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Gourmet Dining in Beaune

The best dinner that we had in Beaune was at Le Cheval Noir at 17 Blvd St. Jacques. It is just a few blocks from the Hotel Dieu and just across the street from Jardin des Remparts but much more moderately priced. Do not judge this restaurant by the exterior which is quite nondescript. The interior has modern furnishings and may seem a little minimalistic. However, the food is not only imaginative and delicious but each course is artistically presented on different shaped plates. The staff is extremely accommodating. Although the prix fixe menu listed a terrine of foie gras as the entree, I requested and received foie gras poele instead at no additional charge.

Le Cheval Noir is not a bistrot. On the basis of traveler reviews, we also dined at Ma Cuisine and Le Petit Paradis in Beaune. Neither of these restaurants came close to the wonderful dining experience that we had at Le Cheval Noir. Be aware that there is also a restaurant in Beaune called Le Cheval Blanc. I don't know if there is any connection between the two but definitely try Le Cheval Noir.

Oct 17, 2009
gourmetgirlboston in France