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Pho in Montreal: 2009

Mainsqueeze, glad you like Nguyen Phi! It's my regular joint for pho fixes.

I also really like their 3 couleurs too! One of the best in the city, in my opinion.

What I mean by 'clean tasting' broth - is not in lack of flavour per se, but rather in the amount of oiliness you get when you spoon it. I find their broth less oily than other vietnamese restos. I think the oil comes out from the meat that they boil for hours on end. They do a good job in taking out a lot of the oil that surfaces to the top.

Korean BBQ in Montreal [split from Restaurant Openings 2009]

I agree, I like Chez Hwang as a Korean restaurant and they have an all you can eat Korean BBQ if you have 5 or 6 people for $18/person. You can eat as much bulgogi, samgyupsal and chadoelbaegi. It also comes with sliced garlic, lettuce, samjang, dwengjang jigae, rice and all the side dishes. This is a real steal and delish! Make reservations for this.

Pho in Montreal: 2009

My favourite pho restaurant is Restaurant Nguyen Phi at 6260 Ch De La Cote-Des-Neiges (across Kent Park).

#11 is their house special pho with all types of meat. The vermicelli dishes are delicious, and the chicken pho has a clean delicious chicken-soupy broth. I like this place because the broth is clean tasting and not so oily.

The prices are cheaper than Pho Lien and Pho Bang New York; and their portions are much bigger- more noodles and meat. Also I find their broth most balanced - not too meaty tasting, not too clove/cinnamon-ny- lots of spring onions, white onion and coriander.

Pho Hoa, close by is also good, cheap, and more beefy/oily tasting. They have great combo deals.

New York Cafe
666 Rue Sherbrooke, Lachine, QC H8S1G9, CA

Restaurant Nguyen Phi
6260 Ch De La Cote-Des-Neiges, Montreal, QC H3S2A3, CA

Favourite Chinese?

Pret a Manger for cantonese food. I love 2 eggplant dishes there:
1- Japanese tofu (so silky) with eggplant and ground pork;
2- General Tao eggplant -- it's deep fried battered eggplant with general tao sauce.

Dim Sum: Lotte Furama (snow pea steamed dumpling - the best b/c lots of garlic!!) and Foo War in the South Shore (they have tendons which are deliciously marinated)

For Peking Duck, I like Jardin de Pekin on Queen Mary...(btw: their Moo Shoo pork is pretty good too).

Fries in Montreal

You beat me to it, my number one choice of fries is Snowdon Deli's. They are perfectly crisp on the outside, and soft and sweet inside. You gotta add your own salt, vinegar and ketchup. yum.

Looking for Breakfast

Thanks for the correction SnackHappy. McKiernan is not open on Sundays.

Looking for Breakfast

McKiernan's does a slightly upscale brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoyed it very much.

Coconut buns

I like the ones they sell at the bakery store (different entrance) at the Chinese Buffet Restaurant on de la Gauchetiere.

Sumo Ramen

Had dinner at Sumo Ramen (1107 St Laurent) and really enjoyed the "Volcano Ramen" - with miso broth. It has spicy marinated pork, seaweed, sprouts, corn and enoki mushrooms. Super comforting for the cold fall weather. Nothing better than warm soup!

Has anyone eaten here, any thoughts, as the ramen restos are few and far between in Montreal? It seems pretty new to Chinatown, and do you think it's authentic Japanese ramen?