into chartering a boat to watch the fireworks. Expensive, but not crowded and your pop can take it easy onboard.

Foodwise, if you are near Faneuil Hall or the Freedom Trail on a Thursday or Friday at lunchtime, go to the Haymarket and look for the oyster guy at the end of the alley just past the Bell in Hand - he's in the street, cash only, stand in the street, cheap fresh-shucked oysters (skip the clams), be judicious if a couple smell a bit off, use the lemons and hot sauce if you prefer, and then retire to the Union Oyster House or other local pub for a beer or something stronger if you were not so judicious. A chowder may also be in order. The oyster guy is definitely not in Zagat's.

Favorites from Watertown Markets?

I like Arax for the honey selection, the yogurts, the cookies, fruit when seasonal is nearly always peak, bags of herbs at the cash register, melons of occasional variety that I have not seen.

Sevan for whatever reason has always rubbed me the wrong way. I prefer the relative informality and lived-in feel of Arax.

Couple of other places to put on your radar: Fastachi ... For the CORN NUTS! Half the price of what you can get at WF and housemade.

And don't forget Nick the Butcher in the Coolidge Variety store across from the Deluxe Town Diner. I don't get there as often as I used to, but my memory is that he stocked nice cuts at decent prices, and more than happy to cut to order.

Also Tabrizi near Watertown Square for Iranian cookies of different shapes and sizes. They also have some different foods that the other shops don't have - whoever was looking for the rose Harissa might consider popping in there.

Linda's donuts also worth a visit, esp. when Sofra is mobbed and stacked with pushy yuppies. A nice cake donut'll keep ya honest.

Iced coffee on Nitro?

Told wife about this drink at Dwelltime. She asked, "is it 9 dollars and a 90 minute process?" 'Nuff said.

Iced coffee on Nitro?

Omg that's awful

Best price in Boston on Fernet-Branca?

Got Fernet today at Cirace in the North End for $22.99. Also had the Menta for the same price. Pretty good deal. Picked up the Vecchio amaro as well for $21.99.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

I'll admit - I have not been to the North End on a weekend night in probably a decade - but I am guessing that is not the best time to experience this "European like neighborhood." :)

Judging by the yuppies I see streaming out of the North End on weekday mornings (when I am headed in to Firicano's for a haircut), the old Boston neighborhood is well on its way out.

2 days in Boston with 12-13 yr olds, what eateries not to miss?

There is really nothing to recommend at Quincy Market - it is the equivalent of the mall food court.

Go to Galleria Umberto for slices at lunchtime (although you have to get there early) If not, Pizzeria Regina is close by.

Also recommend James Hook for lobster rolls, etc. rather than Yankee Lobster, which is very far away from where you'll be. You could also try Neptune Oyster for the mollusks.

There is no Thai or Indian in the downtown area worth having.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

Should I just link to the B&G lobster roll thread?

There, I did it.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

I actually feel this way about pretty much every dining option in Davis Square proper. One of the most overrated collection of restaurants in one area - Diva, Joshua, Painted Burro, Out of the Blue, Five Horses, Orleans, Foundry - none of these places is better than average, at best.

Having said that, have you been to the Painted Burro recently? I completely agree with you about their food in the beginning, but was pleasantly surprised by the chow when I went there on a couple of recent occasions. Not groundbreaking by any means, but it was better than before.

Popular (and Successful) vs. Good

I would disagree - Most people *think* they are going there to taste their food. It's just that they have a hackneyed carnival fun house understanding of what Eye-talian food tastes like.

June 2015 Openings and Closings

Per user hiddenboston's blog, - Daily Table is now open for business in Dorchester.

Seems like a chowhound place to me.

The Daily Table - prepared meals from salvaged ingredients

Bumping this thread and will cross-post to June openings -

Per user hiddenboston's blog, - Daily Table is now open for business in Dorchester.

Wegman's Faux Pas [Moved from Boston]

The corn is totally different than picking better berries. The condition of the corn is completely hidden by the husk - it could be rotten or worse, there could be a big caterpillar in there!

The berries are completely open - picking the nicer berries leaves some packages with just marginal berries or worse. It's the commons problem.

Jun 06, 2015
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