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Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

I wonder if "biosecurity" concerns will be an issue for a slaughterer, i.e., concern that your ducks will bring in some disease to the plant. The commercially-raised animals that they normally handle will possibly have some paper trail/inspection history, and the plant may have to verify this to keep operating.

Best of luck, and do let us know how it works out. My goal is to eventually have a few hobby chickens, and I don't see myself easily dispatching or processing them without help.

Portable Christmas Dinner

This is so sweet that you want to do this. I love it. :)

Not to bring you down, I do want to share some realities of hospital break rooms/meals during holidays:
-we are (gratefully) already inundated with sweets (cookies, pies, chocolates, bar cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats, etc.)
-staff have probably already organized a comprehensive potluck meal; many nurses love to cook and will bring their holiday favorites (including desserts)
-staffing is barebones to allow as many people to stay home as possible, so often very little time for a real meal break
-There is NO ROOM in the fridge, NONE. I assure you of this lol.
-your husband will possibly-to-likely not have time to sit and eat with you
-outlets may be limited for crockpots/other electrics
-breakrooms are often a crowded afterthought, so table space tends to be limited, and seating in minimal
-the other staff would love to meet you and chat but there likely won't be much time; if you plan on staying you may be sitting alone for periods

I don't want to discourage your wonderful spirit and generosity, but I'd hate to have your plans dashed.

Honestly, you can bring a prepped plate for him without having to feed 40 other peeps, no one would expect that. If you want to share, I know I've enjoyed savory hors d'oeuvres/appetizers, quick snack-and-done foods. A platter or two of single or assorted treats: pigs in blankets, egg rolls, potstickers, spanakopitas, fresh spring rolls, cheese puffs, deviled eggs, tiny sandwiches, etc., would be well-received. Anything that doesn't require plate/fork/sitdown is pretty much an instant hit (and will be talked about for a long time and probably requested next holiday lol).

Aug 27, 2015
DuchessNukem in Home Cooking

Caramelized Onions - would like more ways to eat them

Lol, no, my leeks were full-grown and muddy as any supermarket leek. They work fine in a simmered stew/soup, soften reasonably well. Sauteed for a leek tart, they also become more tender.

(I wouldn't sub leeks for the meltingly soft caramelized onions that's the subject of the OP, but she asked about leeks so this was kind of a sidebar.)

Caramelized Onions - would like more ways to eat them

-I use yellow onions, big batch in the large crockpot.

-Like joonjoon, I puree part of the batch, freeze, and use in curries and gravies, sometimes add to stews to enhance flavor.

-The husband loves them on hot dogs.

-They're nice served over sauteed greens.

-Git you some leeks. Play around. Mild but satisfying flavor. I had weeks of leeks from my CSA this spring and had to freeze a bit (soaked, washed, sliced). Leek tarts, add to soups/stews/curries in place of/additional to onions, leek soup, roasted in toaster oven w/olive oil, fresh in salad. I use both the greens and the white, I hate waste.

Aug 21, 2015
DuchessNukem in Home Cooking

Have you ever lost . . . .

Lol, I can envision that scene. Poor dogs, they want to be good, but... SAUSAGE!! :)

Restaurant staff self-grooming

The problem with speaking up about restaurant service issues (and even subpar food, sometimes) at the time of event is that you never know if the staff is going to be professional about it or if you're gonna spend the next hour being glared at, getting surly or foot-dragging service or ignored. You gamble on whether the behavior is offensive enough to warrant maybe having it switched for other, more personalized ugliness.

And there's been too many complete axhole patrons before you who complained about minimal issues and made a big loud freaking deal of it, so the service staff can be kinda reactive/defensive.

Aug 20, 2015
DuchessNukem in Not About Food

Repurposing leftovers

Leftover pulled pork goes great in ramen as well.

Aug 19, 2015
DuchessNukem in Home Cooking

Have you ever lost . . . .

Lol, sorry not really laughing, but I do recall you posting that in the past, I even had a go at googling it to see if I could help. I bet it was awesome. :(

Aug 19, 2015
DuchessNukem in Not About Food

Repurposing leftovers

Dirty secret for takeout fajita leftovers: everything goes into fajita soup the next night. Warm some chicken broth, add excess refried beans, salsa, pico de gallo, jalapenos, guacamole, lettuce shreds from under the guacamole, the grilled onions and peppers. Chop the chicken/steak/shrimp and add it, cheese shreds, and any leftover rice to the pot after it bubbles for a bit.

Aug 18, 2015
DuchessNukem in Home Cooking


One of my stepfathers was a WWII vet, who intro'd me to Spam. About once every 2 months, I pull out a can, slice it into bacon-thin rectangles and pan-fry. I gently re-warm in micro for subsequent snacks. I think I might even prefer this to bacon.

I usually get the lower-sodium or even the turkey. Hadn't paid attention to all the varieties. Apparently they sell them off their website so I see myself picking out a sampler, yum.

Aug 18, 2015
DuchessNukem in General Topics


Holy crap. That makes me wonder if I can make Spam jerky in my dehydrator. Would be grand.

Aug 18, 2015
DuchessNukem in General Topics

Does It Bother You to Be Photographed While Eating?

Yep, that relative IS totally oblivious to etiquette. Escalating as you advise during a party/wedding/event would only have resulted in him yelling, "But I'm only taking pictures!" with an aggrieved expression, with my husband's family looking on lol.

I didn't see or interact with this dude except at gatherings, and I know that the conflict wouldn't have been resolved by phone/email in private. He is VERY adamant.

Aug 17, 2015
DuchessNukem in Not About Food

Does It Bother You to Be Photographed While Eating?

Tried the "please don't" approach, a few different times/ways, with the Invasive Shutterbug in my husband's family. Response was his laughter, and "why? it's no harm", "everyone ELSE likes it", "don't be such a wet blanket", etc.

Have also seen this with acquaintances/coworkers. These peeps NEVER get it.

Aug 13, 2015
DuchessNukem in Not About Food

A Brit Hates NYC Fine Dining

OMG, I'm not even through the first page and I find the repetition of "Through Itself" rather than Per Se, so incredibly irritating. Got the 'joke', lady, you can stop already.

Aug 13, 2015
DuchessNukem in Manhattan

Your dirty little kitchen secret

Lol, sorry about your gleekage. Unrelated, except for word sound, during my spring CSA I was leeking uncontrollably into every dish, due to oversupply. :)

Jun 30, 2015
DuchessNukem in General Topics

Current restaurant pet peeve

Ah, I gotta kindly disagree. :) Most website designers expect (even spell out in contract) that the biz owner will provide accurate content. (My husband has had clients in Japan and Finland, they certainly didn't pony up for airfare lol, so he had to rely on what they provided.)

Clients often don't want to have to pay for updates so they'll leave inaccurate info up. Totally frustrating though.

Picky eater

Weird for ya. If my husband did same, I'd wonder what changed, are there new work/family/$$$/life stresses? Have you guys talked about the change?

In any case, we do "appetizers for dinner" a couple of times a month, husband finds it very festive. It becomes a filling, generally high-quality/good-nutrition meal, because I serve it as small plates (usually 5-8 courses) and I start with veggie plates/soup shooter, moving toward a satisfying meat/seafood ending. I'll occasionally throw in some freezer favorites (potstickers, pizza rolls, frozen soft pretzel) or trashy faves (pigs in blankets, leftover pizza cut bite size). Many times I'm using up bits of stuff from the fridge.

Some sample plates:
-small bowl of fresh leaf lettuce salad/sprouts salad
-romaine leaves spread with hummus or pesto
-1/2 c of leftover soup
-fennel roasted with olive oil, S&P, grated parmesan
-steamed broccoli with butter
-roasted brussels sprouts (often served cold)
-sauteed greens (with olive oil, S&P, garlic, cayenne)
-gazpacho variants (even just cucumber/tomatoes/bit of olive oil/V8)
-crudites and yogurt dip or hummus
-crusty bread, cheese, olives
-garbanzos/tomatoes/onion/cucumber/vinaigrette small salad bowl
-bits of leftover cold roast chicken with salad sprinkle/seasoning
-chicken/seasoned cabbage mini-tacos
-bits of leftover steak sliced thin/carpaccio style w/capers, parm, oil
-steamed salmon
-shrimp cocktail
-small serving leftover chili/curry

When to get lunch/a snack on this trip?

Reagan's offerings:

Buffalo's offerings:

I'm betting that the DC options will be more appealing, even after a ride in the overhead. Some nice sandwiches offered.

And that said, I totally don't get why some people here need to be snarky, or insist on offering suggestions clearly not available per an OP. The OP is looking for helpful suggestions/perhaps people with experience at these airports.

Of course she could wait a few hours to eat. Of course she could pack a lunch. But isn't this a foodie/foodist/chowhound site? Doesn't a snack make things more enjoyable? Doesn't a tasty bite help reduce stress?

The Etiquette of Bringing Your Own Meal on a Plane

MelMM, check out, they sell tiny packets/packages of condiments and I count three different gluten-free soy sauces offered. :)

How to preserve garlic in the desert

I buy the 2.5# canister of peeled cloves at Costco and run them through the food processor to a fine chop, then pack into quart or sandwich size freezer ziplocs and freeze flat. I can always pull them out and break off a chunk, and I don't find that they lose potency, in fact I have to double-bag them in freezer and place into a reused salad clamshell to ensure the whole freezer isn't garlicky.

Jun 22, 2015
DuchessNukem in General Topics

Eating stale food

Honestly, sometimes that's the best solution when there's only two of you. The expense of single-serve is balanced by avoiding the loss of most of the giant bag.

Plus, you can get assortments of small cereals, chips, cookies, crackers to help avoid the monotony of one large box.

Clever food styling

Those are fab. And now I'm so hungry. :)

CoolCooker: refrigerating slow cooker/delayed start

Someone's finally addressed the concern about too-long cooking times/no one home to turn on the pot. This is a 3-qt apparently-programmable cooker that refrigerates your food until time to start cooking.


Not a lot of useful info out there on this thing. Trademark applied for in 2004; company videos on Youtube from 2013; low-end company website with confusing info; only two reviews on Amazon.

company website:

brief blogger review:

(What's confusing me? This line from the website:
"It is not a slow cooker. Because of the refrigeration step, not all slow cooker recipes may be suitable"


Am I intrigued? I love gadgets. I do work 12-hr shifts, with a 45 min/1 hr commute each way, and sometimes it would be great to do a 4-6 hr cook while working.

Would I buy it? Not at that price. For now I'll just crock something a day ahead and reheat when I get home.

May 06, 2015
DuchessNukem in Cookware

Chocolate Bourbon Cake with Caramel Frosting - THANKS Andiereid!

It's in the thread Andiereid links to in her second post above.

May 05, 2015
DuchessNukem in Home Cooking

Is it ok to eat many eggs?

If that's all you're eating, you're eating (an unbalanced) very low-calorie diet...probably much less calories than you were eating. There's where the weight loss comes in.

egg yolks: 57 calories x2 = 124 cal
egg whites: 17 calories x 25 = 425 cal

total daily: 549 cal

zuchinni noodle maker

I use this one:®-Stain...

I used a spiralizer for years but this style was recommended here on CH. This is easier to clean and the noodles end up a littler stiffer/stronger (my preference). There's still a little finish work with the knife for the last bit of zucchini but had that with the spiralizer also.

May 05, 2015
DuchessNukem in Cookware

Time to get rid of the microwave?

Did you do any more research on this, yourself, aside from reading this article?

fava bean water turned bright red?

May 01, 2015
DuchessNukem in General Topics

Please Help - Fresh Ideas for Someone with Herb/Spice Allergies

I have a product that I don't think is made any longer: Vann's Organic Harvest Grinder. Mostly bits of dehydrated veggies, salt, herbs in a grinder. When I run out I plan to mix up my own blend and use in grinder/peppermill.

Ingredients include:
red bell pepper (obviously, not for your person)
sea salt
lemon peel

This is great as table dressing on eggs, sandwiches, (potatoes), salads, broccoli, soups, gives a bright and fresh flavor. It wouldn't be hard to custom-mix, and any excess could be gifted out in a nice grinder. You could leave out the salt, add in whole coriander, dried orange peel.

Nutritional yeast adds a salty, cheesy flavor, and can add at the table also. Don't know if that's been cleared for your person though.

Apr 30, 2015
DuchessNukem in Special Diets

Elegant way to cover food outdoors?

You can search "plastic cake cover" or "plastic cake dome", but if you have a lot to cover these could get spendy. Cheapest I found in a quick search was $5.75:

Apr 30, 2015
DuchessNukem in Not About Food