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Hong Kong - Nha Trang Vietnamese - Way too sweet

I believe you are referring to Nha Trang restaurant in HK, not the seaside town in VN. Most Vietnamese food in HK is overly sweet to cater to Cantonese tastes and that place is no different. I recently discovered a new place in Island Beverly called Saigon Saigon and it's decent. Everyone spoke Vietnamese, with a Northern accent so try the Northern dishes first. The bo kho was good, as well as the green mango salad.

Any good recipes using IKEA meatballs?

I've just tried their frozen meatballs and they are pretty tasty. But the bag is HUGE so I'm wondering if anyone has any recipes using the meatballs that I can try.


Jun 08, 2011
anais77 in Home Cooking

Perth Restaurant and Wine Shop Suggestions

Ha! Actually, I am Vietnamese, from the in HK and there's is definitely a lack of real authentic VN food in Hong Kong! I have now learned how to make all my favorites at home...but a good bowl of beef pho is still hard to make! I wouldn't mind hearing some recs on authentic Vietnamese food places in Perth....I think we might end up stopping by Little Creatures for some beer and pizza otherwise! Thanks!

Jan 31, 2011
anais77 in Australia/New Zealand

Perth Restaurant and Wine Shop Suggestions

Hmm...was interested in trying Star Anise and Amuse but both are closed on Sundays...Any recommendations for places open on Sunday? We'll be in MR until then and will have 1 dinner in Perth before our flight. Considered Must but the prices are so expensive -- average prices $24 - $36! USD and AUD are one for one now... =(

Jan 29, 2011
anais77 in Australia/New Zealand

Professional hands-on, but short-term cooking classes

I am in SF for 3 weeks in August and mid Sept and am looking for a cooking class to take. preferably week long or over the course of 2 weeks, and more similar to the way professional cooking classes are conducted -- very hands-on and lots of multi-tasking and each person makes every single dish on the menu, rather than splitting up the work. I book a Basics class in Philly at The Restaurant School and it was like it, and I learned so much.

Anything similar in the Bay Area?


Authentic Vietnamese food?

I was quite disappointed in the Vietnamese food scene in Seattle (as well as Vancouver). I grew up in Dallas, where I thought the food was good but was supposed to pale in comparison to San Jose and Los Angeles...but Seattle? My VN friend from Seattle even recommended Green Leaf to me so I trusted that it was decent -- way too sweet and overkill with the fried onions! I ordered 5 dishes (2 noodles soups, 1 salad and 2 dishes that go with rice -- perhaps only one should have the fried onions). Saw the Vietnamese market area and some VN restaurants there but didn't get a chance to try -- anyone have better luck? Did I just go to the wrong places?

Been craving VN food since I moved overseas...and was really hoping to get my fix in Vancouver and Seattle...but to no avail.

Apr 11, 2010
anais77 in Greater Seattle

culinary arts degrees in Spain?

I'm also looking for a good culinary program in Madrid. Please let me know if you find any. The cordon bleu one seems a bit sketchy since they don't have it featured on all their websites. It's also only 2 years old -- started in Jan 2007. I found this one but it's all in Spanish.

Feb 24, 2010
anais77 in Spain/Portugal

Food Terms That Should Die

How about "taste profile?" That annoys the hell out of pretentious!

Jan 11, 2010
anais77 in Features

Raffles Culinary Academy - Singapore

Hi there -- I am interested in taking a hands-on cooking class while in Singapore -- no demonstrations! Has anyone here taken the classes at Raffles Culinary Academy? Are they demos or actual cooking? Reviews?

Any other cooking classes recommended? I have heard of Coriander, Cookery Magic, Shermay and Palate Sensations. Thoughts?

I'll be staying on Sentosa Island so Palate Sensations seems interesting except classes are mostly Western techniques...


Best Yakitori place in Hong Kong?

i like ajitomi on 7/F of circle tower but it's not the typical izakaya atmosphere. their food is good but it's a rather serene atmosphere...

Looking for good beef pho in Hong Kong

Oh this is sad...I'm Vietnamese and just moved to HK 2 months ago...I think the most decent are Nha Trang (Wellington) and Pho Saigon (CWB, not Hennessy Road as most people suggest). The food court pho at Taikoo Shing is okay, only b/c their beef is actually kind of tender. Nothing compares to the ones in TX or Saigon of course. Terrible: Vietnam Station (Tin Hau); Not a fan of the Nha Trang in Wanchai or the Pho Saigon on Hennessy (too measly, tough beef and veggies are not fresh). Pho Vietnam (used to be Pho Hoa) on Tang Lung street is not good either (again, tough beef; beef balls not crunchy).

Funny thing, I knew this would be a challenge so I ended up bringing a bunch of Pho spices when I moved here...But I haven't been able to find any marrow beef bones!!! Anyone have a clue?