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Moving to downtown Silver Spring - a summary, please

thanks, everyone. I'm looking forward to checking some of these places out!

Moving to downtown Silver Spring - a summary, please

All - I'm moving back across the river from Virginia to MD for the first time in five years, this time into the downtown Silver Spring area. I searched and couldn't find a "comprehensive" post for the area - I apologize if it exists, and if you want to gladly point me there, I'd be happy to read it.

Otherwise, I'm just looking for an idea on what all of the options are. I know there are some chains in the area - so I know I can get decent, but uninspiring food at places like Macaroni Grill, Austin Grill, etc. I'm looking for some of the one-offs or local chains that are within walks (I'm right near the Metro station) or short jaunts.

I'm not overly adventurous but I do like at least a few dishes of each "ethnic" type, and would also like thoughts on potential go-tos for pizza, etc. Always happy to know of solidly "nice" places to take the parents or the girlfriend (I know there's a Ray's down there...).

Anyway, any links, specific recommendations, and so forth are greatly appreciated.


Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

Wow, so I happened to come to Chowhound for the first time in awhile and my 6 month old thread was just bumped. That's kind of awesome.

As a follow up, I really haven't explored the area as much as I would like. I guess I'm not enough of a foodie (nor, uh, do I get paid well enough) to just go out on my own, and my roommate is surprisingly unenthusiastic when I suggest we go grab something most times. I really like Hee Been, although I haven't been more than once, and I am a fan of Valentino's, although I've never had anything other than the pizza.

I need to get out more, methinks.

Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

Are there any good "American" type of restaurants in the area? I guess what I am thinking of is something laid back and casual but with really good food - thinking like Old Hickory Grille in Falls Church, which I just moved away from.

Also, any good carryout gems? My folks are coming by tonight, but they were bringing the dog so we'd have to carryout.

Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

Bump...just for things I have noticed.

I noticed going east towards Old Town there was a shopping center with a Harris Teeter and what looked like some restaurants in and nearby (a Mexican place, a bar and grirll, etc...haven't ventured terribly far). It looks like back towards Van Dorn there's a bunch of Italian places.

Any further tips?

Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

I am moving in August from Falls Church down to a condo just east of the Landmark Mall, off of Duke St. Obviously, there are a ton of restaurants in Alexandria towards Old Town, but I was wondering if there were any sort of hidden gems in that very specific area (within a couple of miles of the mall on either side).

I will, of course, take copious recommendations for places in Old Town as well, I just don't want to have to worry about parking and such every time my roommate and I decide to grab a quick bite.

Nice but casual place to take parents in NoVa

Question - how flexible is a place like Artie's in terms of subbing like, a vegetable or something for the loaded potato, since that seems to come with most of the steaks? Also, since the site doesn't show it - what am I talking about price range for there?

Nice but casual place to take parents in NoVa

I owe my parents a belated nice dinner and they appear to have called it in on Saturday since they'll be in the area. I'm in Falls Church, so I'm between Fairfax and Arlington, assuming we don't want to go too far. Caveat being that since they'll be doing things during the day and it's gonna be friggin' August, they'll probably be wearing, at best, nicer shorts, so we're not looking for fancy. My dad threw the word "steak" out there but I don't really have occasion to take out people for "nice" dinners so I don't know.

Any thoughts?

Good birthday dinner for picky fam in Rockville/Bethesda?

We're doing a combined birthday dinner for my mother and my brother-in-law on Saturday and we're looking for something new. The party will include my father, who's a pretty bland eater due to some stomach issues, and my grandmother, who is of course, 86 and complains about most new places we go to (service, noise, etc.)

My sister sent out list of possible places to try including Rarely Legal Grille, Black's Bar and Kitchen, Pacific Grill, Greystone Grill and Stonefish Grill. I know Greystone isn't too popular on these boards, but are there any other opinions on these places or any similar places we might want to try? I think good service would be important, in case anyone needs any special considerations (or just so that there's nothing to complain about and we can concentrate on the food).


Greek food in Northern Virginia

my roommate inquired about whether there are any good Greek restaurants in the area, and I couldn't answer his question. We live in Falls Church near Route 50/Lee Highway and the Beltway. I think he is looking primarily for a neighborhood/carryout type of place, rather than sit-down nicer place, but I'll take any suggestions that we can form our own impressions on...

Any Puffy Tacos in Northern Virginia ?

So I'll threadjack a bit...but in general, what are some good Mexican places in Northern Virginia - specifically on the corridor between say, Falls Church and McLean/Tyson's?

Moving to Falls Church - restaurant recommendations

Hey guys,

I am moving to Falls Church in August (Route 50 just east of the Beltway) and I work in Falls Church near Bailey's Crossroads/Seven Corners. I am looking for some gems in this area - places I can duck out for lunch, places I can pick up food on the way home from work, and even some of the better ethnic markets in the area if I decide to get brave and try and make some things myself.

I figure based on my roommate and I having different schedules (and, uh, both being guys) that we will bring in food or go out a pretty decent amount.

So have at it! Tell me the name, what type of food it is, and if there's anything in particular you recommend...