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Sunnyside's "I Am Thai"

Service has gotten much better (not many people speak English there). I have to say the food's been getting really good too!

Thai Food in Sunnyside?

I Am Thai has been getting better and better in my opinion. In some dishes, I prefer I Am Thai to Srip. I adore that Bangkok Rice Soup, for instance. Just a healthy, satisfying treat. It's more casual food than Sri, and usually Sri is better, but I live really close to I Am, and they do deliver.

Decent sushi that delivers in Woodside?

Ya know, I did have their Uni, with a quail egg. And it was just fine. Look, I've dove into Tomoei, Yama, Nobu all the staples in manhattan. This isn't as good, of course, but it's certainly solid. JJ's in Astoria is better, but comparable. It's really quite okay.

Plaza Mexico/Huaraches - Sunnyside/Woodside

It would be...

Decent sushi that delivers in Woodside?

Yeah, actually... There's that new Asian Bistro place, TJ's I think it'scalled, at 51st and Skillman. Its not "decent," it's actually rather good!

Donato's-Italian in Sunnyside

Don't expect more than your average red-sauce joint. Don't get me wrong, it's a very comfortable, friendly and really quite good red-sauce joint. I like it! But it's not comparable to Sapori. It's definitely a neighborhood, local jernt, not a place to go out of your way to enjoy. If you visit a friend in Phipps or in Sunnyside Gardens (soon to be landmarked - eat your heart out anti-Landmarkers!) hit Donatos and enjoy. But it's not a destination place.

Try the SunnysideNY YahooGroup!

Plaza Mexico/Huaraches - Sunnyside/Woodside

I walked into this, well, dump. It looks like a crack-bodega. Very little on the shelves, and a middle-aged woman cooking something that smelled uncommonly good. Then I noticed the sign, in Spanish talking about the Huaraches. So I took one to go, con cecina, just because I was curious.

Damn if that wasn't one tasty huarache! Four dollars... the huarache itself seems to be premade at someone's house or something, it tasted that homey. It's heated up with, smeared with black bean paste, added to some fresh well-browned cecina (salted beef), a very fresh tasting salsa and some lovely lettuce and fresh cilantro.

What a treat of a meal, for such hideous surroundings. I was about to order some crack on the side, but I chose not to.

The corner of 49th and Skillman. Bring the huarache across the street to the Brogue, a very pleasant pub with some very nice people.

Salsa Lizano Sighting!

Salsa Lizano... huge boxes of the bottles, now available at Western Beef on Northern and Steinway in Queens.

Awesome Jerk!!!!!

OT: but everytime I see that topic "AWESOME JERK!!!" I want to respond with "GORGEOUS SONOFABITCH!!"

ON Topic: Do you have the names addresses of some of these oil-drum Canarsie Jerk places?

Provisions for heroes in Astoria/Woodside/LIC/Sunnysid

They're also RIDICULOUSLY friendly! So pleasant to deal with there... I don't know if this is an italian thing, but both this place and Mama's in Corona offered to let me take my food and pay the "next time you're in here" when I found myself low on cash. I found a cash machine nearby (Sorriso's was inoperative at the time) and the next time I was in there was 40 seconds later, but I'm always impressed at the generosity of just offering that. It makes me a customer for life. The prepared-ish steaks are nice, too.

They're a wonderful, wonderful place. And a little italian cheesecake across the street at Gian Piero is nice, too!

Acasa, in Sunnyside

ooh... man, it was good! I went today for lunch (BEEEG LUNCH) of bean spread, caviar spread, eggplant spread, trout and cabbage and smoked pork. The smoked pork reminded me not a little of Polish Bigos. The trout was clean, smokey, and yummy. The spreads were enormous. And the spritz was flowin. All for 50 bux. Can't wait to go through the whole menu.

Speck in Astoria or Manhattan

Speck is a marvelous thing, yes! Sorriso sometimes has it; have you ever been to that Italian place in Chelsea Market? They *always* have it. They also have callebaut chocolate for 5 bux a pound.

Jan 31, 2007
Monkey Man Jake in Manhattan

French-Fried Nirvana

Hey, why use a wok at ALL? Use a dutch oven. Woks are basically useless, my friends. USELESS. The Chinese have invented practically everything of use in this world, from fireworks and dumplins, but throw out yer wok. It's useless for home cooks.

Jan 30, 2007
Monkey Man Jake in Features

Rehearsal Dinner in LIC/Astoria?

It sounds like yer talkin 'bout Manducatis. I would say almost walking distance... but that part a LIC, I wouldn't.

Burns night

I thought Haggis was illegal here... isn't it?

What's Open Late in Sunnyside?

Oh! Getting a "table." Well... I wouldn't eat in Sunnyside for that time of night, anyways. Is TJ's Asian Bistro open late? Was there and was pleasantly surprised. Is that one next to the grocery on Roosevelt any good?

What's Open Late in Sunnyside?

There's always Chateau Le Blanc (white castle), the taco truck on 41st, which is my fave. I disagree about Alpha-D and NYStyle Eats. NY's a perfectly adequate diner and Alpha's got some good drunk food, like a perfectly fine Irish egg and bacon thing for late nights. I miss the Chipper. Helas.

Old-Tyme Flavor

I've stopped washing my cast iron with soap, and I get no more bacterial illnesses than before.

That said, you may use a mild detergent and it won't get off most of your carbon. Maybe a touch, but that'll come back the next time you cook it.

Jan 24, 2007
Monkey Man Jake in Features

British Food

Squeezy Marmite! I've been buying Marmite; I've become an addict. But I reallly want the squeezy variety. It looks awfully handy.

Queens Coffee

FYI: Baruir was not Romanian, but Armenian. HYESTANI!!!

market watch: Jackson Heights

ALL of his steaks should charcoal grilled slowly. You gotta do it A-style. Dines farms is fine...! Stay widdem.

market watch: Jackson Heights

The two sausages they sell are are chorizo and blood sausage. And I don't necessarily recommend either, unless you know how to cook 'em. They need a slow natural-wood charcoal fire. The chorizo is particularly yummy cooked in that way. DF is *not* an American butcher, but an Argentinian.

market watch: Jackson Heights

"Their meat is corn-fed, industrially raised and butchered beef and pork that has no marbling, no flavor, no character, and is loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones."

I'm sorry, but this is just not true. It's not an American-style butcher, but an Argentinian butcher, and they sell cuts that are primarily Argentinian in nature. They sell grass-fed beef, ranched in Canada by Argentinians. Their asado is very nice, as is their bacio. They don't even really sell pork, unless you count their blood sausage and chorizo.

If you want a fattier cut, you want what's called sobre asado.

If you want American-style steaks, yeah, I guess you should go to Ottomanelli, which I also like. But what's with the attytood?

market watch: Jackson Heights

Agreed. Don Francisco is da bom.

Queens Restaurant with PARKING

Plenty of restaurants with parking. How about Sapori D'Ischia? They have Valet. As does Piccola Venezia.

Coming eventually in Sunnyside

Went there and had some very good Tuna Tartare. Then the waitress appeared and told us that it wasn't what we ordered and brought us what we'd actually ordered, which was the tartare ring. Both were excellent. Because I'm trying to watch my weight, I think I prefer the ringless tartare. The sushi was all excellent, including some of the special rolls.

Coming eventually in Sunnyside

The service, of course, at this date, was mixed at best. Friendly. No beer or wine yet. They wouldn't even let us BYO.


Butcher Block, 41st and QBlvd. Irish specialty store.
Skillman Farm, 46 and Skillman. "gourmet" deli
Stop n Shop, 48th between Northern and Barnett
Pathmark, 42nd Pl and Northern Blvd

They all carry it.

Wild Pacific Salmon in Queens?

All the salmon I see is Atlantic, and therefore farmed. Hrm. I gotta follow this thread. Oh! I know... How about Astoria Seafood. They will cook it there, and I've seen wild alaskan salmon there before.

Daco Romano - Sunnyside Coffee Spot

The coffee, however, is excellent. In fact, the espresso is some of the best I've had in Queens.