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Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

I do as much as I can :D Moving to Shanghai soon and will replace my weekend trips to Thailand for food to Tokyo and surrounding areas. Can't wait to explore more regional Japanese cuisine.

There's great stuff happening in the region for sure, but in my opinion too many of these places survive based on a perception that this is the price you pay for this specific meal type. I know people take it personally here, particularly speaking to locals, but it's just not quite where it thinks it is in the region (but getting there quickly). I have no issue paying 400 dollars for a meal if it's a 400 dollar meal... but I've had far too many 800 dollar for 2 meals that left me unsatisfied and only a small handful that have prompted me to return.... and I almost always let the chef decide and go through folks known by chefs and what not to be sure I'm checking them at peak time for them and not catching them unawares...

Shanghai - Five Days. Last-minute food itinerary. Help!!

I tend to know western food better in Shanghai so can't help too much with most of these. I think a couple meals at some of the hot fine dining places could be in order too. Great value and there's some fun stuff going on.

Personally I really like Stiller's. He uses as much local ingredients as he can and cooks seasonally. I've been blown away there in the past... but he does change his menu often to reflect what he's finding out and about.

Also for a bit of fun check out Mr and Mrs Bund. It's just a really fun eating experience and the food is pretty good too.

I normally stear clear of Shanghainese food as it's a bit too sweet for my tastes (much prefer Cantonese style Chinese in it's simplicity and respect of the natural ingredient).

Will be moving there at the start of new year though so I guess I better get used to it :D

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

gees. I was reading about 9-course meal at The French Laundry. It's 250 USD. That's a two-time top of the world restaurant that is completely justified. I'm not saying these other meals aren't good... but I've had some of the recent tastings around the region (not just Singapore) and most aren't really worth more than 100 USD if that. But everyone keeps paying so they all try and top each other.

When you have 4 or 5 top restaurants you're differentiated by price. When everyone's trying to be a tasting menu place and you have like 20 you just keep having to raise and raise to seem "more exclusive and unique". Unfortunately most are just average fine dining (Laris Shanghai I'm looking your way) and just keep raising their rates because folks on business accounts or with more sense than taste buds pay.

Special one-off menus can be high... that doesn't bother me. But a chef with a 400+ dollar restaurant here... I mean sure stuff is airflown in, but it pales to food in countries where you get it there that extra bit fresher and actually in season...

Best place for Khao Soi in Bangkok?

A couple on that list are truly, truly bad. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone... Khao Soi in Pantip I'm talking to you. I'd rather eat it at S&P or the Sharaton Suk room service version than the soggy noodle flavorless version sold at Pantip.

Can also try Little Home on Thonglor

Singapore - Best Mexican in Town?

That's awesome, reminds me of my family back in Texas... we're goin' to a sit-down restaurant tonight... :D

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

I wish people wouldn't go :) My fear is that with success there the other places will take note and start to raise their fees. 180++ used to be the standard in Singapore for tasting and had held for some time. Then the kaisekis and now this are starting to raise the game. I expect you'll see Iggys and Gunthers over 250 by year's end if not higher :(

Singapore - Best Mexican in Town?

Nothing will match what I'm used to from growing up in Texas and Santa Fe... but I find Spruce tacos to be some of the best I've had in Asia including BKK, Singapore, HK and others.... it's not the best I've ever had, but slim slim pickings in Asia.

Bangkok - help please! 1. trendy place 2. best green curry 3. best bars for drinks with views

Skip the green curry and try things that are harder to find outside of Thailand (at least hard to find good version of). Look for Kao Man Gai Todt (fried chicken and soup, simple but lovely), Yam Pla Duk Fu (my personal favorite Thai dish), or simple Pad Gra Pao Moo sai Kai Dao (minced pork with Thai basil and a fried egg). These are all simple dishes, but you will not taste them the same outside of Thailand.

Joel Robuchon vs Caprice

Caprice and Ember offer a more unique experience. In my opionion and experience L'Altelier is very good, but kind of like the McD's of fine dining. There are just too many of them and they tend to share recipes and dishes around to the various spots. I'd personally prefer a more unique, chef-based experience over a chain group any day.... even if the food might be better with Roubouchon, would rather support the more indy place.

Singapore - White Rabbit at Harding Road

I've only done the brunch so far at White Rabbit and it was VERY hit and miss. Not a great value in my book if you're not careful. Many at our table left underwhelmed at best or vowing to not return...YMMV

romantic dinner in singapore

I would highly, highly recommend Gunther's. I don't know why this restaurant isn't talked about more. This is the fomer chef from Les Amis I believe that took it to it's glory. The fresh, seasonal ingredients are the star here. They bring them out at the beginning of the meal on a tray and show you what the specials are.... lobster flopping about, crabs still pinching, white truffle fragrantly filling the room.

Also the service is top-notch... I wish others in Singapore could learn from this... there are many great restaurants with HORRIBLE service in this country. Even the restaurants who think they have good service are only good compared to other Singapore restaurants... not on a world stage.

I had my birthday meal here and it was lovely:

Singapore - White Rabbit at Harding Road

I prefer SOI for lunch as the set is fairly priced for the quality and you can get all you can eat on the curry :)

I've also tried the brunch (odd to have an Indian place doing free flow Budweiser) but haven't written it up yet. Don't go to the brunch if you don't like lamb :D

Singapore: Joel Robuchon opening 3 new eateries at Resorts World Sentosa

I agree with you Lucil. The problem I have with a lot of western styled restaurants in Singapore is that they attempt to follow western trends... meaning simple, clean dishes that focus on the produce.... well when next to nothing is local or fresh, that kind of cuisine doesn't work.

I bet 2-3 years from open at least 2 of the "celebrity" restaurants will close unless they are heavily subsidized by the casinos. I consider myself a food-lover, but it'd have to be a really, really solid restaurant to pull me onto Sentosa repeatedly or into a casino.... I prefer a nice quiet home or small room place myself....

Best street food area in Bangkok?

There's good stuff on Convent, but mostly for lunch as a street food destination. Hai is lovely as is the Kao Man Gai and Kanom Gin.

For a destination street I'd recommend soi 38 though.


Chiang Mai Cooking Classes

I had a good experience at the Blue Elephant Cooking School in Bangkok. It's not the most "rustic" but from 8 am - lunchtime you'll do a market tour, cook 4 dishes, and have a Thai feast at the end.

Bangkok - all things Pandan and Pork Floss

There's a restaurant called Pandanus on Sathorn Soi 1. They obviously have a few dishes that feature pandanus leaves. I recently dined there with a group of Thais and when I arrived they had already helped themselves to a plate of what looked like fried rice with floss...

If you come to Singapore I can give you more direct coordinates of where to buy floss - right underneath my house in Chinatown :D

HCMC or Hanoi

There are some good ones though and good prices. I eat both as you have to enjoy the French fusion going on these days here. You'd be missing an emerging food trend if you just ignored restaurants because they are "western"... or maybe we're confusing terminology. But there are French restaurants serving up lovely interpretations of traditional Viet cuisine...

Matter of Pride- expat Sg needs a great restaurant recommendation in Singapore!

I love Graze for brunch and on Sunday they do a nice BBQ grill menu. Will be going back soon for that... was eating brunch and saw all this amazing food coming out and someone said some of the best potatoes in town....

Gunthers was my bday treat this year. Did a 5 course Chef's Menu that ended up being 8 courses or so plus complimentary limoncello at the end. One of the best meals I've ever had anywhere.

I'd avoid Dempsey like the plague. Overpriced and no good values that I've found. I do like the PS Cafe brunch (one of my fav burgers in Singapore) though.

Look on Pervis street where Gunther's is. Another great Italian on their as well...


Chiang Mai Cooking Classes

Open to one in Bangkok? There's a really good half day one there with market visit.


need a must eat list for bangkok please

I would consider Soi Polo Chicken a must try

Also really good if you're not wanting fried is to eat at "Hai" on Soi Convent. This is the same as Soi Polo but grilled chicken instead of fried and more emphasis on Som Tam and Larb. Really good food here as well.

Be sure to try "Yam Pla Duk Foo" if you can. It's fried but oh so good. They have it at Soi Polo and at a great place across from Pantip Plaza on Soi 4. It's a covered street place with orange chairs called Mama's Place or something like that. Really good local, but clean food.


A trip to Soi 38 late night is in order. Just stroll around. Some really good Kao Man Gai (thai chicken rice I guess... but so much better than the tasteless chicken rice of Singapore).

Another great Kao Man Gai stand is at lunch time on convent road. Look for the hanging chickens in the street cart and try to get a chair. It's all of 30 THB for a plate (you may want two).

Any can't miss suggestions for a vacation to Koh Samui?

Not necessarily for dining, but I LOVE the Library. If you ask in person or online you can usually get a better rate. Super place to stay and they sometimes do wine specials or courses in mixology...


2 nights only in Bangkok

probably too late for your trip but in case others find this in an internet search. Two good bets for street food are Sukhumvit Soi 38... this is a late-night soi and starts up later in the evening for post clubbing Thais (big set of Thai clubs on Thonglor and Ekkamai roads which are nearby). You'll see people roll up in expensive sports cars and order som tam to go :)

My personal favorite is a street stall that has moved indoors. Soi Polo Bangkok has great "Issarn" (Northeastern Thai) dishes. Great fried chicken, larb, sausages, som tam and more.


Singapore - Any good food at Ion Orchard?

Nothing of interest for me. Only real restaurants here have better locations elsewhere in the city... I live like 30 seconds from the Taste Paradise in Chinatown, so not going to be bothered to dine at one in a mall.

I went to Ion once and hope to never return... the bottom floors are full of kids slowly ambling, upper floors are more of the same.

I was slightly intrigued by the bottle your own whiskey, oils, etc shop and hear they do samplings :) but I'd have to spend another part of a day traversing the horrible layout and crowds to get there...sadly by the time I've worked up enough energy to venture back into that place I bet that shop is out of business....


HCMC or Hanoi

Just check your travel times. Hanoi can be a ghost town during Holidays and Celebrations. Haven't yet done a roundup for Hanoi (will be going back there in late Nov) but have done one for HCMC . There's some nice food, but the town is set up to be pretty hard for foreigners to experience much of it.

Most of the action takes place in a square you can walk if it's not raining too bad. Most of the better "western" restaurants are all owned by the same group... good food, but not necesarrily a local experience. Actually a lot are the same as Phnom Phen to boot (like the Spanish Tapas place).

If you live in Asia be sure to stop by the Gourmet Shop... I think that's actually the name. Best prices I've seen on Californian reds in a long time.

Not the best article we've done (was before I was intentionally doing my site) but still some general info should you go HCMC.


Just got a strange all clad 8 inch. There is no pitch?

I've seen All Clad is selling what they're calling "French Pans" or other such pans. They're supposed to be slightly lighter than the traditional fry pan and they don't have the sloped sides. Maybe you got one of these by mistake?

Oct 13, 2009
pcypert in Cookware