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416snackbar (review & pics)

jl thanks for the review ! looks good except for the burnt latke ... and judging by the size of the dill are the portions super mini ?

i was thinking of just going to my fave chinese place instead but the photos are giving me second thoughts now ... shouldnt think about this when im so hungry ! lol

psp i agree with you about patty shells ; soft , flaky and yellow is ideal for me , but i have had the other style before and they are okay too , just not my personal preference .

416snackbar (review & pics)

anyone else try this place ?

i have a couple friends who dj there but i never hear about the FOOD (except one story about a disappointing latke that was described to be more like a hash-brown ...)

im back in town for one day next week and need a place to eat with friends . i like the idea of getting a few toronto fixes in at one place , and i didnt get to try it before i moved away .

any other reports ?


daniel et daniel on carlton has the best tourtiere ive had next to my mother-in-laws (shes from chicoutimi!)

Weezie's - meh

i had a similar experience to the original poster tonight . ordered the steak frites and it was not cooked how i asked it to be (asked for medium well which i know tends to annoy some cooks but is absolutely still achievable) . the first few bites were fine but the middle was bloody , which i really dislike .

the fries were not golden but brown and had obviously been cooked in oil that was too hot . the aoli was fine , although the garlic was barely detectable .

didnt have time for dessert because we were going to see a play .

service was very warm and friendly .

i would go back because i like the simplicity of the menu , the owner and staff are pleasant , and its reasonably priced , but i am surprised at all the rave reviews .

best jamaican patties in the gta

queen of patties all the way ! (the jerk and the rotis are amazing too)

steak frites bday dindinz

hey thanks for everyones suggestions , i decided to try tati again because i just LOVE that gigantic tree on the patio !


steak frites bday dindinz

tnx psp ! i will definitely have to try sidecar eventually (hopefully while its still patio season) , but im not interested in plain butter , so i will have to go with whatever they are serving with their steak when i try it (within my extensive allergy restrictions)

ps " seriously good cow " hillarious ! :)

steak frites bday dindinz

i guess something about the decor just looks unappealing to me ... every time i pass by on college i look in thinking of the good reviews and get turned of by the aesthetics . just checked online tho and the patio actually looks pretty nice ... but cant do red wine so the butter on the steak is out ... thinking of trying tati again just for the amazing patio .

i kno im being really specific , but what better day than your birthday to be ridiculously picky ? ;)

steak frites bday dindinz

thanks guys !

jlunar - yeah actually a friend of mine works at beer bistro and the fries are at least partially cooked in peanut oil (at some point in the process) , so bb isnt a possibility , but thanks a lot for the thought !

wonton - coquine is an option although it is a bit of a distance , thanks for that suggestion .

cat123 - la palette is in a preferable hood but i have to think about the butter factor ... lol . thanks !


steak frites bday dindinz

yeah like i said above , le select is out on account of the peanut oil they use for their frites ... i know you might have missed this on account of my long winded post ! thanks a lot anyway !


steak frites bday dindinz

hi everyone !

every time i go for a birthday dinner , i end up wanting steak frites . i am trying to narrow this down between the restaurants i can think of , but im interested in any other suggestions as well . there are a few variables that make this a tricky decision :

1 i really want beurre de paris with my steak
2 i am allergic to nuts so frites cooked in peanut oil are out
3 we are not going big this year so the entrees need to be under $30

also this is short notice , as my bday is on the 3rd

so far i was thinking of tati , nota bene and side car .

tati i have had mixed experiences with , but they do have the required butter . the quality of the cut of meat has been inconsistent and they once mixed me up with another party who were a no-show and warned me of a terribly hostile message they thought that they accidentally left on my answering machine (there was no evil message after all but it was a strange experience to be interrupted halfway through our dinner by this warning).

nota bene used to have a great steak frites but it seems to be off of the menu and no longer served with the required magical herby pat of grease . also the steaks all now seem to be priced $40 and up . thinking of maybe calling ahead and asking about the herb butter and splurging (yes , for me this is splurging)

and then there is sidecar , which ive never tried even though i have heard good things , simply because i am not so into the atmosphere .

le select is out on account of the peanut oil they use , and jules is ok but the cut is too tough for me .

ok so all this to say ...

if anyone knows of any places that have peanut free fries and a good cut of steak with beurre de paris or beurre de cafe de paris or whatever its called , for under $30 , downtown , please let me know !

thanks a lot !

Worst/Slowest/Most Disappointing brunch ever at STARVING ARTIST!

i have to say i agree with everything you said . they are nice guys and its a shame that none of them have a more refined pallette . it tastes like the menu was put together by a child , or at least a raving sugar addict bc everything on it except the potato waffles is sickeningly sweet . the potato salad tastes saturated in sugar and is definitely not made by them (and i agree , if it is , then O DEAR) the "raspberry vinagrette" tastes like bad candy , and the waffles are terrible .

i have to say for the first couple of visits i was wowed by the concept / location / vibe , but on the third try i realized how truly terrible the food is . too bad they dont do any of it right , sad to see how easily ppl get fooled by cool (including me for a day or two)

Local kitchen and wine bar

i had the gnocchi last night , and i have to agree with 111HI , the sauce was nice (i love taleggio) but the gnocchi itself was terribly bland . i would say that the dish would have been perfect if the gnocchi was properly seasoned and there was more rapini (added a nice texture and a fresh , bitter counterbalance to the rich sauce, but there were only a few little pieces in the otherwise generous serving of minidumplings)

i have to add that the best gnocchi dish i have ever had was the squash gnocchi in sage butter at libretto . altho im not a huge fan of their pizza , i have had quite a few items off of their assaggini menu that were great , and the gnocchi were way on top of the list .

Böhmer on Ossington

i walked by on the weekend and it looked beautiful altho i didnt stop to get a good look so maybe i was just impressed with the spaciousness ... im very curious about the food, hopefully will give it a try soon ! so far the only review i read was on martiniboys ... ?

ISO best meatball sandwich in Toronto.

i havent tried them all , but my fave is the meatball sandwich at the place in the basement of the st. lawrence market (cant remember the name) . i find it to be much more flavourful and well seasoned than the meatballs at california's or san francesco's .

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

nice , quiet atmosphere at the holy oak on bloor just east of lansdowne . i dont drink coffee but i hear its very good . limited food selection that i have yet to try . friendly service .

anniversary dinner

thanks lcmb n lamaranthe !

i will keep these names in mind for another time (our anniversary was on the 18th and we had a great time at tati bistro !)


anniversary dinner

hi yeah thanks yum n jamiek , we were considering weezie's but saw that it isn't open sundays , plus we were aiming for something in the west end , where we are . we will definitely try weezie's another time !

thanks !


anniversary dinner

hey benniep and manybears !

just wanted to say thanks for the responses ! we checked the sidecar website (amongst many others) and decided we werent so into the atmosphere .

we almost went to harbord room , but a friend of mine who ate there last month dissuaded us .

in the end , we ate at tati bistro , and it was perfect ! (im glad i decided to ignore the reports on here regarding terrible service ! the food was delicious and the service was fine)

thanks again for your suggestions ! we will have to try sidecar another time


anniversary dinner

hi hi everyone !

my husband and i will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary on sunday and we still havent decided where we will be having dinner . our recent faves are black hoof and nota bene , but we are looking to go somewhere new . we have been eating out a little too much lately , so even tho it is our anniversary we are looking to keep it as inexpensive as possible (mains within the 20-30 range) i have been craving steak frites so we had reserved a table at le select (my husband is french so i thought he might like the classic bistro ambiance there) but they cook their frites in peanut oil and i am severely allergic to nuts . i am also allergic to seafood amongst quite a few other foods , so places like foxley are out :(


all this to say , we are looking for somewhere that is :

open sundays
straightforward menu (ie not heavy on seafood, nuts, or particularly unusual ingredients)
$20-30 mains
quiet (not a libretto type of atmosphere , it is our anniversary , even if we are being cheap)
preferably has beurre cafe de paris w one of their steaks ! (ok i guess i am being too picky now)

thank you in advance , and sorry if this was redundant or too demanding ! its my first post !