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Flavorless chicken breasts

Do you season the meat after searing and before baking? That wasn't clear to me - if so, that might be where you're going wrong.
You could try a rub before searing & baking - pile on a little more flavour, and "seal" it in with the searing. A quick search for "rub" on any recipe site will give you lots of ideas for flavour profiles.
Good luck!

Feb 19, 2015
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Where to get Chinese Chives in Hamilton, ON?

You could also check out Nations in Jackson Square - they carry some "ethnic" produce. Also B&T Supermarket (I think that's the name) on Canon at Park St. Good luck!

The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone vs How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

I have the original "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone", not the updated version, so I can't speak to specifics about it.

Of the two cookbooks, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian has seen much more action in my kitchen. I love that Mark Bittman provides lots of basic recipes along with lots of suggestions for variations, and so his book has become really dependable for me - I know I can crack it open and find something that will work with the ingredients I have on hand, and that the method won't be too complicated.

The recipes I have tried from Deborah Madison's book have been excellent as well, but they have felt a little less accessible to me when I'm wanting to put together a quick weeknight meal. I probably would go to that book were I preparing a special vegetarian feast.

Good luck with making your choice, and I look forward to hearing what others think about the updated Deborah Madison book!

Fund Us To Feed You! (Rapscallion & Two Black Sheep)

I know some posters on this board have enjoyed meals at Rapscallion - they're crowdfunding to support some new ventures. If you like their food, here's an opportunity to support what they're doing - kind of paying for a meal ahead of time!

Beamsville area

We've been to Good Earth a few times and have really enjoyed it. The menu isn't huge, but it is creative and offers something for most tastes - lighter, vegetarian fare, seafood, meat. If the weather cooperates, book a table outside. The patio is quite lovely, on a garden beside the vineyards.

If you're in the area on a weekend and would like a great snack, Hidden Bench winery offers a charcuterie board on weekends, and have a small outdoor patio on which to enjoy a glass of wine and a nibble. And they have wonderful wines!

Angel's gate winery also offers "sharing platters" for lunch on their patio - I haven't been for several years, so I can't speak to them, but we have enjoyed them in the past.

Have fun planning your anniversary!

New recipe, trying tonight, doesn't sound correct?

I say the chicken should be cooked before filling the ravioli if the blanch time is so short. Is it ground chicken? Could be browned and onions added at last minute.
Enjoy your dinner!

Aug 25, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Casual lunch spot on route between YYZ and Niagara Falls

The Good Earth Winery is just a few minutes off of the QEW in Beamsville, and would be a great spot to begin to undo hours in airplanes, airports & cars. The outdoor seating is lovely; the menu isn't huge, but is well-executed and offers something for most tastes.


I also love Memphis Fire BBQ!

Best Zucchini bread and/or muffin recipe

Hi Joanne - I used my usual organic 4% BF yogurt - it's pretty runny - not thick like Greek, so you'd probably be fine with buttermilk.
I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what fage is!

Aug 03, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Best Zucchini bread and/or muffin recipe

I came across this last week and tried it - loved it! Rosemary is the surprise ingedient, and I was surprised I couldn't actually taste it!
I substituted brown sugar for white, because I was out of the regular; and substituted 1 cup of whole wheat for the white flour. The recipe calls for pecans, but you can leave them out if nuts are a concern for you.
Makes 2 loaves, and freezes well.


Aug 03, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

To Tobermory via Hwy 6 or Hwy 10? Food wise, any advice?

I haven't been to it, but I've been at a wedding they catered and was very impressed, and enjoyed their food truck fare at the Harvest Picnic for the last two years - this year I'll make a point of getting to the restaurant!

The Flying Chestnut Kitchen
199 Pellisier St
Eugenia, ON N0C 1E0

(good reviews on urbanspoon; just north of Flesherton off of Hwy 10)

Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

I don't think I would call it rivalry - it's more like the kid brother or sister trying to prove themselves. The Hamilton economy used to be largely based on steel production, so there is a reputation of being a little rough around the edges. We are smaller than Toronto, and don't have as many diverse neighbourhoods or amazing restaurants. We are worried about being judged based on first impressions; those of us who live here or spend time here know that Hamilton is so much more than what it appears as you drive past on the highway, and we're thrilled when someone wants to get to know the city a little better.

(By the way - I can't speak for all Hamiltonians, but I love Toronto!!!)

Brooklynsabra - you were mentioning needing to find more tween-friendly activities. In Toronto there is a new Ripley's aquarium at the foot of the CN tower that has gotten very good reviews. Taking the ferry over to one of the islands is also fun, and there are great walks to be had there.

In Hamilton, there is Bayfront park, with a multi-use trail that connects the downtown core to the west end. There is a pretty good network of cycling trails, and for a walk in the woods, there are some wonderful conservation areas with great hiking trails.

Have fun planning your trip!

Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

I second the recommendation for Hamilton - some great gems here. And a vibrant arts scene along James Street, as well as the restaurants ChefVagabond recommended. The second Friday of each month is "art crawl" - galleries & shops open late, food trucks and restaurants abound - a fun time to wander around. http://www.jamesstreetnorth.ca/blog/

Depending on when your road trip is, there are lots of pick-you-own fruit places and fruit stands on the "old highway" #8 between Niagara and Hamilton.

In Niagara-On-The-Lake, Southbrook winery has its' own flock of sheep who prune & fertilize the vineyard - they're kind of fun to visit.

There are some fun touristy things to do with kids in Niagara Falls & Niagara on the Lake - New Maid of the Mist boats take you to the base of the falls, and the whirlpool jet boat tours from NOTL are more fast-paced fun. http://www.whirlpooljet.com/

Memphis Fire BBQ is a favourite of ours along Highway 8 in Winona on our way home from wine country.

Help - critters are eating my zucchini blossoms!

Thank-you both for your replies. I think I will try the pepper spray and see how that works before I resort to getting out the chicken wire.

The garden is small, fenced on 3 sides, and less than 20 feet from our back door - so these critters are urban & bold! This is also our first summer since our cat died; he was very vigilant about keeping an eye on "his" property, and we're wondering if his absence might also be a factor.

I saw this morning that 1 small zucchini has begun to grow - fingers crossed!!!

Jul 01, 2014
hungryjoanne in Gardening

Help - critters are eating my zucchini blossoms!

I planted one zucchini plant this year, to avoid the problem of too much zucchini, and now I'm getting worried I won't get any!
Every couple of days, some critter eats the blossoms right off the stems. Could be squirrels, raccoons or a skunk. (I live in southern Ontario)
Anyone else have this problem? Any advice?

Jun 30, 2014
hungryjoanne in Gardening

Coloured Bread?

I'm not in Vancouver, but I know my local bakery does coloured bread from time to time by special order. Check with your local bakery and ask.

Rhubarb Pie advice - seasoning & baking from frozen

Thanks, Greygarious - I like the idea of orange zest with rhubarb.
And I was wondering about the water content in the rhubarb and how that would affect the crust.
I'll have to experiment a little, I think.

Jun 15, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Rhubarb Pie advice - seasoning & baking from frozen

Oh, yes - I forgot that google knows everything!!! ;)

Thanks to everyone for the spice advice, too! Always love to have new ideas.

Jun 15, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Rhubarb Pie advice - seasoning & baking from frozen

A friend has given me several pounds of rhubarb from her garden and I'm giving her some of the baked product in return.

Because she lives alone, I want to make a few small pies for her to put in her freezer and bake from frozen at her own convenience, and I need baking instructions for her.

The aluminum pans I'm using are 2" deep, 4" diameter at the bottom and 6" diameter at the top. Anyone have experience with this and advice for me?

Also, I love to put cardamom with rhubarb - anyone have any other great flavors they like to combine with rhubarb?

Thanks so much!

Jun 15, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Lunch spot in NOTL? Need help

+ 1 for Treadwell!

What to do with dried tropical fruit?

Oooh - that could make a great compote for ice cream or shortcake....

Apr 18, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

What to do with dried tropical fruit?

I was given a selection of dried fruit at Christmas, and it's been sitting and staring at me for too long now - it's time to put it to good use.
But how?

There's probably about a pound of dried fruit in total - mango, papaya, kiwi & pineapple.

The obvious things that come to mind are fruitcake - the dense kind that I make at Christmas, or chopping and putting in a sweet bread.

Anyone got any other great ideas?


Apr 18, 2014
hungryjoanne in Home Cooking

Weekend lunch, veg-friendly, near Convention Centre

Thanks! I feel like I've got a few more options for us to decide from now!

Weekend lunch, veg-friendly, near Convention Centre

Thank-you both for your suggestions. I didn't know about Grasslands and had totally forgotten about Fresh.
Any good Indian in the area? How's Trimurti these days?

Weekend lunch, veg-friendly, near Convention Centre

Looking for late lunch (after 2pm) on Saturday & Sunday, within 10-15 minute walk of the convention centre. I'd love to avoid chains, and would prefer somewhere with some solid vegetarian options.
I'd be grateful for any recommendations!

Food at Art Gallery of Hamilton

We had a sit-down dinner, so I'm not sure if we'll be able to help with relevant info, but I'll pass this on to her. She's out of the country for another week or so, so if you don't hear anything right away, you're not being ignored!!

Food at Art Gallery of Hamilton

My sister had her wedding and reception there in the summer of 2011; I believe her experience with the staff was good, and she was pleased with the food & service. My memory of the food is that it was fairly good for a "banquet" style meal. I generally don't have high expectations for wedding dinners, and this meal exceeded my "low bar"!
The venue is great, especially in the summer as there's outdoor & indoor spaces.
If you want more details, I can put you in touch with my sister.
Good luck with your decision-making!

Rapscallion Restaurant in Hamilton: happy carnivore haven

Great post, Jo-Anne - we really enjoyed both the food and company!

I'll add to your comments about Two Black Sheep - they've got "buck a shuck" oysters Monday through Friday, 4-6 pm. Mr. hj went last week and is still raving about them. A good excuse to check them out!

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

A little out of the way for those of you in the GTA, but maybe a good excuse to plan a day of wine-tasting?!?!?
Feb 15-16
Raclette on the Bench
Hidden Bench Winery, Beamsville


How do you dry plastic bags after you wash them?

I have several empty (and clean) wine bottles beside my drying rack, and I shake out the just-washed bag, and put it upside down on a wine bottle. Air can circulate, and the bag is dry within a day. (Glad to know I'm not the only one who reuses bags!!)

special place for dinner in Hamilton area

Upscale and close to Westdale - Quatrefoil in Dundas is our pick for a special occasion meal!