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Drew's Bayshore Bistro, Keyport

DH and I have had two dinners in the past two weeks since opening. We have had old favorite Voodoo Shrimp - still fabulous- and had the best spinach salad lightly dressed (I don't remember exact but I think it had maple flavor) with white cheddar, Benton's bacon, apple and grapes- all ingredients top notch and fresh. Entrees included the catfish on the regular menu, mako with New Orleans BBQ shrimp on top (OMG) and pork chop duo with a spicy rub and cooked to perfection!

Mar 19, 2013
RachA in New Jersey

Which restaurant do you like during Lent?

Keyport Fishery for take-out, Drews BayshoreBistro, windandsea have been our stand-bys

Mar 19, 2013
RachA in New Jersey

Red Sky - Keyport

Please check this place out! Had a fabulous dinner from appy to dessert! Had chicken cordon blue bites, with ham and Swiss - nice! Husband had lime and habernero infused clams - really great flavor mix IMHO. Entrees were Red Sky Chicken - roasted red pepper, crab, fontina cheese over delicate chicken and I had scallops with a Burre blanc - sooo tasty with the lemon and wine. Nice choc cake for dessert. Had great conversation with chef James after - CIA grad has some skills!

Oct 12, 2012
RachA in New Jersey

Bayside Grill in Keyport

I'm pretty excited that my hubby and I started going to happy hour at a bar in Keyport called the Bayside Grill
Old Keyport people will know it as the former Passport or Bucket of Blood. Anyway, they have a decent bar menu, pizza is good but the specials are great. We have had tilapia piccata, jumbo shrimp franchise with spinach, rib eye steak with mashed and broccoli rabe, and chicken Marsala. If you decide to go, make sure to order if the specials menu. I hope they keep chef Carlos and this quality of food going for a long time!

Apr 01, 2012
RachA in New Jersey