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King Taco: what's in that sauce?!!?! [moved from Los Angeles board]

My 2 cents , Umani ? Unami? what is the word for that taste of something so good , it can't be explained? One time I was staying in Mexico and we decided to cook, I made the best salsa in my life and have never been able to do it again. It must be the mexican products, also I used a lava mortar & pestle . THe salt was sea salt from Mexico in a big sack. Also we made flour tortillas that were the best I have ever eaten. Maybe try the salt and chilis from Mexico , maybe from Mexican stores near the KT. There is also a Mexican herb epazote that they use for a unique flavor. Also my beans always tasted flat no matter how much pork fat or garlic or onion I used, I saw this recipe for the best refried beans ever, and the recipe called for bay leaf, I thought it would taste odd but it was really good and had that really good taste . They use bay leaf alot in everything. I live in SAn Diego, I must go to KT now and try this salsa.How about staking out the KT and see the deliveries that come in. I wonder if the salsa is made somewhere else like TJ, here in SD most Mexican restaurants get thier products from TJ, it's much cheaper.

Oct 13, 2012
nightbird in Home Cooking

King Taco: what's in that sauce?!!?! [moved from Los Angeles board]

Hi Everyone,
I saw on Yahoo,a recipe for this salsa. She says cider vinegar.
I got curious and hungry after reading some of this.
Went to King Taco site. Food looks so good.
I haven't read all of the replies so I don't know if this cider vin. has been mentioned.
At this one guy says the recipe is guarded by a Curandero -Witch doctor, in a Botanica in E. LA. Good Luck!

May 07, 2011
nightbird in Home Cooking

Where to take visiting Italians?

Hi TIA, I have friends coming from Milan soon, They are published authors and write or co-own a publishing co. I know how you want to make a good impression. They have told me that they want the true SF/CA experience. They want to fit in with the locals and experience the life of the places they travel to. I would start at a steak house and ask them what they would like to see in SF & do for fun after the business is finished.They like to relax in jeans and try different things to eat. There is so much to see & do. I'm going to do sports bar, jazz club, Top of the Mark(something nice on the last night), Ferry building, farmer's market, Golden Gate(maybe even a walk across it),cable car, the steeper, the better! Embarcadero,wineries too, if there is time. If the stuffy/uptight one is the big boss, I'm sure he wants to experience SF life too. Italians love fun & relaxation. And spontaneity.