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Korean in Calgary

+ another re: Sura. Great banchan, and the as noted the staff are really pleasant. Has anyone been to Hankang near Crowfoot?

Escargot shells/snail shells in Calgary

Yep I saw them there too. They stood out as it is such an unusual sight in Calgary..

Calgary & surrounding: where to find organic fresh bulk vegetables / general produce?

It's still a lot of work to source organic food at a good price around Calgary.. I spend a lot of time September buying beets, potatoes, garlic, and squashes in bulk at farmer's markets, and keep them in in a cold room for the winter. (you can often find pesticide free at Crossroads Market, which I think is the best priced, certified organic is much harder to come by..). My solution is to grow greens myself, microgreens indoors and cold weather greens under protection outside. And to pretty much forego tomatoes. As others have said, local eating in the winter here means lots of kale, chard, cabbage, and beets. I've heard that Superstore is trying to bring in more local and organic. But Alberta is oil and ranching country, really.. the trend toward local produce is only beginning to actually have an effect on what's available.

Candied Salmon - CGY

Planet Organic has some in the frozen food section..

Second to None Meats, Montgomery (YYC)

I had a good experience at this place yesterday.. I had stayed away after reading some negative reviews here about meat being too old, but thought I'd give it a try since it's a convenient location for me.

It is a satellite of the main 4th street location, so it is retail only (they do all the butchering at the main store). About half of the meat is frozen for this reason. But the selection was still pretty good, no bison, but there was Gallway beef (grass fed all year round, amazingly.. Gallways forage in the winter. Google them and you'll see why.. then finished with some barley), free range whole chicken (5 bucks less than Planet Organic), nitrate free bacon, free range eggs, Valbella sausages.. all the basics. They also have duck, lardons, and meat pies in the freezer.

It is the best option in the NW quadrant for as close to natural/organic as you can get for a reasonable price, it seems to me.

Noble in Calgary?

Went for lunch today... great food.

The place was almost completely full, on a Tuesday at noon. It was a genius move to put a higher quality restaurant in the NW, there is virtually no competition aside from Redwater.

The rotiserie chicken was rather incredible.. must be that wood oven. Sadly the fries were not fresh and were overdone. Can't win em all.

The spinach salad was beautiful as well, with strawberries pickled in balsamic, something I had never come across. Balsamic strawberries yes, but the pickling (with red onions also) changed the character a little. They were delicious.

Really friendly service, but I'll have to agree with other posters that the timing was a bit off. The server seemed to be there when we didn't need her and nowhere when we did. Although they seem to have hired local neighborhood staff, not the slick servers you encounter at more expensive restaurants downtown, and I appreciate that. Hopefully they'll get in the groove.

Great value though, the bill came to $50.00, including a shared dessert and some exceptional tea to finish (cherry rose sencha.. tasted like turkish delight).

As I'm ten minutes from the place, it'll pretty much be my go-to from now on. Looking forward to trying the brunch.

Fresh grape leaves YYC

Hmm Strathmore would be a bit of a trek for me. Thanks for the offer though. Did you grow the horseradish from seed by the way? I'd like to grow it next year.

Fresh grape leaves YYC

Has anyone seen them around? That or horseradish leaves. It's for pickling.

whole hog cost/supplier?

Spragg's also has a booth at Kingsland Market.

Where to find soft pretzels in Calgary?

Tried the pretzel buns at Kingsland Market, and we somehow ate the whole bag in 15 minutes. Those things are DANGEROUS.


I've seen it at Arirang Oriental Foods 1324 10 Ave SW.

Planet Organic

I'm just pissed that they no longer carry Hotchkiss, I'm assuming because the new multicorp owner doesn't think twice about local. They are fine for dry goods but that's about it.. I'm in arugula withdrawal, sigh..

The BottleHouse Beer Parlour - Calgary (Kensington)

Couldn't believe it when I saw that they had replicated that horrific 70s font on the actual building and not just on the website.. eesh.

Has anyone seen Yuzu in Calgary?

I saw Yuzu vinegar at Cookbook Company.

Dry hominy in YYC?

Has anyone seen dried hominy around town?
I want to try this:

Best Day trips/foodie destinations near Calgary?

Pasu Farms is fun. I'm not a lamb eater myself, but I've heard the restaurant is good. Reservations required at the resto.

Grocery prices in cowtown

Interesting comparison of the big stores..

YYC foodies: do you grow your own food? [Moved from Prairie Provinces]

Fun to hear everyone's adventures! I hear Hotchkiss was a foodie first, he couldn't find a good tomato in Calgary so he started growing his own out of desperation :)

Yes I had the same prob with radishes bolting.. I read over this winter that they need to be in partial shade or grown and harvested in early spring. I have been completely inspired by a book called 'Four Season Harvest', which is about extending the season using cold frames. A friend of mine had spinach sprouting outside in DECEMBER (in Calgary) using the methods. So there's hope for us snow bound gardeners...

Re: bushes, my neighbor put in a haskap berry bush. It started producing after one year.. and the berries taste like blueberries crossed with huckleberries. yum.

Feb 20, 2010
ilovealbertabeets in Gardening

YYC foodies: do you grow your own food? [Moved from Prairie Provinces]

I'm curious how many chowhounders garden as well. Anyone?

Feb 19, 2010
ilovealbertabeets in Gardening

There is nothing worse than bad cake...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud today..

'red velvet = ass in a box'

and the fact that someone used the word simulacra to refer to cake.
best YYC thread EVAR.

Good sandwiches in Calgary

I love how all my answers are off by just a few letters, and directions tend to be backwards in some important regard.. thank god for the chowhound fact checkers.

Opening in Calgary?

Any word on DeNoble?

Good sandwiches in Calgary

They do a great BLAT (hehe) at Cadence Coffee. The A is avocado btw, and I have it without the B. Best veggie sandwich I have enjoyed in awhile, due to tons of fresh, ripe avocado.

I think I've seen croque monsieur on the menu at Daniel Latrue but haven't tried it. I had a very nice Monte Cristo at Belmont Diner, minus the meat. It was pretty rich but delish.

Based on my experience of breakfast, I'm pretty confident the sandwiches at Dairy Lane would be amazing.

Brunch around Aspen Woods/Strathcona?

Ladybug is amazing. However it's worth making a reservation as they are often packed.

yann haute patisserie opens tomorrow

The atmosphere in there is a bit strange.. clinical. But the rose and orange water macaron I had was amazing. Tasted like Turkish delight.

Calgary Farmer's Market - A Taste of Quebec, Help! [chutney recipe help - moved from Prairie Provinces]

Chutney is quite easy to make. It will be difficult to get the exact same exact taste without knowing what the spices are, but start with a basic one like this and tweak it..

Looking for good Korean Restaurants in YYC

Thanks for the correction.. also I was trying to remember the name of this place, and then saw this review.

Looking for good Korean Restaurants in YYC

I'll vouch for Sura and Clubhouse.
There's also a less well known place called San Don Banjeom at 37th Ave and 26th St. SW. It serves Chinese style Korean, which is a specific kind of cuisine.. no bibimbap or kalbi served. They have Jajangmeon, a dish I find a tad strange but Koreans looove it. In Korea, there is a day in the calendar devoted to eating it. They have really nice Chap Chae. In the summer they also have the cold naengmyon dishes miss.foodie referred to.. not on the menu but written on the wall in Korean, so you have to ask for them. Fantastic on a hot day.

any good vegetarian restaurants in calgary..

Really, Jamaican veg? This I have to try. Do you know where that thread is? I can't find it now that the board has changed.
deceptiontony, I'm afraid purely veg places are almost unheard of in Calgary, except for those mentioned above.

YYC - ground espresso for sale in the NW?

Good advice all. If my coffee pickiness continues I see a ceramic burr grinder in my future. I'll have to ask what kind of beans they use at Beano.. The P&S coffee is very nice, and they did ask what kind of a maker I use to determine the grind, which seems a bit coarser than usual. However it doesn't have that elusive chocolately full bodied taste you speak of.. It's 40% brazil, 30% ethiopia, 30% guatemala. S. American beans seem more mellow generally, are they not? Maybe I should go for more African.