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Many thanks for the Il Veneziano recommendation. We spent several nights in Veracruz. Hotel had not much to recommend in way of restaurants. Ate a few meals at Los Portales, fun people watching and food wasn't bad, but we quickly tired of it and wanted something better. Ended up going to Il V 3 times - even if it WAS a longish cab ride from centro to boca.
Cute little place, GREAT bread, excellent salads and really enjoyed their pasta genovese (think that's what they called their pesto pasta -yum) Sorry I get around to trying any of the fish. . . next time. or maybe next time we'll venture further into/beyond Boca for more fish.

Mar 04, 2010
glover in Mexico

Oaxaca City recommendations needed

Spent mid January to mid February in Oaxaca and benefited from lots of chowhound suggestions. Glad to see the rec for Itanoni above. We were doing intercambio with a local Oaxaca guy and he took us there, saying it was his favorite breakfast spot. We later went back again we loved it so. When I mentioned to him that I was a big fan of posole, he recommended another restaurant I hadn't seen mentioned here: La Gran Torta. Thinks it's over on Porfirio Diaz a few blocks north of zocalo. A very casual place (plastic tables etc), but posole is its specialty. Several different varieties. We tried the house special which was just chock full of great stuff (well. . except for those chicharones, sorry, I just don't get) radishes, hominy, onions, just thick and delicious. A really big bowl too for about 70 pesos. Could definitely be a meal.

We went to Biznaga a few times as always because we love the atmosphere and alot of the food. Had two great meals at Casa Oaxaca (upstairs outside is a gorgeous setting)
Some excellent ceviche and really good tuna - though the fire barely grazed that fish and it made me a tad nervous - but I was none the worse for it. . . . Blah meal at Los Pacos.
Had my seond really excellent meal at Temple (first was a couple years ago). A very good dinner and very good service at a reasonable price at Biche Pobre. Sadly only made it to La Olla once. Consistently very good. We stayed across from the SD church and so several times ate just around the corner at the little Italian place (Spaghetteria? someone mentioned here). Cozy, good food, good prices, reliable, sometimes a little slow. Went to Via Liera (sp?) and came out a tad underwhelmed. Pasta was good I don't know, maybe we were just lonely. We can't seem to stay up late enough to eat dinner at 9:00 instead of 7. what fogies we are. .

Mar 04, 2010
glover in Mexico

Bazaar del Sabado in San Angel - Any good food?

You shouldn't have any trouble finding some good eats around there. I remember passing a couple cafe like restaurants with outside space that looked very popular. We ended up eating in a little hole in wall place/cafe. Wish I knew the name. Had cochinita pibil or something similar torta like that was great. It was on one of streets running down from the park area to the bigger main drag there. It just looked like a popular good place so we popped in. And sure enough, lots of folks came in seeming to know the cook. . .

On another visit we had an early cena (a late comida?) at the San Angel Inn. A beautiful place indeed and wonderful food, but not cheap .

Mar 04, 2010
glover in Mexico

Detailed report: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest

Just wanted to let you know that we went to Klassz in Budapest last week based on your recommendation! It was our 9th and final night of our Prague/Vienna/Budapest Austrian Air package. We had a fabulous there, so thanks so much for putting us on to it. We were 4 - 2 had the really interesting and tasty beet tartar salad, husband had pea soup and I had Basil Massel (mussel?) soup. All were wonderful. Entrees were 2 pork mangalicas, 1 duck breast, and lamb with potatoes. Our waiter was terrific as well - very helpful, knowledgeable and straight up. Good with wine as well. Recommended a red, poured ALL of us a taste and made it clear that he wanted us to change if we weren't pleased. We all really enjoyed Klassz. Went there on Friday night early (6 ish ) without a reservation. It filled up rather quickly after we got there.

Oct 19, 2009
glover in Europe


We tried the one above while we were in Budapest last week. What an adventure. Not knowing the city, we had a tough time finding it (we were on foot) - but met some interesting locals on the way. We'd had a hot drink at the Four Seasons just before (what a contrast!) and our waiter there showed us Szlovak Sorozo on the map. Thus we set out - and almost as soon as we left the 4 Seasons main drag were lost in a maze of name changing short side streets.
A nice young British ex pat took pity on us and led us with her (an admitted longer but clearer way) to spot near the neighborhood. We ended up in front of a friendly Irish pub where we again asked for directions. These guys had never heard of the place but said it had to be virtually in back of them. Set forth again and at last found the SS. I

We were definitely the only tourists in place. Waiter was extremely kind and patient with us. Gave us lots of good recs - though wish he'd have suggested sharing. We ended up with mountains of food - very good salads (sweet/sour cucumber and bibb lettuce) Two got beef stew affair which they liked and we two couldn't resist "the Transylvania Wooden plate for 2." It was a mountain of rice and good fried potatoes topped with breaded fried pork pieces, beef steak, and sausage "flowers" on top. Enormous. Naturally we ordered some Sztrapacska as well based on the above. Washed down with beer for some, and local red wine for others. Wished I'd had room for bean soup!

Oct 18, 2009
glover in Europe