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White Chocolate? C'mon, what's up with that?

I knew it! My conspiracy theory is supported

Soramame Broad Bean Sauce -- looking for supplier

Thanks BigSal.

I'm looking for something that could work as a substitute for soy sauce (I currently have allergies to wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and peanut) -- so I'm hoping for something less viscous. I'm not quite sure if this exists as I've described because I haven't personally seen it, but my doctor recommended it and says it's been impossible for her to find as well.

It looks like doubanjiang routinely contains some items on my "do not eat" list, but I remain hopeful that I'll be able to enjoy mapo tofu in the future -- Apparently another Chowhounder cleared her allergies after a year of strictly avoiding allergens.

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

That sounds delicious. I'll have to sub oil though. When I had originally commented on Joe H's recipe regarding my allergy, I didn't realize I was allergic to dairy, but for now that's on the can't-eat list too.

Thanks for the info about gluten. I'll double check with my doctor.

Sep 23, 2011
blissandfelicity in Home Cooking

Soramame Broad Bean Sauce -- looking for supplier

I've heard that a fermented sauce made from soramame (some Japanese broad bean?) is very good, but difficult to find.

Does anyone know of a supplier? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it'd be great if there's a local supplier, but if not, I can always call a nonlocal store and have them ship it to me.


White Chocolate? C'mon, what's up with that?

Oops unclear antecedent. I tried the Valrhona Ivoire feves at the chocolate shop.
The chocolate shop, unfortunately, did not have matcha white chocolate alligators with or without pink polos.

But yes, I have tried the matcha white chocolate pairings in other shapes. And it is yum :o)

Can't wait to see your pictures

White Chocolate? C'mon, what's up with that?

That sounds adorable! I tried those a few years ago at a chocolate shop in Santa Cruz -- the owner's brother gave me a bunch to munch on while we chatted. Yum

Fish sauce: Difference between anchovy extract and anchovy fish

It's on my to-buy list this weekend. Thanks so much, Deluca

White Chocolate? C'mon, what's up with that?

Sorry to be late on the responses. I've had some health issues that kept me away.

Vil -- I'm glad you broke out of the white chocolate fear. There do exist some pretty dubious looking confections that are called "white chocolate" or some variation of it.. Also, I had never considered that a block of white chocolate looks like a block of hard grease or butter. I also was not raised to eat grease on its own, but I did used to enjoy eating pieces of good butter on its own which I know is not typical.

KattyEyes -- did you ever try the Amedei white? How did you like it?

DarklyGlimmer and GoodHealthGourmet -- :o)

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

Thanks for the sympathy, TaitLie. People in my "non-Chowhound" life who don't love food as I do don't seem to understand at all how I feel, but it's nice to know that someone does.

Yes -- my doctor said that if I'm good for a year, I may be able to re-introduce some of the offenders slowly as my upper digestive tract heals. But she says people never outgrow the wheat allergy. I'll need to clarify with her again since you are now wheat allergy free, and I've read on other sites that children often outgrow wheat allergies. Maybe she was talking about my allergy to gluten and it's gluten I'll never outgrow? I'll need to double check -- I'm still in shock and have a hard time assimilating information about this

I will definitely try rosti -- do you have any good recipes or suggested restaurants in the SF Bay Area?

Sep 22, 2011
blissandfelicity in Home Cooking

Fish sauce: Difference between anchovy extract and anchovy fish

Hi all. I was recently diagnosed with several food allergies (wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, peanut). Cutting soy sauce out was easy enough since I don't eat much of it and it's not regularly used in my flut

However, last night my mom made a tomato and beef stir-fry with Tiparos fish sauce, and I went to bed with a rash and woke up with a worse one. In looking at the ingredients, I'm suspicious of the "anchovy extract" as an ingredient.

In doing some Googling, I found the ingredients of some of the more common fish sauce brands:

Tiparos Ingredients: anchovy fish, water, salt.
Three Crabs Ingredients: anchovy extract, water, salt, fructose & hydrolyzed wheat protein.
Squid Ingredients: water, anchovy extract, salt, sugar.
Golden Boy Ingredients: anchovy extract, salt, sugar.
Tra Chang Ingredients: Ingredients: anchovy fish, salt, sugar.

Three Crabs brand was the brand of choice at our home, but obviously I will need to stay away from it from now on because of the hydrolyzed wheat protein, but what about the others?

It looks like Tra Chang is the only one that uses "anchovy fish" as an ingredient rather than "anchovy extract." Does anyone know more about the production of fish sauce? Is there a difference between "anchovy extract" and "anchovy fish"? Is there a difference or is it just a "toe MAY toe/ toe MAH toe" thing?

In the production of anchovy extract for fish sauce, are soy/wheat/gluten ingredients used?

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

I was just recently diagnosed with several food allergies, but I'm glad that Joe H's risotto will be safe for me to eat. I made it once a few years ago and haven't tried again because of how involved it is.

Last weekend I spent 4+ hours making a wheat-, soy-, and peanut-free pizza that was too much effort for the rubbery, spongy result that I got.

I'll have to remember to make Joe's risotto soon, which I'm sure will cheer me up from food-allergy blues.

Aug 23, 2011
blissandfelicity in Home Cooking

White Chocolate? C'mon, what's up with that?

Good white chocolate is delicious. Amedei makes the absolute best white chocolate I've ever had -- very complex, interesting, and balanced. El Rey's Icoa Blanco is wonderful. It has an almond aroma, and a very interesting flavor. Lindt's is a decent benchmark. Baratti and Milano is not very interesting, but it's not that bad either. Blanxart is decent. I find its flavor and texture to be "unrefined" but I enjoy it. Green and Black's is is gross (as are most of their products). Their white chocolate smells like a baby (milk and diapers), it has a gritty and waxy texture, and is overpowered with vanilla.

I'm late in replying to this post, but I absolutely LOVE good chocolate and get defensive when people write off white chocolate based on politics and theory rather than truly giving it a chance.

Cocoa solids definitely have a wonderful flavor, but cocoa butter also has a very wonderful and distinct flavor, and I'd sooner eat a white chocolate with no cocoa solids than a brown chocolate with no cocoa butter.

I find it puzzling that people eat and speak of white chocolate as though it existed only to be a poor imitation of brown chocolate. This seems so bizarre to me -- If I drank a sauvignon blanc and didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't say that the reason why I didn't enjoy it is because it doesn't taste anything like pinot noir. If I don't enjoy it, it should be because I don't enjoy it and not because it doesn't taste like something it's not supposed to taste like. I made a tofu dish once for my boyfriend who said it was delicious, but why didn't it taste like meat? Of course, he was joking about people who eat vegetables and tofu expecting it to substitute for meat in terms of flavor. Many foods are meant to be enjoyed for what they are, not by how well they imitate something they are not.

A while ago I wrote a rambling pseudo-philosophical piece defending white chocolate so I won't repeat it at Chowhound, but it's here for anyone who is interested in giving white chocolate a chance:

New England Style Hot Dog Buns

Mama's Bakery in Los Gatos does them. By NE style rolls, I'm assuming you mean the ones that are split at the top instead of the side?

You have to order them day before or morning of when you need them. Quality is excellent. Their number is (408) 395-5254 and their website address is

Hot Dog Rolls

It isn't in the East Bay, but Mama's Bakery in Los Gatos sells excellent old fashioned hot dog rolls (top split buns). You need to order them the night before or morning of. Their phone number is (408) 395-5254

Olivera Egg Ranch, SJ- Fresh Eggs, live chicken, balut eggs & more

It's a good place. I used to live right near there so we'd get balut, duck, and quail eggs there. They also have a "drive-through" service so you don't have to park the car if you already know what you're getting. I haven't tried the fresh chickens yet. It's on my to-do list.

Grocery Outlet April 2010


Santa Cruz Organic Sparkling Lemonade 1.59
Delmonte organic crushed tomatoes 28 ounces 1.29
Challenge butter 1 lb 1.99
Pescado Pete's Coastal Style Olives 0.99
Fresh mozzerella 2.99
Tonnino yellowfin tuna in olive oil 2.99
Tonnino tuna with oregano in olive oil 2.99
Pemmican beef jerky 2.99

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

Joe's garlic bread. The first Joe H recipe I ever tried. It's fantastic

Oct 21, 2009
blissandfelicity in Home Cooking

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

Thanks for the reply. I have seen your recipe for the pecan caramel ice cream. It's on my to-make list, although I probably won't be cranking it by hand!

Oct 18, 2009
blissandfelicity in Home Cooking

Absolute Best Risotto You Will EVER Eat: Toasted Pistachio Gorgonzola Dolce

Thank you Joe H. for such a wonderful recipe. I made it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely and wanted to let you know. We had a lot left over (there were only 3 of us) but had no problem finishing all of it in a couple of days.

My only issue was that I felt it seriously lacked enough acidity. I think it was the wine I used, which may have been a little too flabby to cut through the richness of this dish. I ended up using lemon juice to perk it up. Have you ever had to do this?

My complete breakdown of my experience making this recipe is here if anyone is interested:

Oct 18, 2009
blissandfelicity in Home Cooking