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Who has good dungeonous crabs (Markham)?

None taken. I was just too lazy to look it up. Thanks!

Thanks also Charles for the advice. I'm getting hungry now...

Who has good dungeonous crabs (Markham)?

Craving for dungeonous crabs chinese style. Where do you suggest I go and what style should I get them (salt and pepper, black bean, ginger and sallion, etc)?

What time do restaurants close in Markham?

Cool. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Looks like I'll be eatin' good. I was afraid I'd end up having to pick up a burger and fries from Mickey D's on the way from the airport. Thanks again.

What time do restaurants close in Markham?

My flight gets in at 9PM on Thursday, figuring I'll get to the hotel (Courtyard by Marriott) by 10PM. Will I still be able to get some good chinese take out? I know the Times Square mall is practically across from the hotel, so I hope places will still be open. Anyone?

Indian Grocery - Quincy or Boston (T accessible)

I have the munchies and am jonesing to make some Indian Ribbon Pakoda (Pakora?). Are there any indian grocery stores in Boston that are T accessible that I can hit? I'm thinking of taking a quick trip during my lunch hour to pick up the ingredients. Or I guess I can wait til I get home tonight and hunt around Quincy.

So any suggestions for indian groceries in Boston or Quincy would be greatly appreciated. Or better yet, if any place sells ready made ribbon pakodas, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

Aug 08, 2007
noodleyum in Greater Boston Area

International Buffet in Quincy...any recent experiences?

Was there for dinner on Father's Day and was disappointed. Sure, the selection was good, but a good many of the trays were empty and whatever had food in it didn't look that appetizing. The food was either too bland or too salty. The reason we went there was b/c DH really wanted crab legs and they didn't even have any that night. Paid $16/pp, ate a bit and left.

Every time we leave that place, we swear we're never going back because the food tastes so bad, but we end up going back because it's the closest buffet place. And there aren't many buffet options on the south shore. As with all buffet places, go for the selection, but don't expect anything quality.

Jul 20, 2007
noodleyum in Greater Boston Area

Chacarero and other Filene's building occupants closing 7/31

Not sure if this has been posted already, but read in today's Boston Now newspaper that Chacarero and other places in the Filene's building downtown were given eviction notices. They will be booted 7/31.

Jul 13, 2007
noodleyum in Greater Boston Area