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One sick Gringa [moved from Mexico board]

Although we've been back for some time now, I thought I'd report on our last trip to Mexico. We were in Queretaro, DF, and Huatulco and I DIDN'T GET SICK EVEN ONCE! I ditched the Cipro, ate lots or yogurt, and stuck to beer. It was amazing. Looking back on it, I think the altitude in DF plays havoc on my system. Thanks, DiningDiva--never thought of it before. i did make my own ice cubes from the "jug water" once and had no ill effects...who knew?

Thanks for all the advice, Chowhounds--disaster averted.

Jun 12, 2010
colleend in General Topics

One sick Gringa [moved from Mexico board]

How do you do it? How do you stay well while eating in Mexico? All I gotta say is that Cipro just ain't cutting it. It doesn't matter if I'm eating at the latest in Polanco, on the street, or cena prepared by abuela and an army of tias, I just can't do it. Does anyone have a trick or two to share?

Mar 03, 2009
colleend in General Topics

Chowhounds to visit Queretaro

We love it all! Is there a particular food stall or restaurant that we should not miss? I remember a couple of favorites in the downtown area (but can't remember the names) from our last visit. One place had beautiful hand painted chairs featuring notable Mexican artists. I ordered an Irish coffee after dinner that was made by three servers! Three! Delicious and entertaining. I hear Costco is new since we were there last. What kind of a food department does it have? Do they carry US goods? Thank you, friends.

Dec 27, 2008
colleend in Mexico

SEA--Fresh Banana Leaves?

Thank you, all! We found them at Ranch 99. We tried frozen leaves last year. The cooks in the family (Aubuela, Tia Lucia, and Prima Mari) were quite disappointed. So--fresh it is!

Dec 12, 2008
colleend in Greater Seattle

SEA--Fresh Banana Leaves?

Need 'um before Saturday for Aubuela's tamales. Can someone tell me where can I find them?

Dec 03, 2008
colleend in Greater Seattle

Where to get the following food items in Mexico?

And, what about a natural style peanut butter? I'm thinking of Adams Crunchy?

Nov 17, 2008
colleend in Mexico

Best Torta in DF?

Just a quick note and thank you for the torta information. We visited the local Mexican market and found everything we needed--and, the tortas were excellent! We also found the season's first pan de muerto. After just one tiny bite our dear chilanga proclaimed it disgusting. Beautiful, but disgusting. Oh well. It's sometimes hazardous trying to duplicate the tastes of home.

Oct 25, 2008
colleend in Mexico

Best Torta in DF?

Demeaning? Why would you say that? On the contrary, I very much appreciate you taking the time to outline Mexico City tortas, very informative and very helpful.

Based on your description, her favorite must be the Pepito, for Melina it just wouldn't be an authentic DF torta without the avocado, tomato, and mayo. One more question--Is the crust side of the roll buttered before grilling?

Again, thank you EN, your post makes me want to visit Mexico City again, if for no other reason than to try 'em all!

Oct 21, 2008
colleend in Mexico

Best Torta in DF?

What exactly makes a DF torta? My daughter-in-law is a proud chilanga and stranded in Washington State until December. I'd love to surprise her with a taste of home.

Oct 19, 2008
colleend in Mexico

Disappointed by Pujol

Our experience could not be more different! We came to Pujol to meet our soon to be daughter-in-law's parents and celebrate before the wedding. I sent an email a couple of weeks before to Pujol explaining that we were coming to celebrate, and celebrate we did. The food was beautiful, inventive, and delicious. I just wish I had a better background in traditional Mexican cuisine, I know I would have enjoyed it even more. I found the staff to be professional in the truest Mexican sense of the word, and especially kind and patient with those of us not particularly fluent in Spanish. The evening was topped off by a visit to our table from Chef Enrique bearing complementary bottles of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame with toasts all around. It was an especially memorable evening, from the first puff of foam to the last of the sweets, thanks in no small part to the attentive waitstaff. My thanks again to Chef Enrique and the entire Pujol staff for an incomparable evening.

May 18, 2008
colleend in Mexico

Chow between Seattle and Minneapolis

There's two just off the freeway that are worth a stop in Spokane. These are especially easy to get to from I 90. Heading east, take the Argonne/Mullan Road exit (Exit 287) and head south on Mullan to Ambrosia Bistro. It's a lunch and dinner spot, the food is seasonal, inventive and thoughtful--all within a Spokane aesthetic.

The next suggestion is a little farther down the road, off the Lincoln exit (Exit 280B) you'll find Wild Sage Bistro. Chef Alexis has won the hearts of diners in Spokane, winning a slew of 'best of' awards. I've had one of the best meals, but also a mediocre one, there too--hopefully it has evened out. They bake their breads, crackers, and desserts all in house, and you won't go wrong with any of the soups. Also a lunch/dinner place.

A great option for breakfast is Cafe Marron in Browne's Addition. It's a popular neighborhood spot with a really nice breakfast menu. Also surrounded by some pretty restored old homes, a great place to stretch your legs with a walk around the block.

Open at 7:00 AM on the weekdays and 8:00AM on the weekends. This one is a little trickier to find, but you'll have no problem using MapQuest or something similar.

Enjoy your trip and let us know what you find along the way.

Feb 22, 2008
colleend in Pacific Northwest

Spokane - Fine Dining Recs?

While PHX may not be NYC, certainly Spokane is no Phoenix either! That being said, the dining scene here is changing and it's pretty much for the better. Admittedly 'fine dining' in the Inland Empire is limited. What you will find is a growing number of those little neighborhood bistros that are so fun to stumble across while in San Francisco. They are generally manned by young, creative, and energetic chefs and restaurateurs who work hard to cook locally and educate their clientèle about great ingredients and great wines. Here are some of my favs--as with any owner operated establishment, be sure to check if the owner will be in, it affects the quality.
Latah Bistro, David's Blog: Follow the link to the restaurant home page. This one is especially a good view of the local food scene.
Wild Sage American Bistro: Chef Alexa has raised the bar in Spokane, and if you can get her to prepare something off menu, it will be a delight. We also enjoy Luna, Café Marron (owned by the same family), and Downriver Grill. But you asked for fine dining recommendations, right?

Clinkerdaggers is solid, but also consider a new spot, Churchill's Steakhouse in downtown Spokane. It is priced pretty 'up there' for the Spokane market, tailored to the expense account customer. Sure hope they've got staying power. I'd skip the Palm Court if you're looking for better than average. The dining room has been renamed the Palm Court Grill and last I checked they were considering featuring the Palm Court Hot Dog. <shudder> Outside of Spokane we have enjoyed Beverly's at the CDA Resort, with probably the nicest wine selection in the area. Beverly's Sommelier, Eric Cook, has his fingerprints on the cellars at the Palm Court and also Huckleberries (a organic food store), often you can find great bargains. In fact, Coeur d'Alene may have a couple more hidden gems. The last time we drove through we were stunned to see many cranes, condos for sale, and lots of tourist activities. Good food usually follows. There is a high end golf enclave near CDA catering to celebrities and sports notables. Surely there's good eats too!

It's a great time to enjoy the Spokane area dining scene, as a diner you get to know the chef, his strengths and weaknesses. It is fun to find he's saved his last Barrister '04 Cabernet Franc just for you, or maybe has an Apricot filled Dacquoise tonight because he knows you love apricots. We're in the early stages of a promising food culture, sounds like you and your wife would make a good addition to the mix.

Oct 01, 2007
colleend in Pacific Northwest

[SEA] A dim sum sampler, to go?

Dim dum in Renton? Where?

My daughter moved to Renton about 3 months ago. Each time we visit we have an awful time trying to find a place to eat, and we're coming from Spokane. ;) Maybe we could find it this weekend....

Sep 14, 2007
colleend in Pacific Northwest