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I found Mexican Coca Cola at Best Yet and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is

They sell Mexican Coke at Costco

Best Monte Cristo in Westchester?

I know these are awful for you, but does anyone know who has the best Monte Cristo in Westchester?

I feel a heart attack coming on just writing about it...

Thanks in advance!!

Baby Shower Recs Needed (Lower or Central Westchester)

She doesn't want alcohol because of her husband's family so soda, coffee, tea is fine. Is $30 too little? I'm sorry... I'm new to this shower business and don't even know where to begin.

Baby Shower Recs Needed (Lower or Central Westchester)

Can anyone suggest a restaurant or catering facility that can comfortably seat 50-60ppl for a baby shower? Looking for something less than $25pp (inclusive of tax and tip). Is this unreasonable?

Thanks so much!

Hooray!!! Finally (good) Dominican cake close to home!! (Carolina's Desserts in Yonkers)

I don't know how we never discovered this place before, but WOW!!!

I just got engaged and my fiancé, well aware of my Dominican cake obsession, purchased one and put my ring in it!! Well, I can't say enough about how delicious this cake was. Actually, we ended up going back to Carolina 2 weeks later for another cake to share with our families. From what I understand, the owner was doing mostly wholesale but is now catering to walk-in's too. Try the Dominican cake with the pineapple filling - it was GREAT!! I saw a bunch of other stuff like tres leches cake and flan that also looked yummy. No more driving to Washington Heights or Grand Concourse.... Phew!!!

Lemon Tree in Dobbs Ferry

I was there today for lunch and wasn't at all impressed. We were the only ones in there for over an hour and the service was awful.

Looking for a great cheese shop! FFLD/lower Westchester

There's a Fairway in Pelham???? I've been driving to Red Hook all this time!!??

Another Hastings restaurant.....

That's all I got on them too was the Craigslist ad. They're painting in some funky colors, let's see what happens. They 86'd all the booth seating along the bar area which is unfortunate.

I was never a fan of Maud's because her attitude is rotten, Comfort is okay, Tony's... eh, I don't know about that place. I always feel like I'm walking into some time warp! Sorta reminds me of the "Reagle Beagle" from Three's Company :-)

Tyrynda Thai Restaurant - Has anyone been here yet?

I was trolling through Westchester Magazine's website the other day and I saw this restaurant mentioned. Has anyone been here yet? It's in Sleepy Hollow the site said - Cortlandt Street to be exact. The menu looks pretty good and some of the dishes sound so yummy!!!

I'm thinking about going there this week and wanted to know if I should skip it or not.
Any thoughts out there? I know there's a whole Thai thread already, but I didn't see this place on there. I'll gladly let you all know how it was if I visit.

Another Hastings restaurant.....

So, I've been living here 5 years, and I've already witnessed 3 restaurants see their demise in the same location on Main Street in downtown Hastings.

Well, for those of you who don't know, Blue Moon Mexican Cafe is no more!
The restaurant officially closed last week and demolition on the interior began on Friday (if I'm not mistaken).

What will be there you ask? When I walked by, I took a peek at a menu they had by the door and the new restaurant will be RainWater Grill. Now, if I saw correctly, there was a $19 hamburger on the menu... When will these restaurant people learn that Hastings already has Harvest, Blu and Comfort Lounge for the adults and that our little village of severly lacking in reasonably priced, family friendly locations that aren't going to force us to bounce a mortgage payment come the end of the month? I'm really disappointed that there won't be something different going in there. While I wasn't the biggest fan of Blue Moon's food or staff, it was a great place to grab a sangria and walk back home. For the kids, the crayons and coloring mat managed to keep kids busy. I wonder if RainWater will offer a kids menu?

Hopefully the staff won't hang out on the street smoking and cursing half the night like the Blue Moon people did. Good luck to them... hope they last longer than the rest.