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Best Steak Place In Montreal

Hahah... sounds like you have yet to take a tour of the West...

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

are any of these other beers served on a nitrogen tap? The texture is one of the main things I like about Guinness

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

Watermark on the harbourfront has $5 guinness and free oysters on Fridays. I don't know about the laws around happy hours, but maybe they have to rename it a "beer special".

$20 pitcher of decent beer is better than the $8 molson ex swill that's prevalent here.

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

oohh that sounds like a hot lead! I'll check it out.. thanks.

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

ps. but I must say that Doolin was my favourite stop. Great tunes, great pubs...

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

I have tried the oatmeal stout, and it is quite good...

But Guinness on the nitro tap is my poison. And I agree that the cans do a decent job of replicating the effect. Sometimes a pub atmosphere is nice though...

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

Hahah.. I preferred Cork to Dublin when we visited there last year. However while I like Murphy's, I'm still a Guinness Junkie.

I've been to O'Reagans, but it's th $8 price tag that bugs me. I know that's fairly standard, but in other cities (T.O, NY and my ex-home Winnipeg) there are at least occasional happy hours where you can get one for $4-$5. Which makes for a good opportunity to pound down about 8 of em and get my fix for the week.

I'll keep lookin'... I heard Le Pistol is supposed to be pretty cheap but haven't been there yet.. any idea of the price there?

Cheapest Guinness in Montreal?

Hi all,

I am a guinness lover, which can be quite expensive. I don't know the full Montreal pub scene yet, so can anyone suggest where I can get the cheapest pints of the black stuff?