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Do any restaurants in Chinatown sell their dumplings (frozen)?

Thanks to all for the several tips. I'll check out Ho Toy Noodle on Essex next time I'm in Chinatown, as well as the places outside Chinatown that seem to be consistently recommended (Wang's, Mulan) next time I'm in those neighborhoods.

As a follow-up: I ended up going to Chinatown last night after my original post, and asked around at a few places, but no dice:

- Checked at Gourmet Dumpling House, but they said (like Dumpling Cafe) that they would only sell their dumplings at their menu prices.

- Checked Dumpling King. They were closed, but I looked in their fridge on the right side of their storefront. I'm pretty sure Allstonian is correct that they carry Chinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings. I only saw what I think are CSF varieties with different colored lettering for different flavors. (Here's an image I found online). But I'm pretty sure both C-Marts carry this brand anyway.

The search (at least in Chinatown) continues...

Do any restaurants in Chinatown sell their dumplings (frozen)?

Thanks Cambridgedoctpr.

Do any restaurants in Chinatown sell their dumplings (frozen)?

Setting aside the dumplings sold in Chinatown markets (e.g. C Mart), do any of the restaurants or dumpling shops sell house-made dumplings in bulk -- of any kind, whether pork-chive or soup-dumplings? And if so, is any particular restaurant recommended?

A lot of the NYC Chinatown dumpling places sell their dumplings -- one can get a bag of 50 pork-chive dumplings from Tasty Dumpling, for example, for about $10-12, if I recall correctly.

I asked at Dumpling Cafe, but they said they said they would sell me their frozen dumpling at their menu prices -- which I declined.

Bobby Flay mouthing the catchphrase to Throwdown

Interesting, I never noticed that. That might explain why he is saying it along with competitor(s), because sometimes (very rarely it seems) he says the whole thing.

Bobby Flay mouthing the catchphrase to Throwdown

I never noticed this before. But has anyone else observed that in the final seconds of the FN show Throwdown, after Bobby Flay says "Ask yourself this..." he then mouths along, as the guests are uttering the very catchphrase, "Are you ready for a throwdown?" You can totally see him saying the words silently -- at least on the San Antonio Puffy Taco episode and the Paletta one. Not a critique at all, really. Will Smith famously mouthed along other characters' lines in early episodes of The Fresh Prince. It must be difficult not to unconsciously say someone else's lines. And it's rather endearing, as if he wants to make sure his featured guests say the words correctly and he's willing it by saying it himself.

What leaks out of Sriracha bottles?

Ah, thanks for the explanation!

Jun 17, 2008
thebutterhead in General Topics

What leaks out of Sriracha bottles?

I store my Sriracha in a cupboard and not inside the fridge. It leaks out a transparent ooze which drips down and coats the bottle, sort of like honey. (I obviously store it upright.) Anyone know what this substance is, which must be some component of the sauce which has separated out? Some kind of thickener/gum?

Jun 16, 2008
thebutterhead in General Topics

Top Chef and Good Eats theme songs

Pointless observation, but does anyone else notice the similarity between the theme music for Top Chef and Good Eats? The main and first melody of the Top Chef music (pentatonic sounding) which is played when the show begins is a simpler, power-chord version of the theme melody of Alton Brown's show. Just a random thought, the affinities between the two shows probably stop there.