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Indian dishes in YYC


I am looking for Indian dishes, same as what they usually serve you in an Indian restaurant to keep the curries warm. I am looking for the dishes but also the keep-warm box. would anyone know where to find this in Calgary?

Jan 16, 2011
egoodchild in Prairie Provinces

Noble in Calgary?

Went with my husband last night for my birthday to Notable. We were very excited as we leave close by and are definitely missing good restaurants in the neighbourhood (recommendations anyone....). unfortunately I was a bit disappointed...I knew it was the second night so wasnt expecting much from the service but didnt have a pleasant experience. Spent in total 2.5 hours for 1 starter and 1 main each and I think we would still be there now if we hadnt walked to the bar to pay....I saw a few tables coming after us and leaving before us with starters and mains as well so got a bit disappointed....also I wasnt very impressed with the menu, I thought it lacked originality....I actually struggled to find something I fancied!! the food was good but nothing husband s beef tenderloin arrived cold on his plate....

we will return there in 6 months time, leaving them time to adjust!

Aug 08, 2010
egoodchild in Prairie Provinces

Almond Flour in Calgary?

if it is almond powder that you are looking for, I have found some in my safeway by Home road

Feb 06, 2010
egoodchild in Prairie Provinces

Japanese shop / Denbu

Hi, I am looking to buy Denbu, the pink stuff to put in futomaki and Kampyo, anyone knows a japanese hop in Calgary? Thanks

Oct 17, 2009
egoodchild in Prairie Provinces